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Fanny Swerkström  23yo. Feminine muscle💖This is nothing but my picture diary of my ongoing fitness journey and mental approach in life📓 Trainer👟💪🏽 #nosteroids🙅🏽

You know what's rare?👁‍🗨
People who are their own person.
People who sees and understands the human patterns, norms, behaviors and unwritten rules in today's society but chooses to think for themselves regardless and question what needs to be questioned. People who persist to be individuals rather than falling into being formed by what social media, trends, parents, friends or cultures chooses to make them. Are your likings even your likings or is it what others say you should like and so you believe and convince yourself that so must be it?

A rare species are people who understands the difference between truly succeeding in life versus succeeding only in one aspect of life - leaving a lack of what it all is about anyway and thus creating the illusion of happiness rather than actual happiness. Understanding that the latter misses the part of which it all is about; fulfillment.
It is rare.
People who chooses love over fear.
People who choose to see the collateral beauty, the beauty of everything as well as of nothingness. Who choose passion, happiness, imagination and creation. Who lives fully, only and entirely according to themselves and their own hearts. And choose to trust only that.
Rare are those among us, but then even more so valuable. Let's increase. Because how even more beautiful the world would be if more people would just simply wake up and in its true meaning take part of it. 💬Even though you might get caught up in frustration from feeling completely out of control, the truth is that it is exactly the opposite. You, and you only, are in entire control. You are nothing short of a miracle💫, so start acting accordingly.

Just reminding you of something you already know


Dark photo in a dark country🌫

But a heart still burning light of the fire, passion and desire within🔥
Outer matter and circumstances can not decide your mood.
Only you decide your mood - Your energy; and eventually Your world. People living in the freezing cold weather❄️☃️can be just as happy as people living in the warmest heat in the desert 🌵☀️, and everything in between🍁⛈🌪⛅️
Energy and happiness is not in that. Or in that expensive car, or in another person's liking, or in a body size or whatever might seem tempting and the thing you say that "if you only had that, then you'd be happy".. No, It is far stronger than that. A force that can overcome anything.
And it is psychology. The world is only what you allow to perceive it as. Your mind and thoughts set the filter on your reality. Choose a pretty one, a beautiful filter of gratitude and presence in the moment. In all moments, high and low, warm and cold.
No matter how dark your surroundings get, keep the fire in your heart and mind burn to light it up anytime regardless🔥💛

The look i give people trying to convince others that the way to a well developed physique is through supplements and switching compound exercises for cable workouts made as complicated as possible for no reason at all.
It is not easy, far from it. You will weap, might feel like throwing up and definitely feel like quitting several times and have to endure through that pain. So no, it is not easy. But it is simple;
Train hard
Eat real food
And always give a little bit more than you thought you could to ensure progress, progressive overload. Better yourself. Simple, not easy.
There are no shortcuts, only people willing to sell their self respect and soul for a dollar🤡🤑

How beautiful is pain,
For relieving pleasure
How beautiful is sorrow,
For accentuating happiness
How beautiful is darkness
For showcasing light
Equally beautiful.
Because what is beautiful, is how one allows the other to exist🌗

Feminine muscle💖

Project Pecs like Arnold. Because I do not skip muscle groups because some find them not feminine enough to develope. Pfft, muscles are feminine as long as it is a female who has and develops them👸🏽
More carbs combined with stepping up the training yet another step = Veins comes out to play.
Remember -> Not a constant look, it is the pump that acts as a snake whisperer which creates this kind of look☺️

It seems that most people are drowning in information,
Yet starving for knowledge.
And none are willing to pursue the hunt long enough to satisfy the hunger

I would guess many people are quick to sexualize pictures like these. Directly refer to it as "sexy" and maybe vulgar?
To me this picture well portraits the features in my physique that underlines the feminine lines muscles can creates. It shows components in my physique that I work hard on accomplishing, the 'murves'(muscles creating curves)✨
On this note👉🏽, I had a conversation with my mother today I wish to share with you. I told her about a nightmare I had where people were secretly taking pictures of my naked body and leaking them online and how devastated I felt in my dream. And my mothers response was so beautiful. She said "Well what if that happened to you though? What would be so disastrous? It is only a body, you are so much more than that. Your skin does not define you and so it would say nothing about your character."
You all know my view on this, I have rambled about it numerous times, but to hear my mother - a woman in her 50's, who grew up in a tiny town called Karlskoga dominated by conservative thinking, that she with such clarity and absence of hesitation told me this. How my heart expanded with pride and gratitude💖. It is just a tragedy how much pain, insecurity, and shame is put on the human body and our naked skin. And it is straight out ignorant. I am not saying that we should never think of sex or run around with our genitals out in the open but I wish that we could think one step further and at least remove the shame of it, and possibly try to expand our attitude towards seeing the beauty of the body beyond sex AS WELL.
I do still believe that our bodies can reflect a small part of our character in the way we take care of the shell we live in our entire lifetimes. But how we care for it doesn't always show visually for the bare eye. And we need to separate ourselves as beings from the body we live in, instead of how it is now where the appearance seem to be judged and matter more than what lives inside of it.
My body, my temple, my artwork. That belongs to me fully, deeply and completely. To care for. To celebrate if I so wish to.
My body, my choices, and that can no one ever take away from me😊

I got used to being called crazy.
Understand that it takes a little crazy, to remain sane

I hate only saying half of it but I feel that I have to say at least something.
Since many of you have stated that you think that the wires and the little machine on me is some sort of tens/muscle building apparatus I want to clarify that it is nothing of that nature. I don't do bullshit "miracle making" products or machines, I speak for genuine hard work, intense and proper training, nutrition and sleep. And to master the power of the mind. Remember that.
This is a holter test that I have had to carry 24/7 for one week. Today was the last day and this plus 6 more tests that has been made during this investigation will now be evaluated and I will receive the diagnosis. I can not say more than that at this point and even just writing this is heavy on me. I am terrified to a point where I choose not to think about what might be, because even only the thought of it is too much. And the least thing I need since we attract what we focus on. So thereby I instead focus on what I always have; my training, my relationships, my growth, my future, my goals, my life. And the value of my life, and on creating more of exactly that. I decide my destiny in my attitude right now, that is how I see it. So I will keep at it. Keep at being more alive and vibrant every single day. I still, fully, intend to continue work towards my goal - Be superwoman⭐️

Because one of my first goals in terms of my physique was to built the best natural gluteus and legs people ever seen. In my head i still only just started. But the goal still remains.
A never ending process. Always possible to perfect. My work of art. One rep at a time🔨🛠🔩 #humpday

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