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fawn&forest β€’ summer quin  a shop reflecting our love for living simply with children 🌿 shopkeeper, wife & mother of 4 🌿 living countryside in a tiny house, yamhill oregon


it's been one of those really trying weeks. one child had the stomach bug and within 24 hours we all dropped like flies. truly, if mama goes down the whole lot of it falls apart, no? and? 6 people puking in a tiny house is just terrible. to top it off, i puked so hard I hurt my neck #prayforme 🌿 but! this morning my youngest son was out on the edge of the forest picking flowers and came in a while later with this bouquet (with a <3 MOM written on it..!) .. and really, I have absolutely nothing in the world to complain about. #perspective ... happy friday! xoxo 🌿 if you're waiting for an order or email or anything otherwise, hold tight, it's coming.

where there are no oxen, the stable is clean, but from the strength of an ox come abundant harvests. β€” proverbs 14:4 🌿 laughing at how much my perspective has changed over the years. i still deeply enjoy my role in the keeping of our home but these days I'm thankful for all the mud I have to wipe off the door and walls, off faces and fingers and the stable is never really clean. Life on the hill with our 4 oxen! Such wonderful memories we are making, in the mud & rain and in all those little parts in the forest, with the animals and on this land as we build our family homestead.

Good Friday. The best Friday! I'm forever thankful. Thankful for this redeemed life, this amazing family & unrelenting love He has given me. Overflowing! 🌿 & this girl. Under her Carhartt she is wearing a dress and it's such an accurate capture of her countenance.

reading out loud to my children is one of my very favorite things. β€” even if I'm feeling frustrated or having a ...day, the rhythmic tone of reading out loud seems to change everything β€” the children calm down, I gather myself β€” a peaceful reset button. Even if you have toddlers or don't homeschool, I've found having a book you're reading through with your children is such a wonderful way to connect and truly an essential part of the day 🌿 some of the books in our stack right now. we usually are making our way through at least 1 book in all the major categories but have been really enjoying the Burgess Bird Book & Dog Stories by James Herriot β€” would love to hear what books you're reading aloud right now !

I probably should be trying to sell you on that cute briar bonnet or wayda scarf or whatever .. but most days I would just rather share my heart. fawn&forest is so genuine to my perspective, I suppose it's not much different, but still. 🌿 my daughter endlessly gathering the lush, spring grass & weeds to feed fo her Swedish Blue ducks, "gucks". That simple! And this, this has been the last year in a nutshell πŸ‘‰πŸΌ GET OUT FROM YOUR HOUSE, FROM YOUR CAVE, FROM YOUR CAR. FROM THE PLACE YOU FEEL SAFE, FROM THE PLACE THAT YOU ARE. GET OUT AND GO RUNNING, GO FUNNING, GO WILD. GET OUT FROM YOUR HEAD AND GET GROWING, DEAR CHILD. - dalles clayton. ❀️

my oldest son has been foraging for dandelions β€” i saw him out on our hill yesterday morning with a shovel, a basket and clippers (for good measure)β€” for the roots he says, to dry and make coffee out of. he proudly reported that he read that you can eat the leaves too, they might be a bit bitter but probably would be good 'boiled with butter'. and with the flowers, mom β€” he said.. let's make wine! 🌿 we homeschool & I don't run my children through lessons, preset projects, tests or comprehension. I just buy a lot of books. I read to them endlessly, for hours & hours. An idea or topic comes up and I buy books. Some i read out loud and others I stock the bookshelf with. They find & read & always dig in. This turns into their own projects or poems, illustrations, stories, bird feeders, dandelion coffee. Layers upon layers of their developing interest and experience. I am more of a mentor than a teacher β€” following their lead, supporting their interest and efforts. Endlessly listening and encouraging them in ways to level-up β€” this method works for toddlers and eleven year olds alike! β€” 🌿 & the dandelion coffee was really quite delicious! [more in stories] #selfledlearning

thank you all so much for such thoughtful comments on my last post β€” it has started such a wonderful conversation that I hope to continue (& respond to the comments next time babe naps!) β€” in the meantime frog catching season is in full force 🌿 I think one of the best "outside toys" I have ever purchased is a small aquarium. We keep it outside on the mostly shady side of the deck and the boys have used it to temporarily home their captured creatures .. frogs, snakes, lizards ... crickets. for fun or for animal rehab. so tender hearted and fearless children are!

Over the years I've realized it's best not to have an impoverishment mentality about my day. I don't seek to re-charge when i'm away from my children -- the me time, the self care gestures. I've found the gracious pace I carry about my day is the ultimate self care because it doesn't leave me exhausted and ragged. It's the gentle rhythm physically and mentally I choose to have. There is certainly wonderful merit in spending time alone with my husband (wine dates!) and treating myself special (a spring set of @rmsbeauty is on it's way...) but the way I govern my day has such a greater impact than those solitary me-time moments. 🌿 the whole nap when the baby naps is really wise advise ... I paint when the children paint (or I paint first and my ducklings follow) i read with the children and we wander and collect and work on projects side by side. We do chores together and eat chocolate and write down all of our ideas. I don't fuss over them much, children are such great imitators and are extraordinarily productive given the chance. Some days are admittedly wildly exhausting but most days i go to bed refreshed by our time, our rhythm and I have such satisfaction in this.

the springy-est of all spring days! β˜€οΈ out picking dandelions and daisies by the handful with this bunny this afternoon. next! pinot & truffle fries and chocolate treats. 🍷🍟🍫 Friday, Friday friends! πŸ‘‰πŸΌ bunny bonnet (@tortoiseandthehareclothing) & knit dress (@bluealmaknits) are in the shop, link in profile.

And though I connected with Robin @twentyventi some months ago to do this Room Story for our shop journal I love the fact that it is a loving documentation β€” of a very special age & stage that might have been otherwise forgotten. Ramona now has moved on to a big girl bed and Robin I'm sure has set out new things on Ramona's bookshelf, but it's a wonderful little peek in time -- what Ramona was learning about, playing with and reading. Along with documenting your child's growth, snap a few special shots of their room & special spaces over the months. All those ordinary details with be very dear to you and perhaps forgotten if not photographed. 🌿 Ramona's room is so thoughtful & peaceful, please take a peek! (& thank you Robin!) #fawnandforest_roomstories πŸ‘‰πŸΌ #linkinprofile

An armful of freshly picked daffodils for a happy Friday! little miss calls them 'dafdo-dills' and will pluck every single one she sees. 🌼 these beauties are waiting for a vase (mason jar) in our tiny kitchen with all the usual suspects strewn around (half dirty cups & half eaten fruit?) β€” i hesitate to post because to me it looks messy but I remind myself β€” have fewer, finer things ... because even if you have a mess you will say to yourself that at least you have a pretty mess & it truly cleans in a jiffy 🌿 also, that small white dish on the windowsill? That is our official tiny house junk drawer !!

she won't go out of the house without her bonny (bonnet) .. "more bonny mama!!" but so far she will only wear a bow if her baby doll wears one too ... & ... if she can put it on herself, of course πŸ‘§πŸ»πŸŽ€ we have a lovely collection of @wildcloverbabychild schoolgirl bows in the shop, I love this spring liberty floral. #linkinprofile #fawnandforest

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