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A∈ @aesilia  ⬇Your Hands Only I Wish To Hold Them Till The End


🌹 @faz3
" We sent the thunder for hope and fear " by ©HolyKoran

🌧 @faz3 👀
What I wish today from Allah for me,
To look into your eyes to see raindrops in them, not teardrops

🌧⛈ @faz3 🌂
Rain gives more sense when you get wet with your beloved one under the same cloud without umbrella ✒️A∈©️fazzaofficial

❤ 👯👼🍭🍬🍼 @faz3
I love the way you love babies 😘

Sea and our dance under the Moonlight
🎹 Giovanni Marradi - Only You 🎵

Happy Birthday Little Rashid. May Allah bless little cute smurf 🍭👼Ameen @faz3 @latifa.mrm

Whether it reached or not!?

A love is a strong gun can melt any stone heart
My love sending impulse from my heart to his heart
Silent feelings with longing passion behind it
My love wonders whether it reached to his house
Or not !?
A kiss is an alive flame can melt any frozen lips
My lips sending a warm kiss from here to there
A hopeful kiss from a distant heart for a lovely half
My kiss wonders whether it reached to his soul
Or not!?
A dream is a next key for reality by a ghost girl
And my dream sending us above the white clouds
Dreamy moments for us , my love , what I wish
My dream wonders whether it reaches to her Real
Or not!?
A word can line many words in the verses of the poem
My words sending " I love you" to his side with no tired
While my words talkative with him on my mind
My word wonders whether it reached to his inbox
Or not!?
Salam is a sharp sword can halt any bad intention
My heart sending my Salam from here to Dubai
And Salam is the best name of merciful Allah
My Salam wonders whether it reached to his address
Or not !?

@faz3 My Lovely Pilot 🚁 #skytravel


😚 @faz3
😁 I am melting while seeing your manners and smile.
Wallah 💋💋💋

🌹 @faz3 😙
Your smile is enough to change the world of mine
My smile sending million kisses to your face 💋 ✒️A∈©️fazzaofficial

@faz3 Behind every cloud there is happiness like rain 🌧 ✒️A∈©️fazzaofficial

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