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Fanny Swerkström  23yo. My instagram is nothing but my picture diary of my ongoing fitness journey and mental approach in life📓 Trainer👟💪🏽 Business -> 📩 #nosteroids🙅🏽


In a time of substantial challenge, doubts, the insecurity and vulnerability of not knowing, and being completely fragile. Unsteady. Now more than ever do I need to channelize my inner super woman. It is when we find it the hardest to be strong, that it is needed the most. Some days the best thing you can say about it is that you made it through. You made it through the day, and there is a new one with new challenges coming tomorrow and you will get through that day as well. You got this. We got this. I got this. We just need to pull out our capes and our inner superwoman/man and make it through it. #beyourownsuperhero

In my opinion, nothing is as beautiful as genuine passion, drive, dedication💭. The ability to fully commit, not because you should or have to, but because you want to. Or no, screw that, you NEED to. From the core of your inner being and your heart. You do it because of the sense of purpose, as if this is why you are here on earth.
Nothing is as attractive as that spark in people who do not only explore who they are, what they want and what they love and dare to dream big, but also put in all their effort in order to reach those dreams. Those are the only ones who actually, in the true meaning of it; makes it✨. 📸Raw unedited photo from last night's photoshoot with the best @janteller

We need more love and encouragement.
There is always something to criticize. But there is always something to appreciate and salute as well. Yet that is rarely expressed as often. In general, it is more common to talk about the issues, the bad, the things to complain about🌫than it is to talk about the blessings🌟.
Take the fitness industry and athletes in it.
If we are shredded and lean we will hear that we are too low in bodyfat and that it is unhealthy, have eating disorders, or take steroids. If we gain weight we hear that we got out of shape, are unfit, a degradation. And to note about that is that a fit person is still as fit even if they gain fat during, say, an offseason. They nevertheless still have THE SAME muscles and are still the same fit athlete but only with a little extra protecting layer of fat covering it☝🏽.
The point is that we can not please all, and attention will often be directed to the faults of the person sharing their persona, their shape, their journey, instead of encouraging and lifting up the good attributes.
It is easy to criticize, create drama, be mean. Because we can always find errors, there is simply always SOMETHING to criticize. But remember, there is also always something to compliment, to salute, to appreciate. So lets do that instead✨

"A bit of Madness is key
To give us new colors to see
Who knows where it will lead us?
And that is why they need us
Here's to the fools who dream🥂"
Photographer📷: @janteller

Remember, every time a male says a woman with muscles look like a man, it only displays his own feelings of inadequacy and his own complexes of his own physique and it not being equally evolved as the woman's. Belittling women only expose that a man is not so much a man, but a coward who needs to put others down in order to feel better about themselves. These are the "men" that tries to devalue woman and at the same time are chasing them since they, more than anybody else crave their validation. Small people. Weak men want insecure women so of course the trend of more women being in charge, standing up for themselves, evolving, becoming stronger in and out, it all scares these men.
Well bad luck. We are here to stay. And your comments trying to belittle by calling strong women men aren't working. They say nothing about the women receiving the comment. Instead, They only put a large sign on your own forehead saying "NOT MAN ENOUGH TO HANDLE IT" ☝🏽 There is no logic in saying that a natural developed muscular physique on a woman makes her less of a woman. Check up on your physiology knowledge.
I am not "too much man" simply because you are too little of a man to give strong women like myself respect and room to reach full potential. You are the problem, we are not😊❣️

Everyone seem to have a price today. It is a shame how it appears that it is almost as if honest, open people who keep it real got out of style.
With that being I thereby value it even higher.
And I have never been one following trends anyway.
#notforsale #nomiraclebullshitpromoter #onlyfoodsleepandtraining #andlove

I tend to be a bit extreme. Pushing the boundaries. I believe that is why I can develop my body to the extent i am. I chose to have control over the pain, over what i am capable of, over the feeling of exhaustion, shaky legs, high pulse. I take 'mind over matter' to the extreme and simply DO despite of the obstacles and hinders that appear.
I don't simply lift. I aim and mostly also am able to put maximal effort in every repetition of every set. I don't simply get a little sore. I get so sore that my muscles are pounding from pain the second my session has ended. I don't run until I am out of breath. I run until I have finished my distance. The legs will not give in unless you do.
Pushing boundaries. It is scary as hell. But it builds character and probably physiques like nothing else.
Photographer✨📷: @janteller

I have chosen to dedicate my instagram fully and solely on my fitness journey and mental approach in that. And as a result that is what you are able to see of me - The fitness part of me, along with some of my base beliefs, my attitude and outlook on life. But remember that it is only one part of me. I am more than just "fitness" even though that is a very big part of my life with it being my passion💖. I still, in all this, prefer staying honest and true as I always choose to, and so I will let you know that I have encountered a very heavy struggle and sorrow that me and my family now is trying to deal with. Fitness, my ambitions, my will to better myself is a top priority of mine. But not as big as my family. There are more important things in life and this is one of them. I am still in it all, bettering and dedicating to my passion. But with the bigger part of my heart laying in this very sad time now and joining together with my family to get through it. I remind myself that it will only build further character and strength in the end, yet the challenge is sometimes so big it literally takes my breaths away from me in Its seriousness. I am having more weights on my shoulders other than just the one from the barbells currently. I need to be with my family because we are fighting battles right now. So here is where I will be for as long as they need me to❣️

What would happen if you removed fear? Removed limitations and restrictions. What would happen if you let it loose?
Set it free. That magic you have built up in you hiding behind imaginary obstacles made up of the limitations of the logic human mind. The doors of People's minds are locked so thoroughly, so tightly, so narrow, that they miss out on the wonder of creation, opportunity and the new. The unknown. The never before seen. They so badly want a logic explanation that they blame anything and anyone in order to be able to explain what they do not understand and thus keep their doors firmly locked, and stay safe inside. It is time to open them. To unleash and face it all. Open your mind and discover a whole new world. Don't be captive inside limitations and fear.
So what would happen if people freed themselves?
They would reach their full potential☝🏽

Deadlifts, for so many reason, keep doing deadlifts

It is my temple. Fragile yet the strongest shield of all. My body. The one I will live with for the rest of my life. So we better be in this together✨
✨📷: @janteller

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