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Fanny Swerkström  My instagram is nothing but my picture diary of my ongoing fitness journey and mental approach in life📓 Trainer👟💪🏽 Need help? DM📩 #nosteroids🙅🏽

What I thought would be a mediocre workout due to being very affected by my allergies today(making me more drowsy, sluggish and with pain in both nose and throat) turned out being a truly amazing session with over 12 sets legpress, of which half was one leg at a time for greater ROM and six banded and supersetted with weighted squat jumps, 6 sets narrow squats, four+four sets kickbacks standing and on all four, 4 sets abductor and then 20 sets of different chest exercises, all dumbbell except four in the cable, and 12 sets presses. The workout I expect to be the worse tend to always end up being killer ones for some reason😄👏🏽. 50 Sprint and drill intervals this morning as icing on the cake and now I am Foing to enjoy the rest of my Saturday in good company🙌🏽 Have a great weekend💛

After having the most mad soreness in my gluteus after yesterdays session of countless of high rep legpress, hipthrusts, squats, split squats, abductor, glute kicks and plyometrics+sprint I give you a #salutetheglutes pic. Constant work in progress 🔩🔨🛠

I have had an amazing training phase for a time now with one killer session after the other and simply feeling in better shape, stronger, lighter, faster and more explosive than usual which led to a slightly higher training volume as a result of my excitation.
And then today my room mate asked me if i was feeling Okay, because apparently I have been smelling strong of ketones for some time now. I laughed it off since I eat a ton of carbs but bought and took a simple test later, following a friends advice and well, jokes on me because she was right. I have somehow ended up in some level of #ketosis without being on anything near a low carb diet🤔😂. If I ever doubted that I train hard I can now feel sure in the fact that I do. Depleting carbs not only from the muscles but from the intake aswell? I don't really plan to go down on my intensity though since I feel great as i wrote and progress but i will try stepping up my carb game even further than i already do(how though? Haha). Lets eat up💪🏽

I am not interested in competing with other women, because I want us all to make it.
I try showing a honest view in this digital fitness diary of mine, without selling any BS product or displaying a unrealistic or manipulated physique. I try to stay real throughout despite doubt or whatever challenges. I live by the statement that it is never wrong to do the right thing. Meaning that the eight thing is being true to yourself, do what feels right in your heart and follow your ethic and moral in a way that you can stand for and be proud of. I know I show much body images here but that is the point, being my fitness diary. But I also try to incorporate my inner being and thoughts through the captions so that people can see a piece of the mind behind the physique and body as well.
Females can be very criticizing but they can also be the best supporters and empower each other. I do wish that we all can start lift each other up more and be in this together. So that we all can make it💖

"The best gift you are ever going to give someone- the permission to feel safe in their own skin. To feel worth. To feel like they are good enough."
Knowing what training brought to my life in terms of self efficacy, confidence, strength and feeling of being empowered, I just wish I could show others that. And these feelings have in reality nothing to do with how I look. It is all in how I FEEL. Training made me do things I thought was impossible, it showed me the inner strength that I possess and was not aware of. Strength that is both mental and physiqal. It opened doors for me and contributed to my fearless attitude in a way that made me dare to follow my dreams and high ambitions. It is more than building a body, it is building up myself, every day, both in and out💛

I recognize that woman🤔😄
Check out ElefitTV on youtube to see the entire session and a post workout interview. On second thought it might not have been so smart having the interview after two hours of intense back training completely depleted of glycogen in not only muscles but also brain it seems which you will see in my extremely awkward bloopers #threemonthsorsevenmonths #dexterjacksonbecameronniecoleman 😂👏🏽 I'll give you that extra laughter though.

The comments already has me so moved by the love shown. You guys simply rock😍🙌🏽

Happy flexing tuesday💪🏽😄 Have you noticed that during times that you are feeling genuinely happy, the world seem to be smiling at you and all aspects of your life appears to go well in alliance with your happiness. That is not a coincidence. It is all about vibes, energies and the flow. If you are happy, the world will mirror it and give you more of that. That is why it is so very important to actually go after what makes you truly happy. So if there is even a slightly chance of getting something that will make you happy, then risk it. It will be a gamble with a possible win that beats everything else imagineable💓

Lifetime goal; To be Superwoman

This👆🏽 is what I am working on today. Making my weakest muscle group to the strongest. Don't fear your shortcomings, what ever they might be. We all have them! We are human. Try to embrace them, accept them and forgive yourself for having them. And then.. well, then work on them. The worse you are starting of, the better you can become ones you dedicate and work on it👏🏽

Happy sunday🌞
Restday for many but hams, gluteus and arm-day to me. I switch up my sessions often, but still keep a theme of incorporating closed chain exercises with additional open chained exercises to isolate and work the specific muscles i aim to target. In more general language body building-like isolating training to further enhance proper muscle mind connection and targeting in some additional heavy lifting. I vary my sessions probably for every new workout. Sometimes with just minor adjustments and other times a completely different session than my previous one for those muscles.
Did a new little change today that brought be instant muscle soreness and it is so noticeable that I feel it even when being completely still😅. Can't lie, I do enjoy feeling a bit sore after my workouts even though it does not necessarily speak of the quality of the session. It does however at least let me know I target the muscles i intended to, and thats enough reason for me to embrace the soreness🏋🏽‍♀️
Ready for another amazing week full of good sessions starting tomorrow💛

Feels like I am shining in sync with the sun here in California right now and I am taking more and more moments to just let things sink in, feel the sun on my skin, the pulse of the city and simply notice everything that brings me gratitude for living the life i live. I know that someone like me, being "a lot" in many ways, can provoke people. But I also know that someone like me possibly could reach out to people who needs it, having gone through such eventful and challenging life that I have. And I wish to try, despite being tested multiple times along the way. I have big dreams for the future that I aim to reach. Or no, lets not even call them dreams, lets call them plans😄. Remember that only you put the limits for yourself. Live your dream, that is what life is all about after all, so lets not waste our time🙌🏽

Never have I ever heard from a person in real life that my body looks masculine. Flexing your pecs maximally in a video does not represent a constant look of a individual. Me and my body in normal clothes with all muscles as accessories speaks of murves, the balance of muscles creating curves. Females have muscles too, I keep stating that. And naturally developing them is very feminine. Looking strong, reflecting the inside of many women out there. And still being all women, from the core of or hearts to the complicated mind and to the peak of our biceps. All women, with all muscles that comes with being just that💅🏽👸🏽💪🏽

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