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Faye Miah  πŸ•Š LA / OC jetset on weekends - astrological soul supe fayemiah


Happy belated #EarthDay - Global warming is real. Always protect yourself first: Don't forget to lather sunblock; and please recycle/choose environmentally friendly brands when you can. I always refer to EWG.org to check the ingredients on product labels prior to purchasing and using. - featuring this form fitting one piece swimsuit from @sonoire #sonoire. Use my code "#fayemiah" for 10% off loves 🌸.

Tu me manques, beaucoup de bisous mon bebe. - Who are you missing and would love to spend this weekend with?

I'm ESTP-T: the entrepreneur-dynamo/thrill seekers. Made up of 4% of our population, 6% of men and 3% of women. Pretty rare I'd say πŸ€“. What are your MBTI personalities and your thoughts on it?

I didn't know this beautiful one piece swimsuit from @sonoire can so easily turn into a brunch-appropriate outfit until my inner fat kid screams for brunch after a long frolicking session at the beach. πŸ˜‚. Use my code "fayemiah" for 10% off from their website πŸ‘. - Much thanks to my flexible friend for coming out on such short notice <@eighty.first>

Spring has sprung in welcoming Taurus season. Birthday is coming up next month ♉️. P/S: Feel free to pick my brain on your zodiac related or Taurus specific questions/comments. Picture by my friend <@khai.me.a.river>

Here's a Coachella inspired post since I was almost feeling "FOMO" over this weekend watching everyone having fun at the desert 🌡 . But I really wouldn't trade this weekend for anything; got to catch up and make new memories with old friends and family up north. And while I don't plan to move back anytime soon (if ever), PNW and my folks please know you always have a special place in my heart ❀️. Skirt from @nastygal #nastygalsdoitbetter. - Picture <@thephotographer>

See ya later SoCal. Got a plane to catch πŸ›« - What are your plans this weekend my #FayeBirds? πŸ•Š

And while everyone is soaking up California sunshine this weekend at Coachella, I'm heading to the PNW to soak up rain and trees 🌲 πŸ˜‚. P/S: I am utterly aware I've been posting and removing pics on steroid today

This post/delete game is sort of fun. Happy hump day (again) πŸ˜‰. I'll be in #Seattle this weekend and will be hoping for no rain or chills. Because despite its reputation for grunge and gloom, the Pacific North West has its beautiful offerings you'll be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Even if it means one can only see those offerings a few weeks of the year. I remember though, this one year the last snow fall occurred mid April πŸ˜‚ - global warming has no apparent effect on #PNW and its consistent grey exterior. - Featuring this flowy coverup dress @asos #asseenonme. And, ummm will you accept this #rose? 🌹

@caroline_cayetano was kind of going for the #Medusa hair type of look for the night. Stare at your own risk, you might turn into stone. - Featuring this beautiful crop top from @saboskirt #saboskirt

My amateur photography skills and this beautiful #sunset wish you all a wonderful Monday. And case in point, don't chase dreams, chase reality. Maybe one day you'll realize day dreaming is no longer an irrevocable condition. - #BayBridge #SF

Mango #mimosa anyone, everyone? 🍸

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