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Fanny Swerkström  23yo. My instagram is nothing but my picture diary of my ongoing fitness journey and mental approach in life📓 Trainer👟💪🏽 Business -> 📩 #nosteroids🙅🏽

If you get #dwarfed by a bag, you know it is a good one. Think I could fit in it?🤔😄 #fitmarkbags @fitmarkbags

Oh and I am not that small as it makes me look(It's a big bag🙌🏽). 5'5, weighing around 138 or so Ibs😅

Keep your chin up darling. As long as you do good, good will come to you🌞

After last weekends illness I lost 7ibs in 24 hours and so i have since then tried to get the fullness and energy back to my body and did top it off yesterday downing over 650 grams of carbs(counted for once haha). If you want to train hard and get the most out of it you need to know your nutrition and dare to eat🍚🍗🍠🍉🥗. So many people out there underestimate the importance of their food habits and what nutrition they get.
Skipping meals, avoiding food groups or being on VLC diets wont build no muscle. As always; work with the body. Not against it.

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Head to toe feminine.
Head to toe strong.
Head to toe determined,
To aim to contribute to more strong females. And more of them taking a stand. And them being able to continue standing tall, despite whatever challenges we might have to face. Until it is no longer even needed to take a stand. Normalizing it. Women being muscular, strong, independent and confident. With no body shaming.
Stand with me💖👭👯 #muscle #fit #fitgirls #fitspo #nofilter #train #fitness #lift #workout #motivation #getfit #bossgirls #girlswithmuscle #naturalathlete #diet #glutes #fitchicks #curves #murves #body #bodybuilder #inspiration #strongwomen #fitfam #workout #dailygrind #bootybuilding #squats #lovemore

Fall forward💎

Catching glute striations and tie in in the fading darkness of an early morning. Being able to more clearly see the muscles I have and am working daily to improve, through my skin excites and motivated me and makes me even more so determine of bettering myself. I feel more love and appreciation for my body and its performance and abilities than I have in a long time and i don't think i have ever been so in sync with it - mind to body, ever before either. After many years of directing my inner frustration, hatred and pain derived from a difficult life with one to many rough challenges, directing all that on hurting my body severly, this huge change that has occured is even more appreciated and impactful to me.
I look forward to all things we will encounter and all challenges we will take on ahead. I want to better myself not because of hate for my body, but because of the love for it☝🏽. Me and my body, united and strong, and always bettering😄

"We don't see things as they are. We see them as we are☝🏽."
And it is only people with small minds,
People who have not yet learned hard work, and the power behind strong determination,
It is only people who has put up limits in their own perceptions, and thus have limit themselves in all matters,
It is only those people who will call the ones who do things that has never been done yet, things that have seemed impossible and unattainable; cheaters. Because to them, things of such greatness can not happen. In their mind they have chosen that it can't.
And I no longer want to feel sorry for those who unfairly is being called cheaters because why feel sorry for them when they are the one doing things that are so great that small minds can not handle or perceive it without diminishing it to being done with tricks, with short cuts, with cheating. I instead feel sorry for those small minded people feeling the need to express hatred in frustration born by their own limitations of themselves.
Because as i wrote; we do not see things as they are, we see them as we are😊.

#legday makes you feel alive✨

Slowly recovering after a horrible weekend of constant being sick until it felt as if i would literally throw up my intestine😷 A nightmare but as always; what does not kill you, makes you stronger and like Arnold said "I'll be back"

Yes, genetics matter.
Your genetic setup is fixed from birth and your potential of bettering and mastering different skills will be within the the limitations of that genetical setup. And in terms of the so popular gluteus of women on social media, it in many cases comes down to the female having her glute/behind from her genes rather than from training. Unfortunately, many of the female fitness rolemodels have not attained their gluteus from a well designed and hard worked training and nutrition routine. It is from their genetic setup. And then they promote 500 BW squat challenges and sell bad training programs claiming that it will help other women to build their gluteus to look like theirs as well.
In my case, I am as always very clear about the fact that I do not do bullshit. I never sell myself for companies and promote things that i do ny believe in or even know is not true. I want to stay real. And so I want to point out that I was not born with a brazilian, voluptiuous butt. Check the last slide to see what i built my gluteus from👉🏽. An ordinary, or in those photos actually very underweight body. I am not saying i have bad genes, because i do not. I have athletic genes and they make it possible for me to become good at sports and develop athletically which i am very grateful for. But the curves, the murves, that i aim to sculpt comes from true dedication, constant search of new knowledge and experimenting with both nutrition and training to find what truly works in order to actually create and build curves out of muscles. So these striations on my gluteus is a way for me to see that i am on my way doing so. It is not well positioned fat nor surgery and definitely not steroids(dont even take ordinary supplements haha😄); it is my sculpture this far. It is muscles, something each and every one of us have the power to develop. With the correct nutrition, training and most importantly mindset. I built this. From scratch. And i will continue build on this sculpture for a very long future ahead, because i am far from done. But even if we are not there yet we should still take moments to appreciate the journey we have made so far (continued in comments)

