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Feast of Fun  Fashion, Fitness, Food & Fun. Fierce podcast and videos on quirky fun sexy stuff: drag queens, bodybuilding and LGBT stuff. Cooking with Drag Queens.

As a way of saying thank you for your support- we take ALL your LOADED questions on today's special Plus Podcast: https://feastoffun.com/podcast/2018/11/09/fof-2673-ask-us-anything/ #podcast #lgbt #muscle #justforfans #sexuality

Had such a lovely time chatting with U.K. queens @discharge.official and her gal pal Ophelia Wilde. #drag #dragqueens #draguk - Listen on feastoffun.com

Feliz Dia De Los Muertos!
When someone dies, loved ones will often keep a remembrance of the deceased like a lock of hair, but when the rich, famous and powerful die, people ask for a whole lot more.

Today the fabulous Matt Brown joins us to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos by looking at the unexpected adventures of the body parts of dead celebrities.

Listen: https://feastoffun.com/podcast/2018/10/31/fof-2669-raiders-of-the-lost-cocks/

Vote baby vote! You can early vote in a lot of places even if you’ve never voted before. Vote for your life!

To the cock! On the latest episode of Alt for Norge, Marc Felion comes face to face with Norway’s folk tribute to big songs. Will he go hard or go home? #altfornorge #trollpikken #norway #lgbttravel #dongs #cockrock

Politics are complicated. But what’s not complicated is you gotta vote! Otherwise Jason the Republican will get you. #voteforyourlife

Taping a show, ask us ANYTHING!
Let’s relax at the podcast spa, unwind and let the Feast of Fun steam deep into your pores. What’s on your mind?

Since no press photos of Santino Fontana in drag as Tootsie were available, here’s an artists rendering of Lypsinka at Wigstock 2.HO with the actor’s face pasted over. (giggles)
Listen to our review of the new musical adaptation of the classic 1982 hit film Tootsie: https://feastoffun.com/podcast/2018/10/07/fof-2660-go-tootsie-go/

It's heartbreaking to see your husband being up for elimination (AGAIN), and this time to some of the sweetest, most likable people from Alt for Norge: Kirstin Franklin, Evan Fowler and Cheyenne Stevens. Can't they all win? #altfornorge

Marc Felion shows off his medal he won on the 5th episode of Alt for Norge (The Great Norway Adventure) #daddy #altfornorge #forearmporn
Check him out on the Feast of Fun podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/feast-of-fun-gay-talk-show/id73330528?mt=2

Our friend comedian Zach Zimmerman @zzdoublezz knows how to get an audience going. Here’s drag queen @msgoldendelicious holding the controls to a vibrating butt plug that’s in his ass onstage. Listen as comedian Zach Zimmerman joins us to talk about moments when hecklers ruined the show and other times when the comedian turned it out and became a superstar.


And may the best Norwegian American... win! Alt for Norge is just like @rupaulsdragrace only their self saboteurs speak Norwegian. On the 3rd episode of #altfornorge season 9 Marc wears the national costume of Norway to celebrate Syttende Mai. Subscribe to feastoffun.com/plus and get a behind the scenes look at Norway’s Amazing adventure show. #felionseason #gaypimp #daddy #norway #realitytv

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