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AzzIzz  Finally decided to post :D don't forget to visit aaliyah.pl and Ultimate TLC on FB.

Polish @aaliyahformac finally works, tho the bronzing powder is still marked as sold out. But at least I could get my eyeshadow palette 😊 too bad that international fans didn't get extra goodies like box, poster, card or bandana, but hey, we'll soon add high quality MAC poster image to @aaliyahpl_ gallery, so y'all can print it by yourself 😁
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I would like to aware some of #TeamAaliyah (and not only) about this disgusting situation. So as you probably already heard, a compilation called "The Golden Hits Collection" by #Aaliyah was uploaded into some of popular streaming services like @spotify (photo 2) or @qobuz (photo 3). Some fans applaused this thinking Aaliyah's music finally will be put on digital sale, but sadly, that's not the case. This album is a A BOOTLEG, not official, illegally uploaded, with compressed quality. Whoever submitted it is NOT a rightful copyrights owner (we all know who is, but that's another story πŸ™„). But that's not the worst thing. This disgusting scammer created a fake label to be able to upload music and not many people noticed HOW the label was named... It's shown at 2nd photo. If that wasn't horrible enough, another mocking name was made on Qobuz (photo 3rd). These sick creatures who made this scam, not only took people's money for something they don't own any rights to, but also MOCKED THE DEATH of our Babygirl! I'm disgusted to the level I can't even word. Hopefully, @reservoirmedia will take this down ASAP and some legal actions will be taken against scumbags that did this! I also hope that this situation will finally show to #BarryHankerson that #Blackground catalog needs to be taken care of and properly released into digital sale! #TheGoldenHits #TheGoldenHitsCollection #BlackgroundRecords

Close ups #Aaliyah
πŸ“·: @carlposeyphoto for @honey_magazine (late 1999 or early 2000)

Aaliyah and her @maccosmetics collection in the recent @allure magazine (July 2018) 😍
πŸ“·: @upstairsaterics (June 2001)
#Aaliyah #AaliyahForMAC #EricJohnson #AllureMagazine #MacAaliyah

Unseen #Aaliyah photo at @vibemagazine 2nd anniversary party at Vibe Music Seminar in August 25, 1995. πŸ“·: @rayphotos (thank you so much for sharing ❀️)

All hail the King πŸ‘‘
#michaeljackson #harrybenson #mj

Rare #Aaliyah pic from Big Un's bday party in August 1997 😍

Aaliyah performing at #BudweiserSuperfest in 1997, πŸ“·: @josephjamesphotography1 - always a pleasure to see rare #Aaliyah photo, thank you for sharing ❀️

P E R F E C T I O N aka #Aaliyah
πŸ“·: @theonlymattjones for @i_d, 2001
#MacAaliyah #MattJones #iDmagazine #2001

Today, #Aaliyah tag on @instagram exceeded 1 million posts! 😁 (checked yesterday, it was at 999k πŸ˜‰) #allhailthequeen #oneinamillion

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