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Fazza  Every picture has a story and every story has a moment that I'd love to share with you Thanks and enjoy 😉

I miss you ❤️ Sheema #niece

لا تبحث عن البراءة كثيرا .. إنهم العنوان 👆 ❤️

Why hello there #mydubai 👃🏼 سلم عليهم

They say double trouble.. I say double ❤

A day in #Torquay

Endless natural beauty 🌍 #Canon5DSR #nature 7.5.2017

A different perspective through my friend's 👓 #goodmorning

☝🏼 breath... better make it count! #diving #spearfishing 4.5.2017

Rahaal 2.5.2017 رحّال

ـ ـ
بين البحر والقـمّــه الـنـورس يطـيـر
يـصـارع الأيـّـــام فـي بَــرد وْ دفــا
ـ ـ
وابـن آدم اللي فالفـضا ماله نظـير
يُحبـط من اوّل جرح يشعر به.. أفا
ـ ـ
Think outside the past.

Let's start a #happy day. #canon1dx

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