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fawn&forest • summer quin  a shop reflecting our love for living simply with children 🌿 shopkeeper, wife & mother of 4 🌿 living countryside in a tiny house, yamhill oregon


#makealistmonday — maybe it's similar for many entrepreneurial moms .. but my days are a multi-layer of children & homeschool & home-keeping/steading & work & creativity that I'm often not sure where one stops and another starts? I've been feeling the urge to share more about our day to day .. of myself & life on our hill and what the heck we're doing on 20 acres in the country. So much I have not shared about our new shop in Yamhill that we are gathering and planning for the opening, our animals & farm-y-ness and homesteading steps. Sometimes I forget what an adventure we are on ! — so, a few things on my list for this week .. 1. finish painting the front deck & stairs on the #tinyhouse 2. dig up some of the wild lemon balm and replant around the chicken paddocks 3. go through all of the children's summer clothes from last year and make a list of what I need to buy for this season #capsulewardrobe — 🌿 isac & lucy from last weekend at the iris garden. my youngest two, oh goodness me oh mine.

Shortly after we moved into the tiny house I painted evvvvverything white and we installed peg rails around most of the interior walls. I don't think we could live in such a tiny house without them. This little snap is to the left of the door, above the dining table where I keep my essentials ready to go (bag, sling etc.) as well as odd items (heavy cutting board!) and of course coats and such are over to the left. 🌿 also, the @lovesakurabloom linen sling in farrow is just 👌🏼 / available in the shop, link in profile #fawnandforest

What did my son make with the foraged fir tips from a few posts back? — ICE CREAM! 🌲🍦👌🏼— so simple & tasty and the kids made it themselves. This is our go-to ice cream recipe.. .

3 cups MILK — heavy cream, canned coconut milk, whole milk, whatever. the higher the fat content, the creamier / less icy it will be .. we use 2 cups organic heavy cream & 1 cup whole milk. .

2 farm fresh EGG YOLKS, beaten. make sure they are fresh as this recipe does not get cooked. I have no problems eating raw egg yolk but in case you do, you can heat up the whole mixture & then let cool.

1/2 cup of raw HONEY with a tiny bit of water mixed in so it's liquidy. I don't like to heat the raw honey and kill the goodness of it & found a bit of water is all it takes to easily mix with the milk. Regular sugar? I don't touch the stuff. Proceed at your own risk 😂.

TASTY FLAVORS .. we infused our ice cream with 1/2 cup chopped spring fir tips .. infusing for 1 day in the milk, just let it mingle in the fridge .. but really, what sounds good? Go for it. Infused (mint, lavender, honeysuckle?) or add purées or berries or chunks of chocolate, cacao or anything else in season. Give it a taste and add more honey if needed ... .

Add all the ingredients together and give a good mix. We use a glass milk bottle, which makes it easy. Pour into a (cuisinart) ice cream maker and let it run for 40 minutes. So gooooood! The fir tips were a tad citrus-y, a bit resin-y and even slightly nutty. Next the kids want to infuse with lilacs .. 🌿

enjoying the little things is right because most days are exclusively made up of .. little things 🌿my little things list — the way this little girl poses for the camera now, truffle fries & Pinot with my family and gravel countryside roads and fancy restaurants in the middle of it all because it's wine country and sorta fancy like that. late spring when everything is in bloom and still green and not too hot and the way my oldest son comes to me and says "hug?!" with open arms #gratefulheart

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,
One clover, and a bee.
And revery.
The revery alone will do,
If bees are few. 🌿 — Emily Dickinson #undertheoaks

My youngest son set out the other morning and picked a jar full of fir tips. He & his brothers had a conversation about fir tips one way or the other and he was excited to make something out of them. What? It didn't matter much — He decided on 🌲 tip infused ice cream (recipe to follow!) but what I just love is his lack of inhibitions. He just went for it as children do, I'm always inspired by that. Foraging for fir tips has been on my "wouldn't that be fun?" list but like, children don't have such crazy notions, they just go for it 🌿 #lifelessons

Our Nature Collection Tray of field flowers! 🌿 flowers are popping up everywhere in the field at the top of our hill — wild irises and bluebells and lilacs bushes that seem to have been there forever. and all the weed-y wildflowers that only children seem to notice, mini sweet pea looking ones and buttercups and maybe the start of the Queen Anne's lace. 🌿 some flowers go in the vase and others flowers are smushed in a little girl's hand before there is even a chance. Some wilt and dry but still smell amazing (lilacs!) — we've been putting our nature collection tray to fine use .. for drawing and smelling and sorting but also for collecting purples and yellows to use for natural dye, because who knows? — it's been fun to use the nature collection tray (available in the shop) for themes such as this, flowers. It's pretty to look at & also so interesting how a field of flowers comes together into a lovely collection 🌿 nature has a pretty amazing color palette ! #fawnandforest / shop link in profile

If you're having one of those days where all of babe's naps are just not happening and you're left really frustrated — and if you had one of those nights that made the record books the worst one yet — you're not alone. Even with 11 years under my belt I still have these sorts of days & nights. last night & today have been a disaster between my various children and yet that still calm voice reminds me yet again about perspective — these naps or string of naps & nights are but a short moment in time. all children eventually sleep and life carries on quite beautifully — coming from the mom whose firstborn never slept! 👋🏼 so, shake it off, let it go. take babe out for a walk, a coffee, a bouquet of flowers. Be refreshed, you deserve it! You're doing a really great job, Mama.

I've learned over the years to be sensitive to the ebbs & flows of life. Not to stress when things seem to be crashing together and to really enjoy all the rest. You know how it goes — the whole family gets sick (all better now, thx for your kindness & prayers!) and the laundry piles up, the emails, the dishes, the emotions. I've been unexpectedly away from Instagram, but a break in rhythm is always refreshing and the heart grows fonder. 🌿 the weather is warming in the Willamette Valley and everything is so green & beautiful and we're starting to see honey bees 🐝 and hear the sweet bird songs and all is well.

it's been one of those really trying weeks. one child had the stomach bug and within 24 hours we all dropped like flies. truly, if mama goes down the whole lot of it falls apart, no? and? 6 people puking in a tiny house is just terrible. to top it off, i puked so hard I hurt my neck #prayforme 🌿 but! this morning my youngest son was out on the edge of the forest picking flowers and came in a while later with this bouquet (with a <3 MOM written on it..!) .. and really, I have absolutely nothing in the world to complain about. #perspective ... happy friday! xoxo 🌿 if you're waiting for an order or email or anything otherwise, hold tight, it's coming.

where there are no oxen, the stable is clean, but from the strength of an ox come abundant harvests. — proverbs 14:4 🌿 laughing at how much my perspective has changed over the years. i still deeply enjoy my role in the keeping of our home but these days I'm thankful for all the mud I have to wipe off the door and walls, off faces and fingers and the stable is never really clean. Life on the hill with our 4 oxen! Such wonderful memories we are making, in the mud & rain and in all those little parts in the forest, with the animals and on this land as we build our family homestead.

Good Friday. The best Friday! I'm forever thankful. Thankful for this redeemed life, this amazing family & unrelenting love He has given me. Overflowing! 🌿 & this girl. Under her Carhartt she is wearing a dress and it's such an accurate capture of her countenance.

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