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Terron Beckham @ LA  Fitness Gamer 90’s Baby @reebok (Code: Aftermath) @alphaclothing 15 % off @justsaiyangear 10% off @gfuelenergy 10% off All Websites below

3x5 explosive 20lb med ball push ups vertical to horizontal, this was a killer chest finisher for the day. Remember you come to me to be a complete being... don’t forget that I am an athlete above all else.. daily social media makes me fight what I really am and have to humble myself.. daily media pushes me to be something I don’t want to be and I have to keep reminding myself how blessed and great I am... #1 fitness athlete period and you can’t tell me nothing different.
To become the best athlete you possibly can, train like I did for the Nfl with my 12 week and 16 week ultimate athlete program (link in bio)

POWWWWAAA TF UPPPPP ... Ultra ...ALL FOR ONE VS ONE FOR ALL... @larrywheels got to @superleague.live app now to watch LIVE

Gyms need to invest in more lighting like this .. instead of wack bright all around 🙄 anyways Catch y’all at Olympia tomorrow and come through to @cityathleticclub after the expo ... #fit #fitspo #fitexpo #olympia #fitness

When the weekend is almost amoungst us in the month of #september and you know you about to get lit ... TAG A FREIND IF THIS PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE ... #funny #rubyrod #fifthelement #eartwindandfire #happy @christucker (follow for more)

Strong usable abdominal area ... one of the most important parts of being a good athlete is a strong understandable core... realize every movement you do engages the core in some way. Think of the earth, what is it without its core ? What is life without it ? We have to take care of it for it to function properly. As for this movement, training the obliques is crucial as it help us with lateral movements which separates the good athletes from great. Being able to change direction under control is what makes top elite athletes. Try this movement on a cable machine with cable set to Chest level and knee level 4 sets 10 reps. -
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#REMEMBER ... I am still thankful for being able to make it in front of the #Nfl eyes without playing college ball.. sometimes you knock down doors to come to new ones, even though it’s it the past for me now, it showed me what I am capable of doing with hard work. I trained majority of the time on my own with my own programming and my own studies of fitness for years and then @kd_elite_sports topped the icing on the cake to get me even further. If you want to not only be strong and look good, but to be elite all around... start with my ultimate athlete programs .. I use everything I was taught when I was training for the Nfl (link in bio). -
Next time you’re in the gym think to yourself ... am I getting all I can out of myself. Train hard, Train for more than just a look. Train to be a warrior

Who’s ready for Vegas this weekend ??? I got @superleague.live this Sunday competing in the #POWER series .. (download the app link in super leauge page bio) about to lift some massive amounts of weights and have s damn good time. Also catch me walking around at the Olympia expo Saturday. Hope to see slot of you all 🔥🔥

A mood from a song I feel we all as a nation should listen to dearly. “If we listen to each other's heart
We'll find we're never too far apart, and maybe love is the reason why, for the first time ever we’re seeing it #eyetoeye “ Sometimes these kids movies I grew up with really had a blissful solution to life and we can still learn from them .. #powerline to #aftermath shoutout to @msdanifernandez for spiking up the idea, and y’all already know my mans @opizet made it happen this is probably my fav pic of me as a character.. gone be hard to top-
#Disney #agoofymovie #lovelife #love #life #powerlineeyetoeye #powerline

@alphaclothing (Aftermath 15% off) Early morning session, single arm overhead Bulgarian split squats superset with kb swings between switching arms (4x6)working torso and lower body with this functional movement. Unilateral movement is key for performance success -
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New whip who this ... just here stunting for no reason as you should grab a @lordtimepieces .. and also use code “aftermath” because 10% off is dope asfuq .. #lordtimepieces (link in bio) #lifestyle #motorcycle #clean #reebok

(Strong language) @lilpump @kanyewest @worldstar #iloveitchallenge 😂😂😂 bro I’m dead (TAG A FRIEND) #roblox #kanye #lilpump #wshh

When they ask me who faster .. @obj or me 😂😂😂 #negrobeckham (@odellbeckhamsr ) #fastfeet #whofasterchallenge #slavefeet @worldstar

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