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TA LOFA Now to make this post relevant I will say “ ahhh #Samoa was so beautiful ... Take me back” 🤟🏾shoutout to everyone from #samoa who has been showing me love ever since my visit.. it has been a blessing reaching out so far to you all. Hope to come back and breakdance at the club again 😂😂yes I’m that guy #brothers

la/noho area personal training ... -only serious inquiries only and yes this is in person training not online email me at (terron2311@gmail.com)

#athlete sundays 🔥🔥🔥 Let’s see what you got... every Sunday I want to see more plyo workouts, running hills, doing box jumps, sprinting. Something other than lifting weights all the time. For me, Wednesday and Sunday I dedicate myself to mainly sports type training. I don’t want to be that older guy later saying “I lost it” and annoying young kids with words like “back in the day” 😂🤣🤣 ima be dunking in my 60s ... come here young man and get yammed on. #fit #fitness #fitfam
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The things I do for the gram (don’t try kids) 😂😂😂...this is all in the name of fun. -
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Been doing this for years... and to wake up and see 500k has me in awe on the impact I have... This path is not easy but seeing the #’s grow and the messages daily on how much of an impact I truly have, has me in tears right now. The daily struggles the mental pains the physical breakdowns and emotional breakdowns all pay off. I honestly do not know what else I would be doing right now. I went to college for art and then architecture, and then I just went blank and dropped out. The one thing I always had was my love for fitness, gaming, and anime. And by the grace of God I found a way to live my life being in all of those categories. I am thankful to be living in this era. When I stopped worrying about how far behind I am from other influencers the growth came and my stress lowered, as much as I would like to see myself grow faster I know where I will be eventually and more and more as time goes on I just continue to love who I am and what I am. And I say this because I hope all of you do as well. There is a difference between being a true influencer and making an impact for the right reasons than being an influencer with no positive impacts to anyone but themselves. God bless and let us continue to grow. Just a few years ago I was a broke down trainer in New York walking around the city with 5-10 bucks in my account and sometimes negative with a monthly train pass to get to and from home.. O have the times changed. #blessed -
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I don’t usually do this but because there are a lot of people I didn’t pay respects to publicly that I could have but ... #stanlee ....(I’m upset I never got to meet you) as a superhero fan that has based his life off of comics/movies/cartoons and shows always fighting for the best, it made me who I am today. Another one gone but never forgotten.. #marvelking

#allmight here saying let’s United States of smash this day .. I don’t want to hear that ugh it’s Monday B.S. it’s time to change your mindset of thinking for the better. #Merica @funimation @justsaiyangear #heroacademia #allmight #anime #vaderseason3 -
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Shoutout to @elizabethrage @alexdrastal with the wig -
Photo: @kevinkhkim

Although trying to lose 10lbs in 24 hours isn’t healthy, I wanted to do this challenge because we know a lot of competitive athletes do this time and time again to make weight. It was a fun challenge and I was able to go from 234 to 227 in the time limit and thanks to the Form Fit Body Analyzer scale for helping me stay on track of my progress, showing my weight, muscle mass, water weight, fat% and bone mass based off age and height input so there is a lot of numbers to play with. Use code “Terron60” for 60% off (link in bio) http://vitagoods.com/terron60

(Who else Can pull this off) Dunk to 405 for reps (NO WARMUP) this is what years of training all around looks like. I have said time and time again to train like an athlete ... you are only doing yourself a favor to train for strength and performance. A lot of y’all already have strength but don’t know how to use it to your advantage outside of just lifting weights .... lifting just weights is not gonna get you far outside of the gym especially if it’s just a hobby and not your job. I need y’all to really think about that and take your training above and beyond. Not everyone can be dumb strong and that’s a fact, but you can be conditioned and well trained. I want to see y’all do more than weight training at the gym, so more plyometric work and sprints, broad and vertical jumps. Test your skills and loosen up. Tag me in your active posts for a reshape on my stories. Let’s spread the word ... #Aftermathchallenge -
@reallustrate was really running 😂😂😂
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When a football player plays basketball 😂😂😂 (TAG A FRIEND For me to Dunk on) -
Thank you @wish @lakers #lakeshowwish
#hops #jumps #bunnies #dunk #beast #strong #crazy #fbaftermath #beckham
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Don’t let people take away what you’ve worked so hard to accomplish. Even if it didn’t all workout in the end. -
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#football #athlete #trainhard

Tag a friend who clowns around to much and gets caught by the storm #fortnite 😂😂😂 @anni_kaay -
#gaming #funny #fortnite #gamer #twitch -
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