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Wensheng  If you can’t handle the stress, you can’t handle the success

dead memories

Today marks the unofficial last day of sch :’) Also, happy belated to my bro @brandonnggg

Everything is about to come to an end this week... just wanna say I’m really grateful for you guys thanks for tahaning this burden and for me always being late 😢😌😊 will miss y’all @ongweichao @kczpr @maineysaurus @rr.ena @_melonking_

miss bali hate sg

new year same me, may I get richer and happier, wishing all my friends, bros, Teachers, family, whatever happy 2018 and eternal wealth and health. Remember there’s no such thing as fuckin new year resolutions, u wanna do something just go fuckin do it 💯. Tbh the only wish I Want is to lose weight and get more ink , and fuck ns fuck singapore cheers to that 🥂

it was great💯

Really wanted this one. Thanks again @andrewkellocks 🙏🏻

it was nice being away from the humidity

Thanks Mount E for the fun times. All those hot sweaty moshy nights. HB, A$AP, etc. Looking forward to what’s next 🥂

tb to intern free life

Got higher. Haier. Thanks @higherbrothers @cherrydiscotheque @fvder_ for making this possible 🇨🇳🔥

Surreal experience 💯 Thank you @cigsaftersex

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