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我喜爱的男女艺人爱情故事💑💏  男艺人:黃宗澤,鄭嘉穎,馬國明,陳豪,林峯,吳卓羲,馬浚偉 女艺人:佘詩曼,陳法拉,徐子珊,鍾嘉欣,胡杏兒,胡定欣,楊怡 这个Page主要是14位男女艺人一起合作的爱情故事,在同一部戏如有关其他的艺人,是爱情故事或兄弟姐妹关系尽量会放! 因为太多艺人所以尽量放艺人综艺或活动图片/视频!

Ron Ng & Tavia Yeung @ Shanghai (2008)
#ronng #taviayeung #ronngtaviayeung

Yahoo!搜寻人气大奖颁奖活动 (2008)
#raymondlam #charmainesheh #raymondlamcharmainesheh

Yahoo!搜寻人气大奖颁奖活动 (2008)
#raymondlam #lindachung #raymondlamlindachung

Yahoo!搜寻人气大奖颁奖活动 (2008)
There is 2 more winners but I cant find their clear picture (Fala Chen & Bosco Wong)
#raymondlam #charmainesheh #lindachung

Tavia Yeung Talks About Fala Chen, Kate Tsui, Linda Chung! (2008)
▶Tavia: If you don't know Fala, you would feel that she is difficult to get along with. I can say that I am very familiar with her, and we communicate quite well. She is a straightforward person...direct to the point where it makes people don't like her. Also, she has a lot of principles. She always asks, "Why this? Why that?" She has a lot of reasonings, too. She and I will have arguments, but I know she is a Westerner and she is a 乖女!
▶Tavia: I have not worked with Kate. The most we interacted was at Claire Yiu's wedding. Work-related is close to zero. I first met her because of the filming of "On the First Beat". She cut her hair, very tomboy-like, and she spoke 粗魯. In "Moonlight Resonance", she grew her long, and she is able to be very girly. To some degree, she is quite quiet. She knows exactly what she needs to do, and she has her method of acting. She had previously won an award in movies. Her acting is quite mature, and her improvement is rapid.
▶Tavia: Linda, too, does not speak much, and she is also a silly girl. She would ask for our opinions an,d to some extent, she is a nervous wreck and needs us to comfort her. I am already used to it. I have watched her performance in "Heart of Greed", and she acted very well.
#taviayeung #falachentaviayeung #katetsuitaviayeung #lindachungtaviayeung

Tavia Yeung Talks About Ron Ng, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, and Moses Chan! (2008)
▶Tavia: Ron is a virgo and he does not like people who are annoying. He used to give me the feeling of a big child who never grows up. He never used to care about the outcome, but guys are never 定性, so it is not to blame. In recent years, he is better, and he is more practical/ideal. He knows the direction he wants to take.
▶Tavia: Raymond is a person with great self-control. He never strove for the top when he first entered this business. He went through a process of training and did his best with what he was given. Just like now and then, they will re-air series where you see him playing a prison guard.
▶Tavia: Bosco is the type of guy with the guts to talk about poop, pee, and fart in front of me. Raymond does not dare to, and it is rare for Ron to do it. For example, we would be filming, and he would tell me, "I want to fart" or "I have to go poop". He truly treats me like one of the guys. But when we are ready to film, we have a lot of chemistry. Even in real life or in the series, he would put his arm on my shoulder and ask me, "Hey, what's up honey (wife) [played husband and wife in "Dicey Business"]? To put it in a bad way, he is a sweet-talker. Luckily, I am 心水清 (pure of heart) and will not let him 'tum' me.
▶Tavia: Moses is like a big brother. He has taught me many things, and he is a steady guy. But actually, he is also a big child. I was kind of afraid to film with him previously in "Land of Wealth" because he is very silent. He would hold a cup of coffee and walk to one side and not care about anyone's business. I didn't know how to start a conversation with him. It wasn't until the filming of "Moonlight Resonance" that I knew he is actually a crazily fun guy.
#taviayeung #ronngtaviayeung #raymondlamtaviayeung #boscowongtaviayeung #moseschantaviayeung

林峯买礼物送给陳豪! (2008)
#raymondlam #moseschan #moseschanraymondlam

林峯买礼物送给陳豪! (2008)
#raymondlam #moseschan #moseschanraymondlam

林峯买礼物送给陳豪! (2008)
#raymondlam #moseschan #moseschanraymondlam

林峯买礼物送给陳豪! (2008)
#raymondlam #moseschanraymondlam

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