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fawn&forest • summer quin  a shop reflecting our love for living simply with children 🌿 shopkeeper, wife, homeschooler & mama of 4 🌿 living countryside in a tiny 🏡 — yamhill or


Enjoying. A morning walk in the tall grass on our hill. It's so quiet until you realize the birds are singing so pleasantly to you. And with the wildflowers and cool morning air ... ✨

We have all been pretty excited — ducklings! Last autumn we had our first broody hen & hatched chicks but the anticipation of ducklings has been a extra special. One of our Swedish Blue mamas went broody a number of weeks ago and just this morning our first duckling hatched — meet bonny! Three more pipped their way out of their shells throughout the day — butter, maple & honey. There are a few more eggs tucked under mama duck, so I imagine Father's Day will be filled with even more excitement. It's such a simple thing really but having my children experience animals being born, even just a ducking, makes me so glad — the children are so calm & nurturing and the ducklings, goodness! As fuzzy and soft as can be — more in my stories! #eliotsanimals

Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. — Luke 12:27 🌿 ... consider. such a simple leading, nudge, pace. something the Lord has given me to experience this past year in our little quiet spot in the countryside.

my son and I picked a big patch of chamomile during the last moments of light last night in a spot that we had planted chamomile the previous year. it sadly withered within a moment and we had forgotten about until we saw it popping up a few weeks ago. sure enough it's come back and has spread all around with such gusto — such a pleasant surprise! "let's make tea, mama.." 🌿

I love hearing the words "oh! look mom, I found ......" — a giant bird feather. a snake's shedded skin, tiny wild roses that smells so good or wild onions — currently. he was so glad to find this giant feather on the side of the road during our walk. Such treasures.

The animal hospital is now open for the season! Last year the kids helped quite a few animals — a baby squirrel, lizards, birds after run in with the cats, the tractor or being otherwise abandoned. The boys rescued a bird this morning from the cat's mouth. We're still not quite sure what type of birdie he is (our project for the day ..) but looks like our new little friend will be on the mend soon. #wildandfreechildren #tenderhearts

This & them & summertime — The quiet time reading together just levels everything out, a bit of balm for any frazzled little souls — an anchor to our day, a natural reset button. 🐓 We gathered in the chicken yard before lunch, it was warm and breezy and just perfect. I always think children listen better when they can do something with their hands — cuddling chickens and such.

"I believe in you." Words that water flowers — M.F. 🌿 I turned 37 over the weekend, it was wonderful & beautiful and I am so deeply loved [more on stories!] — I read the quote above recently and it spoke to that tender spot we all have, I think. The part that feels insecure & not quite sure but has such hope. This last year has been a year of sorting and sifting for me and I'm thankful for the grit I've gone through to believe in the vision we've had for our family — it hasn't just been about the 20 acres in the country, the tiny house or the building of the forever home, all those can be bought. It's about our deep bond as a family, the learning, the planting, seeing the beauty in the details — milking the cow, planting the vineyard, catching butterflies and letting the grass tickle your legs. All the hard work and learning and experiencing things that are not easy but worth it, that takes a family vision. I'm reminded.. I believe in you, words that water flowers ...

My husband and his side of the family are amazzzzzzing family story re-tellers — his childhood memories are vivid and elaborate, we all laugh until we cry. We're carrying on the same tradition as we sit with our kids on the swings under the oaks or around the campfire, retelling stories of eachother from a few months ago or from "when they were younger" and there is such deep joy in this — retelling the same ones over & over, adding new stories as life does its thing. These stories are such a treasure. Funny how all the millions of photos I take just can't quite capture the way a memory is kept & retold — such a beautiful weekend it has been ... ✨

This window is in our 'bed'room aclove in the #tinyhouse. Lucy sleeps with us & she'll spend the quiet moments of the morning playing on the corner of the bed, this windowsill her play shelf where she stacks her tea set and whatever else of the morning. The lack of space would be painful if I didn't truly enjoy what we have, including what we buy for our children. I purposefully bought Lucy a vintage white ironstone tea set for her birthday because (I love ironstone!) and I knew that I would have to look at it haphazardly stacked every morning. We've had enough clutter and ugly toys over the years that I've realized what's the point? Enjoying what you have and sharing this stewardship with your children is much more valuable. #fewerbetterthings

Funny how much our bodies just crave these longer, light filled days. We've been going to bed a bit later than usual, spending the evening sitting out with a glass of wine as the kids run about in the field, picking flowers and chasing the cats as we wind down the day.

A couple months ago my husband and I started doing something that's been a total gamechanger — mid-morning walks. It started out as "let's start going for a run!" to burn off some of the winter fluff but we quickly realized that running and talking doesn't quite work & we'd much rather talk for longer ... so we walk. I anticipated the health benefits but wasn't quite expecting how much we needed the quiet time to just talk & hash out our days together. We're business partners and entrepreneurs and feed off each others creativity and sometimes the care of the day takes over, you know? So much value in connecting. So we talk & pray and let out all the idle thoughts & fears that prevent us from being creative and fervent in what we do. We brainstorm and have our business meetings on the road. It's been so good. Maybe it's also the fresh air and all the beautiful bird songs and the wildflower that I pick for Lucy but whatever it is, there's often small intentional tweaks, no matter what it is, to the day like this that can make alllllllll the difference.

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