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FELIPE CONTREIRA  "Routine does not allow us to progress" 🇧🇷 Brazilian Guy 🇦🇺 Living in Melbourne - AU 🎓 Architect ✈️ Traveler 🖥 Blogger @BlogdoFeContreira

Sobre juntar tanta gente querida ❤️#truelove

Every sunset it's a memorable one. #tb

Happy Mother's Day ❤️

The Most Surreal Girl is celebrating her birthday! @flaviatozzi Fe Closeira's blog wishes you all the best. 😘🎉🎊

Better Together 💕#cêtaloira

Sobre a plenitude... #titaedede

Hora de casar a BFF ❤️ #titaedede

Back to the streets where we began #splovers

Developing city 😍

Bop to the 🔝

ممتنة لهذه الفرصة ❤️

Crossing the world to get home ❤️ 🇸🇬 #blogdofecontreira #takessingapore

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