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The postman (or lady) was good to me today! This is @lottieknits hand-dyed Aglow Singles in Spun Gold, and it's even lovelier in real life 😍 The yarn is a blend of 65% merino, 20% silk and 15% yak - and it's so soft! We are all a little smitten in the office! πŸ’›

I've missed the last two days of #yarnlovechallenge but I had to post a pic of my wedding dress today for 'Favourite thing you've made.' (Ok I realise it's not yarn related but that one is to come in a few weeks πŸ˜‰) I decided I needed to make my own dress as I couldn't get my head around spending so much money on a dress for one day and knew I'd be letting myself down if I didn't at least give it a go. I knew the style I wanted and had made similar things before, so I figured it was possible!

I drafted the pattern and made this in secret in the 10 weeks Chris was away touring with Paper Cinema, turning the kitchen into a sewing room when we went away and then hiding the evidence every time he came back. I chose quilting cotton, as it's the fabric I'm most confident with and there was a Paisley pattern on it, which doesn't really show up here but I know it's there! I learned so many dress making techniques on this project, including a boned corset, rouleau loops down the back and a petticoat featuring 125 metres of netting. The dress was made 3 times before I was happy with the result. For anyone interested there are blog posts on my website with more pics and links to all the tutorials I followed.
It's hard to believe this was nearly 2 years ago now! 😍

Photo by @wildjesse - wildwedding.photos


24 & 25: Routine & Favourite tip
Merging posts here πŸ˜‰ My usual Saturday routine is to spend some time catching up on box sets and getting some knitting done! It feels indulgent yet productive at the same time. Top tip? I work a right leaning increase as follows: K to where you want to inc, knit into stitch below next st, knit next st. Then a left leaning increase: K to where you want to inc, knit into stitch below last stitch knitted (so two rows below the stitch on the needle), knit to end.
I ended up doing this after doing something similar in a Brooklyn Tweed pattern, but coming back to it months later before realising I'd remembered it wrong. I liked the effect though so I stuck with it!

23: Throwback

This is probably one of the most cabled garments I've made over the years, back in 2011 when knitting was merely an obsessive hobby (and I was a blondie)! It was a 5 hour train journey from Brighton to Exeter to visit my husband-to-be, so there was a lot of knit time and I remember getting really stuck into this one. This is Lisa Richardson's Lichen from Rowan 40, knitted in an unknown wool/acrylic blend gifted to me by my mum. I don't have so many of my earlier projects anymore but I'm actually wearing this one today, it's super warm in a cold house! I adapted the pattern from drop sleeve to set in sleeve for a more fitted look.

22: Currently wearing.

Today's #yarnlovechallenge has been fun to look through! Today I'm wearing my Opal Hundertwasser socks with Dr. Marten boots πŸ€“

21: Library

Just a snap of a section of my craft room, most of my reference books are at work. πŸ€“ πŸ“š The yarns are both Blacker Tamar (I'm still figuring out what to make with them) and the pot was a wedding gift handmade by the lovely @kirstie.mcleod πŸ€—πŸ

20: Handmade home.

We like blankets in our house. I crocheted this one from yarn I bought in Poland, from a lady with a street stall in the mountains πŸ”. I bought a kilo for about Β£18 - I'm not sure my travel buddy was best pleased as he ended up with half of it in his luggage! 🐏

The yarn was too scratchy for any sort of wearable item but was perfect for this simple ripple stitch blanket, which has a wonderful drape and will hopefully keep us cosy for years to come πŸ€—

19: On the go 🐒

I'd say I've been 'on the go' a little too much recently so I'm learning to unwind. This week that means a few days off for myself, to work on a sock design, knit some of my jumper and to keep practicing the knitting machine.
It's easy for me as a creative person to get stuck into something and not bring my head up for air until hours have passed, so I'm teaching myself to stop, take a break and switch tasks after a while, taking time to breathe in between.
After years of hand knitting and being able to do it on autopilot, I'm enjoying learning a new thing and the challenges it presents. This is the front of my first ever knitting machine sweater, which I cast off this morning ☺️

18: Gratitude(s)
Today's #yarnlovechallenge is a bit less yarny πŸ™ƒ

A lazy long weekend... a walk around the park... Spring beginning to show.... 🌿 Longer evenings... tea... time to reflect..... mindful knitting... a roof above my head.... having amazing supportive family, friends and colleagues who I appreciate and probably take a little for granted sometimes, you all know who you are xxx

17: Fiber Friends.. I am shamelessly stealing @roseewoodland 's idea for today's topic to spread the love to some of the amazing yarny folk I have met in and out of work, on and offline over the years. Thank you all for being an inspiration! Tap for tags πŸ€—

16: Happy Colour(s!)
Blue and yellow make me happy 😊 The blue hat is my Nordic Lace Hat in @manosyarns Silk Blend, and the yellow hat is Gwithian designed for The Knitter, in @fyberspates Vivacious DK. Both available on Ravelry πŸ’™πŸ’›

13 & 15: I'm not one for selfies on this account, so I'm merging #yarnlovechallenge days 13 and 15, 'selfie' and 'family' πŸ˜‰ I just couldn't resist this pic of me and my mum about to set off for Wonderwool last year. It was mum's first knitting show and a much looked forward to weekend away for the two of us, and it was lovely!