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fawn&forest β€’ summer quin  a shop reflecting our love for living simply with children 🌿 shopkeeper, wife, homeschooler & mama of 4 🌿 living countryside in a tiny 🏑 β€” yamhill or


Oh, Autumn πŸ‚ Over the years I've realized that we just don't do well with the traditional school schedule β€” embarking on an autumn start, or a new school year. Our home learning rhythm has come into tune with each of my children, the season, life as it unfolds. It was a struggle otherwise. At one point I felt bad about it β€” my children do not really know what grade they're in (does it matter?) or the difference between school & break. I've really embraced it though, you know? A strength! Together we decide on when we need a break or a fresh start β€” refreshment or a new point of view, a new book or interest, the building, the brainstorming. The seasons naturally lends so much to this β€” and I'm thankful for this autumn, after a long hot summer it's exactly what we all need β€” we're good at being us πŸ‚ & if you need a bit of motherly homeschool inspiration, Lessons at Blackberry Inn by Karen Andreola is lovely, her compassionate days inspire me.

I think one of the most challenging aspects of having a thoughtfully simple (limited) wardrobe for our family is caring for stains β€” right? After investing into (or making) such essentials the most dreadful thing to happen is a messy stain to ruin it all. After much failure, I've landed on a homemade solution that has worked well for us β€” hydrogen peroxide mixed with a big squeeze of natural dish soap stored in a amber bottle (as hydrogen peroxide loses its properties when exposed.) A quick spray on any stains & muck marks right as it goes into the laundry basket quickly addresses any issues while still being gentle enough on fabric such as merino wool. I am still stumped by set in banana stains and chocolate on wool but this simple, inexpensive solution has worked well to keep most every other stain from setting in. It's sort of old fashion putting value in taking care of my family's wardrobe, but it's a skill I have enjoyed learning. #fewerbetterthings

Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work. β€” C.S. Lewis 🌳 I love CS Lewis for these words. And as the seasons change and our rhythm as a family sets it's pace I've been looking at my work as a Mother. The areas my children seem particularly needy or parched, old worn out patterns that need to be rewired and loved through. Experiences my children have not yet had, food yet tasted, quiet moments and daring too. β€” In the day's tough hours I'm reminded I'm made for this, compassionately with grace. Motherhood, such a powerful God given identity.

switchel is fun to say & fun to drink β€” it has been one of our unexpected hits this summer. It's an old-timey drink to stay hydrated in the summer heat that's super nourishing too β€” 2 c. water / 2 tlbs. organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar / 1 tlbs. raw honey / heaping 1/4 tps. cinnamon β€” shake together and let sit for a bit to dissolve the honey (I don't heat the honey as it would kill the wondrous ways of raw honey) β€” its best ice cold but my children love it room temp as well. β€” Somewhat tart, slightly sweet. You can add smashed berries, ginger, turmeric etc., but really the honey/cinnamon combo is so refreshing & simple.

We have been quietly working on a collection of naturally dyed organic swaddles for fawn&forest this summer, with botanicals collected from our own little country hill. This dusty rose is from horsetails found growing down by the creek. I'm not sure when we'll release the collection but for now I've been enjoying the process of foraging with my children, making dyebaths and seeing what beauty comes of it. I can't wait for you to have a bit of our special countryside ...

Concerning sleep, I fall into the category of "do what fits your family rhythm". This far into motherhood I know what works for one family may not work for another and that's the beauty of it. Co-sleeping just feels right for us, it works, we all get sleep. We realized that we really enjoyed the closeness with our children, it has been comforting for us all. So we ended up with the Family Bed, sharing sleep with all of our 4 children over the years. 🌿 Our two year old daughter is the only one who still sleeps with us β€” I sense she still needs the closeness and well, living in a tiny house during this season of our life doesn't allow for separate sleeping quarters. We're all cozy and content. β€” I have my favorite essentials for the family bed on our f&f family journal, #linkinprofile β€”β€” I've fallen in love with these simple, natural organic bedsheets that my friend Lauren @blaynks has thoughtfully crafted of organic cotton, wind power & rain water β€” amazing, be sure to check out her Kickstarter!

A couple years ago I started weeding through my children's clothes in order to simplify, streamline and bottomline, have less laundry to contend with. Living in a tiny house, it has become essential to be minimal. Here is a peek at my daughter's basic summer wardrobe β€” add in a couple dresses & rompers (and maybe a couple more bonnets!) & these handful of items have been her summer essentials. 🌿
Intentionally purchasing fewer items has allowed me to be more thoughtful in my selection, focusing on quality of materials & versatility -- linen for children is so practical and lightweight merino wool is surprisingly cooling on hot days! #fewerbetterthings 🌿 Everything (except the sandals) is available in the shop β€” link in profile.

A balmy & warm walk this morning as we moseyed in search of the finest, plumpest blackberries yet! We ate so many until we could eat no more .. we'll be sure to pick some for jam and some to freeze but today was for the pleasure of the moment .. #simplesummerpleasure

We had such a wonderful evening together at the Yamhill County Fair. First to see the demolition derby (so loud and wild!) and then made a beeline for the poultry because there is nothing finer than seeing all your favorite chicken breeds in 1 barn β€” my oldest son could hardly contain his excitement β€” ever on the lookout for intrigue & inspiration βœ¨πŸ“ (& more fair fun in stories!)

Summer or winter, day or night,
The woods are ever a new delight;
They give us peace, and they make us strong,
Such wonderful balms to them belong;
So, living or dying I'll take my ease
Under the trees, under the trees. β€” Richard Henry Stoddard (1825 - 1903) ✨🌳

transferring a bit of chamomile dried in the basket to the big jar. the more we pick, the more it grows. provisions and potterings on this hotttttt august evening ✨

proof of an amazing summer, you know? my children are all wonderfully dirty, tan and berry stained. this is my sweet son showing me the crème de la crème ... that one berry at the end of the wild blackberry cluster that always ripens first, and if it's just so, it is heavenly ...✨

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