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Fanny Swerkström  23yo. My instagram is nothing but my picture diary of my ongoing fitness journey and mental approach in life📓 Trainer👟💪🏽 Business -> 📩 #nosteroids🙅🏽

First and foremost, live your life for you. Engage in things that makes your heart grow and butterflies dance in your belly. Do what lightens that burning fire of passion within you, and continue building that fire to make it burn brighter by every day that passes.
I have truly had to learn the importance behind living a life that i decide to live, instead of seeing myself as a victim to life's circumstances and happenings. I choose my life, and so do we all☝🏽. People will always have opinions. And feel entitled of expressing them and telling others how they should and should not live their life, but they fail to see that it is none of their concern. We must live life for ourselves. And do what feels right in our hearts and what is right in order to be our best selves with the unique qualities and potential each and every one of us possess. And it will differ, since we are all so different. But regardless, the valid point remains; live life for you. First and foremost. Because you need to be happy before you can make others happy. And isn't happiness what life is all about when it comes down to it?

The greatest guide that I have ever had throughout life is my gut feeling. To not only listen inwards, but to be attentive to the feelings inside as well. I believe that our subconscious and inner being assess more wisdom than most of us take advantage of and explore.
If you silence all else🗣🚫
The opinion of your friends and family, the rules of media and society, the preaching of the logic mind.. if you silence it all, and am left with just you and your body, your inner being. What do you hear?

As long as we got love 🎶💭

The joy comes not from comparison with others, but from progress. 👉🏽14 set rumanian deadlifts today in addition to 30 sets back, 24 sets delts, 10 sets gluteus and 12 sets hamstring curls drenched my entire body in that fulfilling kind of way. Fueling up with dinner in good company and preparing for the last projects and assignments before I am graduating👩🏽‍🎓✨

For the same reason people hate legdays, I love them❣️

If her confidence makes him feel insecure,
And if her ability to feel comfortable in her own skin and owning it makes him feel out of control,
And if her strength and determination makes him feel less of a man in comparison,
Then maybe the fault is not in her, but in him.
Don't become less in order to fit into a smaller person's life. Do not belittle yourself because someone else is unfomfortable with you being that much woman.
Do not pick diamonds of your crown to make it easier for him to carry.
You do not need a lighter crown. You need a man with bigger and stronger hands to carry it👑👐🏽

There is a big difference between living and simply existing.
I want life to be felt.
No, I even crave to feel as much as possible or else I am unable to be fulfilled in life.
I rather risk it all doing extreme things that will have me feeling more, than staying safe right where I am and being numb. Only one of the two is actually living, and the other is merely existing. There is such a thing as being dead alive and it scares me far more than any challenge or trouble that my eventful life have and could possibly serve me.
I rather fall a thousand times with bleeding wounds on the journey of doing what I love than stand in the same spot day in and day out, whole on the outside but with a faded and quite heart.
I want to feel. To live. To any extent, at any price. So come on life; give me your best shot👏🏽

Rihanna's #wildthoughts on repeat🎧 as i reflect on goals and what to do next in order to best way reach them. A moment of visualization while feeling a mix of gratitude and excitement and a sore body from a week of very hard training. It is all only satisfying to me though. Every day of the process, the journey, the "getting there". Because to be honest, isn't that our entire life? Do not rush or stress it. Do however work determined and with purpose but don't rush to the finishline because the only true end destination and finishline is after all; death. So better not neglect the pleasure of the ride reaching it😊💭

Don't stop at talking about it.
Don't stop at visualizing it.
Don't stop at dreaming about it.
Go on and actually do it.
That is where the difference lay. What differs the ones who makes it from those who do not.
Don't complicate, don't overthink, don't hesitate.
Whatever it is, just simply do it💖

I love feeling pretty and pamper with looks.
But I also love feeling that my looks is the last priority when I am in my zone and I instead wear the sweat, blood-red skin and ugly faces that comes with training hard.
I own dresses and high heels in overwhelming amounts.
But I also own just as many tights, sport bra's and sneakers.
I love chatting with my girlfriends about all things superficial and men and food.
But I also love having having those really deep conversations about existentiality and life's meaning and purpose.
I love girly sleepovers.
And I love watching or playing sports.
I love things that are seen as being opposite of eachother. Things that do not go together. Things that does not fit in a mall.
I love being a woman. With muscles. With independency and confident of my own ability. Yet, human and aware of my flaws. With a will to better myself without feeling inadequate and insecure while doing so. Grateful, but not content, always striving towards more.
☝🏽Don't pigeonhole me, because it can not be done. I have many layers, i am simple but not easy. Complex and complicated but not difficult. A woman, pointing many directions. As many women do. And we are not to be put in different categories, groups or stereotypes. We are more than that 👧🏽👧👧🏻

I want to think out loud here(nothing unusual haha😅) So heeeeere it goes💭

I always try to understand other people and not judge or immedietly go hard on them but some I just can not wrap my head around.
Every now and then people get provoced by my long and somewhat deep texts in diffferent ways. They are claiming that I am trying too hard, that it is egoistic to write those texts(how they boost my ego i fail to understand, it is only my thoughts and outlooks on life) etc. To me it comes naturally to be open about these things. It is matters i think and regler about daily and i would have had to "try harder" to suppress that side of me. And, would it really be better if i did not "try so hard" and only posted shape pictures without texts about the mind of the body in the picture? Would that actually be less provocative and Okay? To me, I would have guessed the opposite; that it would be more superficial.

And yes, my pics are superficial. And that leads me to the other thing people get offended by. That it is deep texts and pictures of my body rather than my face. But tell me why my face and Its appearance would be more connected to my mind than the body that i have developed and am developing and have actually had a part of creating is?
I think these people sort of want me to choose. That i can not do both; show my physique and body and at the same time show that i am deep, think about the real things in life and express them. Those two things don't fit. But I wont choose one over the other. I am both so i will display both and as i have said before; sharing inner thoughts about real matters is something i encourage and wish more people would do. We could learn a lot from each other! And the last thing that confuses me about these people searching wrongs is how they feel hurt by my way of posting? I clearly do not attack anyone or write things that can be considered mean, yet still they do whatever they can to try to "hurt" me by being mean. Not searching for pitty at all, it is only a post like all my posts which is a glimpse of what thoughts that travels through my head😅.

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