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F.E.⚡️CASTLEBERRY  The better you dress, the worse you can behave... I can help with the former (which means I design men's tailored clothing).


I believe that classic is beautiful.
That great design never goes out of style.
That working with the best materials is fundamental...
That starts with Hoechstmass—the best German measuring tapes I could find (and trust me, I spent an entire year looking...and yeah, it matters).

@DanaTyne is a F.E. CASTLEBERRY tomboy.

My calling card.
One part Choose Your Own Adventure.
One part Max Fisher.
One part Wes Craven.

Men like seeing women in their clothing because it makes her his woman—like a teen girl wearing the quarterback's varsity jacket.
@DanaTyne wears a F.E. CASTLEBERRY double breasted navy blazer and grey flannel trouser with a vintage Liverpool soccer jersey and @Gloverall duffle coat.

More women we love...because celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievement of women is more of an everyday thing.

Your outfit is like your front door, sometimes it's all people ever get to see. Make it beautiful.

#tbt Maybe it's the therapeutic outdoor morning showers, or the privilege of getting the sunrise before anybody else on the east coast, or the simple fact that it is devoid of a tether to whatever "real world" you left behind at Hyannis. Nantucket is magical in the summer. Worry seems to roll off your shoulders, like beads of sweat erratically migrating down your Pimm's Cup.
This secluded beach I photographed @aliseonlife on six years ago is on the South Shore somewhere between Nobadeer and Tom Nevers. It's a great spot if you can find it. Odds are good that you'll have it all to yourself for a picnic, skinny dipping, or whatever else bakes your (crab) cake.

#tbt To my whip on Lyford Cay circa 2013. It could have used a smidge more floral I think.

For the women who I've had the honor of capturing...
who embraced their wildness,
who laid down their armor,
who unveiled their magic,
I celebrate you, admire you, and am in awe of you.
Here's to being different but equal ✌🏼

The egg sandwich at the @MetrographNYC Commissary.
Only on weekdays.
Only $6.00.

Real friends...how many of us?

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