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Sweet surprise a success! Pardon my attire, to cut short I rushed all the way down from camp once I booked out.. Nonetheless, can’t believe our sistar are getting married in a month time (or rather less than a month by 2 days).. And to those present, much love from me after being so long of not meeting up as we are all busy with our individual agenda! Hope this won’t be our last event and see you guys real soon... Happy “Brides-to-be” @shinadams! 🎉🎉
#throwback #friends4life #friendshipgoals

Going back to where we first begin from strangers to officially a family.. Congrats everyone and glad that all 28 of us are around! Happy Graduation everybody and I’m proud to be part of this Class 72.. See ya around someday! ✌🏼😃
#sinres #class72 #keepclimbing #friends4life

Super loving my boys comeback! 인피니트 화이팅 😍

Note to self: Everyone has a story to each self but we may never know what they went through deep inside! It’s okay not to be okay as we human being are never perfect! Most importantly, BE YOUrself.. 😘
Good Night World!

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is the process. Working together is success.” - Henry Ford
#ErikoBUTeamBonding ✌🏼

Beautiful morning 🇵🇱

Thanks ah friends!!! Didn’t realise that it does blend literally while i was lying down... Hahaha if only i wore a black pants! 🤣

Happy Birthday to my king and his PA!! 🎉🎂🎁 "As we give, we find that sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven. And in the end, we learn it was no sacrifice at all." ~ Spencer W. Kimball

Didn't know i was being stalked from afar!
Credit: @piyambakipun

생일축하해 누나 씨나에담! 🎉🎂🍸
May you be blessed with abundance of joy, laughter, health, wealth and many many happy returns.. Hope you like the advance surprise arranged just for you yesterday! Have a blast celebration and enjoy this moments.. 😘

Since all my khakis are out from Singapore, so here I go with my travelling buddy (meet tube, the ugly duckling just like me 😬) for a short getaway! Technically really short getaway out from Singapore.. 🛥

Happy Birthday to both of my lil' sister! Wishing you girls a blissful years to come with abundance of love, health, wealth and many happy returns.. 😘
생일축하해 여동생 🎉🎂🌷 @arqweela @ole_solkshaer

Relax, Refresh, Recharge! 🏊🏼

So much in love with this Pad Thai (Glass Noodle) with Chicken dish! 대박.. Can somebody just bring me to BKK pleaseeeee!! I need a getaway 👋

Hence, this marks the end of our BVOD training! Thank you guys for the wonderful memories created for the past 6 weeks and congrats to us for not leaving anyone behind during this training phase! I won't bid goodbye, just a new beginning for our career undertakes.. Till we meet again on the floor (though our reporting time now will be different), take care of one another and stay healthy! 😘
#friends4life #deltaproud #sinres #keepclimbing

Finally I had this opportunity to catch things up with her after ages! Thanks sister for taking your time to meet me up and you're still the same old bubbly, chatty friend i know.. And hope you like the small gift I got for you though it's really an impromptu ones.. Till we meet again someday arite! Take care and enjoy ur days in Singapore.. Oh ya, send my regards to your hubby pleaseee.. ✌🏼

And the mini-fridge has been unwrapped with the aid of my little helper.. 😍

Been wanting to post this but caught up with current training at my workplace.. A thousand apology for this delay but nonetheless, thank you @beautifoolish for the gifts once again.. Another wonderful collection for my travel journeys! Insha Allah, I will grab something nice for you in return k when i start to travel after my probation period ends.. Appreciate your kind gesture! 😁✌🏼

The thug life chose us! Nothing beats having a fun time in training with these sporting classmates.. Let's make the most worthwhile "honeymoon" memories for the next one week! 😘
#deltaproud #sinres #class72 #friends4life

To top it up, I won 5th price for Lucky Draw!! Double Happiness... Hahaha!! Seriously wasn't expecting this at all... Thank you Delta! 😘
#sinresidol2017 #deltaproud

First place lah geng.. I always doubted our group to even win first price but i never regret joining this team! We rock guys and our hard work really pays off.. From training in our classroom to being chase away by security guard for practising at Level 3, to dancing at void deck MPH and lastly Rooftop Carpark! I will miss this team bonding and hopefully our friendship remains till eternity..
Signing off for now.. Have a good weekend peeps! 🙃
#deltaproud #sinresidol2017 #friends4life #DC72
@_ohheyitsjo @theonlymarcuschoo_ @kimhau87 @peiyin_wei @evecher01 @siti_ahsiah
And special thanks to @nxrlyanaa for the make up... Simply amazing! 😍

It's the D-Day! Let's do this guys...
#DC72 #sinresidol2017 #deltaproud

Lunching with dem girls! I miss you guys.. #friends4life

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