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FDMTL™️  Tokyo based independent denim maker. Ready to wear & Bespoke. Made in Japan.

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14-16 March at Bellesale Shibuya-First Hall B1
*Professional buyers only
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Art work from #FDMTL presentation.
Vans is an American footwear brand founded in 1966. Their classic “Slip-on” style here is reinterpreted in “‪boro‬” motif. (Not for sale)
1966 年創業のアメリカのフットウエアブランドVANS。同社を代表するモデルSLIPON を襤褸を用いて製作。(非売品)

Art work from #FDMTL 18AW presentation.
BE@RBRICK was created by Japanese toy company MEDICOM TOY. With collectors all over the globe, this model is transcribed with “‪boro‬” print.
日本発のトイブランドMEDICOM TOY が展開するBE@RBRICK。世界中にコレクターのいるこのモデルに襤褸の柄を転写プリント。

Art work from #FDMTL 18AW presentation.
Since its introduction over 60 years ago, the nearly unaltered 59FIFTY cap, currently worn by all players in Major League Baseball is re-created in “‪boro‬” style. (Not for sale)
60 年以上も前に誕生して以来ほぼデザインを変えることなく、現在MLB の全選手が実際の試合で着用するキャップ59FIFTY を襤褸で製作。(非売品)

Art work from #FDMTL 18AW presentation.
Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Danner introduced the Danner light boot in 1979. Here, the boot is redesigned with indigo-dyed textiles made in Japan.
アメリカ・ポートランドに本拠地を構えるDANNER。1979 年に誕生したモデルDANNER LIGHT にインディゴ染の生地を用いて日本の工場で製作。

From the 19th century through the beginning of the 20th century, cotton was a precious commodity for those living in the harsh climate of Japan’ s northern Tohoku region. A traditional practice passed down through various generations, it was here where items such as tattered kimonos were first patched and darned with various cloths, becoming what is now known as “‪boro‬.”
Through this patchwork style, holes and imperfections in worn out kimonos are mended and repaired with scraps of salvaged fabric. Once these kimonos were deemed unwearable, they
would then be recycled to create various items such as undergarments and household textiles. In turn, once these items were worn out, they would then be used as rag cloths or scrap material. Through this process of mending, the life of fabrics could be extended for decades, if not centuries.
Carefully stitched together by needle and thread, changes that occur over the years only contribute to ‪boro‬’ s unique texture and look, now often regarded as a work of art in itself.
In this exhibition, every item on displayed is re-interpreted in boro style.‬
To put things straight, this project is not a commentary on mass production nor mass consumption.
It is about a craft that is quietly disappearing from an economically growing Japan. In combining this technique, an endeavor requiring tremendous amounts of handcrafted labor with modern mass-produced products, I hope that all viewers can take away a sense of beauty that is uniquely Japanese.
In addition, I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude to all those who made this project possible.
FDMTL Designer

木綿が貴重品だった19 世紀から20 世紀初頭にかけて、寒さの厳しい東北地方に暮らしていた人々により、何世代にも渡って使われてきた継ぎ接ぎだらけの着物や布のことを「襤褸( ボロ)」と言います。
FDMTL デザイナー
津吉 学

Art work from #FDMTL 18AW presentation.
master-piece / SLICK
Founded in 1994, master-piece is one of Japan’ s iconic bag brands. Made by seasoned craftsmen, “‪boro‬” fabric is applied to a high-end bag. (Not for sale)
日本を代表する1994 年創業のバッグブランド。熟練の職人によって製作されるハイエンドなバッグの素材として襤褸を使用。(非売品)

Art work from #FDMTL 18AW presentation.
Sony / FES watch U
Constructed from a single piece of E-Paper, the customizable watch face and wristband is covered in
FDMTL’ s original “sashiko” pattern.
文字盤とベルトが一枚の電子ペーパーでできており、時計全体の柄を変えることができるFES watch U
をFDMTL オリジナルの刺し子柄で製作。

Art work from #FDMTL 18AW presentation.
Japanese brand ZANTER provides the down jacket to Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition since 1954, the down jacket is covered with “‪boro‬” fabric.(Not for sale)

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