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Feeling all the feelings with this feature on @markhymanmd insta!! Our program launches next week, make sure you are signed up, we are going to make health freaking fun again!! @ourhealthtribe and link in BIO, obviously 😝

I'm no yogi, but I know how critical stretching and breathing is for your body especially when you are asking for more from it physically. Training for a half marathon is not just about the miles you run, it's about the way you take care of yourself and the diversity of your workouts. When I added yoga and strength training to my running routine, everything changed. Now let's add travel into the mix which usually completes halts my routines, but not this time! I'll tell you why. I took time to plan out each day what I needed to do to hit my goal, I have an accountability partner that's also training for the half and I connected to my WHY for wanting to run this race. Small shifts that create powerful results. What goals do you have for the year??

Giveaway time! These are some of the badass products we recommend in Our Health Tribe meal plan. Do you want this entire goodie bag sent to your door, it's over $150 of goodies! Make sure you are signed up for the @ourhealthtribe newsletters or that you checkout the first week of our program for free. Head over to Our Health Tribe, sign up and we will send directions to enter on the 9th. Link in BIO.

Here's how I did a quick meal prep for the 3 days before we left. It gave us variety and using some prepped foods made it super easy to have healthy foods on hand.
Mixed greens
Grilled Chicken
Cucumber + Radish salad
Smoked Salmon
Fermented veggies
Roasted carrots + Sweet potato + Brussels + Apples

Mini grocery haul from the beginning of the week because we had a 3 day week. I just needed a couple meals to make it through! I'll show you want I made and how I prep when I have less time.

Here we are, 2018, new years resolutions in full effect! Snacking is a big one and often where many of us fall off the wagon, especially as we aim for new eating routines. Snacking is not bad, especially when you choose the right foods. Think about what you can gain from your snack vs. how many calories its adding to your day. ⠀

Pistachios are a great snack and they support maintenance of mental function and help regulate metabolism. They are also packed with dietary fiber and nutrients such as B6, thiamin, manganese, and copper. Bacteria in our gut dine happily on that mixture make pistachios a 💩 friendly food! ⠀

She ready #2018

New Years resolutions - want to make some this year that are more sustainable? Well guess what, January 4th we are going to take you through some ways to make resolutions that have a bigger impact. Link in bio! These are mine for 2018, feeling pumped!!

In the middle of what feels like nowhere, there is a strong community of people keeping traditions alive and honoring the beauty of nature. It makes me excited to think about the community @ourhealthtribe is creating for women to learn new traditions around their health. Uniting with others around a common goal is powerful, looking forward to what 2018 has in store!!

Breakfast in New Mexico. Unsweetened coconut yogurt + berries + granola. I don't usually love granola because it's often a sugar bomb, but we found a granola by @fionasnaturalfoods that has 9g of plant protein and 5g of fiber which is pretty good! And to be honest, this coconut yogurt needs a little flavor!

He always says YES to adventure. ❤️

Love is universal! Happy holidays!

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