It is not a struggle for me. It is not difficult. It is not a chore, something I have to do because i should do it even though i do not actually want to do it.
It is not like that to me.
To me, the true difficult thing would be to not do what i do. It is my passion, it is my joy, my motivation, my drive, my wish. What I feel is a purpose.
It is what I want and something that the more i do of it, the deeper in love i fall. This lifestyle and this constant hunger and drive towards more and better is not something dragging me down or lays heavy on my shoulders. It is lifting me up. So when people ask me how i have the energy and motivation to do it and how i can always keep going and constantly train with such intensity and focus, and prioritize good nutrition, sleep and all else that I do to nurture myself and my body according to my goals they fail to see that to me there is no question in whether to do it or not. It is so deeply carved in me now and I have become one with the mission and grown to love it. It is not hard or difficult for me to do it. That is what makes me feel alive and fulfilled. Instead, It would be extremely hard to not do it.
I, of course, have bad days as well but even then and when i take a short break the lifestyle keeps attracting me right back to it.
Driven by passion and love. And a hell of a determination and stubborn mind. No use trying to stop me, and yet I have only just got started🤗

I know this is raw.
Right in your face.
☝🏽But the rawness is what I want to bring out and accentuate; the real and the direct. Because this is also something that I have worked on and am working on daily. The project of sculpting and creating "me", on the inside but also on the outside. And this is not something i work on only for me, it is a vision I have that goes beyond myself.
This is for women. This is for women wanting to be strong inside and out. For women who understand and appreciate that a well built physique is both feminine and sexy and in no way masculine. This is for empowered women who empower other women👏🏽.
Some might say that I am doing women a disservice by posting such a direct picture of the female body but I would say that it is the complete opposite. Because this is for women owning their own bodies, sexuality, and right to be proud and confident in it without that meaning that it is vulgar or looked down upon. A females body is far more than just sex.
I am about to launch a concept directed to all those strong women out there tired of the polished, bullshit "fit tea model" and scam fitness business circulating social media these days.
I am going to offer something that is not built by steroids, nor made by surgeries, or by the magic of a "secret quick fix formula".
I am bringing you the raw and real. And I am bringing you a huge encouragement of creating an era of strong and muscular women oozing confidence and femininity. I hope to have some of you amazing females with me once it is all done👭🏋🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️💃🏽. Are you ready to join and truly build and better yourself? I sure am🙋🏽💖

Time for one of those post where I have to express myself from feeling so touched but the love, support and encouragement I receive daily from people on the streets, in the grocery stores, in the gym, and just simply anywhere and everywhere and it feels so incredible that all you beautiful people take time and want to come up and tell me such kind things🙌🏽😍.
Today at the gym I was given a surprise gift from a new acquaintance and friend with some very supportive words with it🎁(Thank you again!!) and that unselfish and beautiful gesture truly hit right in the heart. To then be told that people would believe that little me would become a female version of Arnold had me both blushing and put a smile on my face that I still am wearing and can not get rid of. Arnold is a huge rolemodel for me and have been for many years so that compliment meant something extra for me.
I should cut the rambling now haha. My point writing this is simply to show gratitude towards the actual beauty in people out there in the world today. So many people focus and only bring up the bad and the problems but i wish to put a light on the good and the blessings and when counting my own blessings i sometimes have to pinch myself hard to see that i am not dreaming and those moment are so precious to me that i want to underline and share them with you as well.
As I keep on saying; Continue spread as much love and encouragement as possible. Because that is true beauty, and every time a person does that, this world gets just a little bit more beautiful each time🌏💖

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