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fawn&forest β€’ summer quin  a shop reflecting our love for living simply with children 🌿 shopkeeper, wife, homeschooler & mama of 4 🌿 living countryside in a tiny 🏑 β€” yamhill or


'Why did you do all this for me?' he asked. 'I don't deserve it. I've never done anything for you.' 'You have been my friend,' replied Charlotte. 'That in itself is a tremendous thing.' β€” E.B. White, Charlotte's Web πŸ“ eliot's feathered fluffy friend died in a heroic act of chicken bravery β€”Mushy was a grouchy granny to most everyone except for Eliot, she would sit on his lap and listen. It's humbling to see the love and connection between my son & his animals. I'm so thankful to have snapped this special photo a couple weeks ago ❀️️ .. #slowfriendship #eliotsanimals

Most of my photos this summer look like this β€” Following my children off & running somewhere through a field or a forest β€” this time we were in search of wild cherries low enough to pick πŸ’ β€” happy Friday! #mycountrysidetonic

I potter around quite a bit. Lilacs from the spring steeping in oil, dried rose petals from our gatherings during our morning walks, mint for ice cream, later. This & thats, in the middle of several projects & books at once. β€” Its been the secret sauce of my motherhood, always to be doing a little something throughout my day that interests me. This is not separate from my children, they seem to potter and be interested right along with me, children are good at it. It can be all dishes/ laundry/ diapers/ nap time struggles, trying to entertain our children and you know, trying to just make it until bedtime. β€” But pottering (or putzing as my grandmother would have it) is soul satisfying and so fulfilling for me, a huge gift to my children in so many ways. β€” and! inspiration is abundant. 🌿 i connected with Nikita @min.erbs a bit ago, one of those mamas I immediately identified with. She so thoughtfully has created a beautiful collection of nourishing skincare for the family. It has changed the way I see my own potterings (oh! rose petals for a refreshing mist, I can do that) but also, her collection adds that little something to the day, the way something special makes you feel. I'm excited to be partnering with her & stocking minerbs in the shop! 🌿

there is always something to pick, to smell, the watch grow. to plant and gather and enjoy. last year we were deep in getting settled on the hill that many things went unnoticed β€” but this year, all around us has come alive ✨

fawn&forest shop β€” it's happening! we've been in our brick & mortar shop a few months now but have not yet opened the store front. I've honestly had to sit on it for awhile for my vision to emerge for this space β€” I just could not bring myself to do a.. baby store, so to speak. We're in a unique area of the country, Oregon's wine country (Pinot! 🍷) and in a one Yamhill's original brick buildings from the 1800's. Yamhill was the town Beverly Cleary grew up in & this area has so much amazing pioneer history. I want fawn&forest to evoke that feeling of a mercantile from yesteryear that speaks more about quality & essentials of family life than flashy brand names β€”filled with curiosity and the simplicity of country life. The storefront is currently empty except for this small stack. So much to be done & purchased yet I am enjoying the process, slow and thoughtful #fawnandforest

Out of the good night
I was born into your arms
Like you're my country
Like you're the hills where I belong β€”J M McMillan, love at the end 🎢 β€” these warm summer evenings on this very hill were made for us ...

I have gathered a few new favorite swaddles that remind me of the slow days of summertime β€” gentle prints and lightweight cotton, muslin swaddles are such a summertime essential β˜€οΈin the shop, link in profile.

the slowness of summer and yet slower still. sometimes I like to hide out and be quiet and recalibrate, enjoying much and sipping on the afternoon, you know? freedom rings! β­οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Enjoying. A morning walk in the tall grass on our hill. It's so quiet until you realize the birds are singing so pleasantly to you. And with the wildflowers and cool morning air ... ✨

We have all been pretty excited β€” ducklings! Last autumn we had our first broody hen & hatched chicks but the anticipation of ducklings has been a extra special. One of our Swedish Blue mamas went broody a number of weeks ago and just this morning our first duckling hatched β€” meet bonny! Three more pipped their way out of their shells throughout the day β€” butter, maple & honey. There are a few more eggs tucked under mama duck, so I imagine Father's Day will be filled with even more excitement. It's such a simple thing really but having my children experience animals being born, even just a ducking, makes me so glad β€” the children are so calm & nurturing and the ducklings, goodness! As fuzzy and soft as can be β€” more in my stories! #eliotsanimals

Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. β€” Luke 12:27 🌿 ... consider. such a simple leading, nudge, pace. something the Lord has given me to experience this past year in our little quiet spot in the countryside.

my son and I picked a big patch of chamomile during the last moments of light last night in a spot that we had planted chamomile the previous year. it sadly withered within a moment and we had forgotten about until we saw it popping up a few weeks ago. sure enough it's come back and has spread all around with such gusto β€” such a pleasant surprise! "let's make tea, mama.." 🌿

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