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Fanny Swerkström  My instagram is nothing but my picture diary of my ongoing fitness journey and mental approach in life📓 Trainer👟💪🏽 Need help? DM📩 #nosteroids🙅🏽

Having a good attitude and look on whats to come and how i might be able to take this physique another couple of steps sharper upcoming weeks. 👉🏽Happiness is not so much depending on what we possess and have. It depends on our attitude and perception. We create, constantly and continuously do we create the world by how we choose to interpret and see it. Choose wisely, after all, your life is depending on it💭🌞

Current status👆🏽.
I am in a good flow. I have exciting projects and plans I am working on with dedication and optimism, the training is going better than ever and I have amazing and loving people around me showing support and bringing joy. My time, as always, can seem limited but that is only due to the fact that it is filled with acting on my purpose and beliefs and dreams and thereby it only enrich my life in my opinion. Life is treating me good😄🙌🏽 And I am forever grateful for that.
The California sun shining bright constantly and the fact that my bestie might move here are additional components contributing to this great flow. You know, it is actually true that being happy is the best way to reach your goals. Happy feelings bring more of the things that makes you happy into your life. Be in a good flow, and the rest will follow🌞

Not all things you do have to be backed up by logic, rhyme or reason. Some things should simply be done only through your intuition, your gut feeling, mood and current state. Acting on your being without questioning. Impulsive, only supported by what you feel, rather than what you think.
Without rhyme or reason.

California sun🌞 + icecream🍨 = Veins and filled up, happy muscles
#tgif #happyfriday

And don't hit me with steroid accusation, read my previous posts about the fact that I am and have always been steroid free. Hard training, determination and carbs😌 can give plenty of vascularity without any needles or exogenous substances even close to being involved. Lift heavy and often and be knowledgeable about your nutrition and you'll get very far🙌🏽

It seems my last post was hard to interpret for some of you. I did not mean to say that those people calling me or others "perfect" are stupid or doing wrong. Like always, I simply write honestly about my own thoughts and experiences of things and to me personally it is hard to take in a compliment that big and precise since I do never see myself as perfect. What the point was, in all this, was definetly not for you to further praise that i am perfect. Rather the opposite; that I am not perfect and will never be and that the fact that i am not is exactly how it should be. Given that we are all perfectly imperfect. We are all a work in progress and that in itself is more beautiful and precious than "perfect" will ever be to me.
But I appreciate all of your love and support beyond measures, always know that💓
You guys sure remind me that it is difficult writing about real things on social media without being misread by half of you😅. But I'll keep trying, since i always stand up for encouraging authentic posts. Maybe you'll get me better in time, after all I am a complex being and thinker🤔

I have a problem with people who call me or any other person "perfect". Or well, a problem might be a bit harsh way to put it, but it is just that I feel like the word to me stands for something unattainable and almost unreal. The "perfect" look and achieving/having the so called perfect look puts a big pressure on so many people out there today that I feel the need of expressing why not being perfect has more beauty in it after all.
I understand that calling someone perfect only is meant as a big compliments and praise but the choice of word bothers me; "perfect".
What is perfect? It is such a strong word saying that the thing or person described has no flaws, no errors, no negative sides. Nothing you would like to change or wish were different, it is simply.. perfect.
And I am not that. I am not free from flaws, unable of bettering, without any errors. I am not perfect, nor will i ever be, since i am only human. I have flaws, scars, and a large potential for improvement and i am fully Okay with that. Being happy with where I am, yet still wanting to better myself. I do not wish to be "perfect" because then what would i be motivated by? What could possibly drive me, inspire me and keep my hunger for becoming all that I aspire to be, in and out if i already would be perfect?
So no, perfect is not for me. To quote a lovely saying; perfect is for straight lines and edges, I am as curved as my heart❤️ And we are all perfectly imperfect with endless potential and that if anything is beautiful.

About being deep, as deep as that crack between my muscles in the back, haha.

People are scared of real conversations. They look down on or make fun of people writing quotes or something deep to their picture of their body as if real topics and our bodies do not go together. People hide from the real matters, scared of actually having to think about the meaning behind things, thinking of things bigger than just a picture of overnight oats or the newest squatchallenge.
Our bodies most definately are connected to deep thoughts and real conversations. To achieve health and a strong and athletic body we have to start from within. The mind. From our own attitudes, perspectives and way to look at things. Our thoughts.
Why do people feel the need to laugh away any sign of real expression? Ask yourself, why does it make you so uncomfortable?
People hiding behind making fun of deep fitness posts, in my opinion, are simply scared and not fully settled and at peace with their own attitude and motivation regarding their fitness and health. Of course fun and laughter is important and of value but dare to be real and not ashamed of it as well. We need more of that. People sharing their inner being✨

Our mindset determine our life's. Strong mind, strong body.
I believe that who we are against others determines so much how our life turns out. 👇🏽
The world is driven by people and if we choose to contribute by being our true selfs, follow our moral and ethics yet still be humble enough to understand others, and everybodies differences and continuing to send out a positive outlook then that would make all the difference to our own lifes. Have you ever tried to deliberatly smile genuinly throughout the day to everybody you meet? Its amazing. Event and happenings in your life truly changes by that smiling. You will experience how things start to go your way, how people seem more kind, how that wind that always seems to blow against you suddenly🌪💨.. Stops🌫, become still.
Our interactions create what happens next. By being a sunshine, true to your heart, and with a positive outlook, you can create the most wonderful things ahead. You can choose to think its BS, or you can try tomorrow, or why not right away today, and notice yourself. Because good, happy people, do create a good, happy world.🌏🌍🌎

My physique is muscular, but the muscles create very feminine curves. Lifting does not make you huge or look like a man if you are a natural athlete like I am and have chosen not to take any kind of steroids.
Think about it more like art, like sculpting. You can add more/less mass on different parts of your body by training those particular muscles. And with a healthy diet you can then reveal your artwork, your sculpture, your beautiful body. And how you want your body to look is all up to you, regardless of what others think or say. It's not their body, it's not their sculpture; it's yours😊✨

One Mississippi 🎧

Want give a big Thank you💖 to all of those getting back to me regarding the girl who chose to openly belittle me by posting a picture of me to express how "nasty" I look(You can see the post in my instastory). I every now and then get people who don't like my body and feel a need to let me know and it does mot touch me. I did not get hurt by the post but I think that it is necessary that we always stand up against internet/social media bullies who contribute to the horrible trend of telling women how they should and should not look. A woman looks exactly how she wants to look, and should be able to do so without having people pointing out errors, comparing to other females, or simply being downgraded by strangers who consider themselves being so important that their opinion of the woman's appearance matter enough for the world to know.
The bully today replied saying that she is allowed to have an opinion and that is absolutely true. We are all allowed to have opinions, we all have the right to speak our opinion and we all have the right to be cruel, nasty and bully others. BUT that does not mean that we should do so. Lets end this body shaming, bullying, women comparing, "yes or no" photos of women and objectifying and scoring of women on social media and just support each other and lift each other up instead.
We are all perfectly imperfect. Lets just embrace that.

I will always be a work in progress.
One should always aim to be better, yet be grateful for current state as well while continuously bettering.
That kind of Hunger.

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