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What do you think of Kanye West & Lil Pump’s new song? Click the link in our bio to see the College Kid’s thoughts! They maaaay even attempt to recreate the iconic wardrobe choice from it 😏

Caption this 😂

What’s something you’ve always wanted to ask Rachel? Let her know your questions down in the comments, she’ll be answering a few!

WHAT’S YOUR GO TO CEREAL? When kid reactor Lucas finds his way into our breakfast stash

What’s the puppy thinking? Leave your suggestion down in the comments and we’ll edit in some of our favorites!
Producer Ethan enjoying dogs in the office!

Kissing frogs and cuddling with cockroaches is all pretty standard when it comes to Pokerface. Embrace the weird by clicking the link in our bio to watch a brand new episode of one of REACT’s newest shows!

Wish a very happy birthday to longtime reactor Jaxon down in the comments! He started on Kids React when he was 11 and today he turns 15 🎉

Tag someone that you want to see on an episode of YouTubers React! These are just some of the awesome people we shot with yesterday

Jordan from #teensreact is answering questions down in the comments!

Wish Carlos a happy graduation down in the comments! He started on the show when he was 16 and now he’s moving up to Adults React. You can click the link in our bio to check out his last episode of Teens React #throwbackthursday

TOM AND BRANDON ARE IN THE COMMENTS RIGHT NOW, ASK THEM QUESTIONS! Do you think you could handle THE WORLD’S HOTTEST CHOCOLATE?! That’s what these guys find out in a brand new Challenge Chalice episode (link in bio)

ERIC IS RESPONDING TO COMMENTS RIGHT NOW, COME SAY HI! Major shoutouts to everyone that left suggestions for what we should photoshop into these boxes.
Special props to @mywayofeverything for suggesting DC vs Marvel, @larissa.ewing01 for suggesting Pennywise and Georgie, and @jordan_m_peterson for suggesting Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake. If you want to see the original video that this is from (the what’s in the box challenge) you can click the link in our bio to check it out!

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