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Feby Febiola  @rumah.kefir_by_febiola

Happy Birthday ya suami..makasih sudah jadi sahabat setia, terutama dalam urusan hunting makanan enak, jalan jalan dan film di bioskop..mau ngomong i love you udah sering juga, upload foto jadul aja deh, untuk diingat kalau dulu pernah unyu..

Sandals is the most comfortable to wear in Bali..inviting all my friends in Bali to come to the event @palm.lagoon #LetYourFeetPlay

First generation of Instagrammers, when we still thought sunset and nature are more interesting than our face, boobs and buttocks #backintothe2011

Just two friends planning how to be rich together..😆

Jangan mau kalah sama ujian, karena setiap ujian akan membawa kita ke tempat yg lebih tinggi..
Tetaplah jadi pemberani mengatasi tantangan dalam hidup ini...

Oh God, how can we live without your Grace and Mercy..

We’re about to write a book how to be beautiful at all age, but thats overrated, so we decide to write a humour with a hint of weirdness..😛


Grow love with me..

I think i have obligation to post this pic on my social media..i remember we were so tired, woke up really early and preparing stuff for 60++ dinner packages, as part of our school exam..my oily face, eyebag..how to look good is definitely not my main priority..
As a woman it is important to always looks nice and perfect, but sometimes there is thing call life, works, family, kids and other things that can make us look less perfect..and seriously that’s okay..

My skincare routine @rumah.kefir_by_febiola

Happy Sunday from the ladies of Komunitas Kayu Jati..

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