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Jodi Lynn Faust  A blessed, Bible journaling momma of 8 kids through a blended family. Prayer warrior.

Today's hair style is brought to you today by: heat & humidity! LOL
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Ok peeps. I am skipping tonight's regularly scheduled Bible journaling for an emergency Bible loving session.
I've been loving on this Bible for a couple of months... But today I had a coworker reach out to me. She was unsure why, but knew I am "a woman of faith" (her words) & was in need of something - anything - for strength. I am going to mark up some Scriptures specially for her & give her this Bible tomorrow.
Please pray for her & her family! God knows what is burdening her.
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Day 12 of #if_freetoflourish
May I sing of His greatness all the days of my life!
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Day 11 of #if_freetoflourish was about being free to laugh. Truth: When I read through this last night & started meditating on it, I didn't think I laughed much at all. This morning I reread the devotional & went to work. And the many work-related frustrations started raining down... But I found myself belly-laughing alongside my amazing coworkers! Belly-laughing in the face of our frustrations. Why? Because we know who holds tomorrow. We can laugh at the times to come because we know He is victorious!
#freetolaugh #proverbs31v25_26 #biblejournaling #biblejournalingcommunity #icolorinmybible

Day 10 for #if_freetoflourish was on being free to care. This one had me an emotional wreck. I spent a lot of time reflecting on what a great community for Bible journaling we have here on IG. Many of us haven't met face-to-face, yet we care deeply and pray fervently for each other through the highs and lows of life. #freetocare #romans12 #romans12v9_21 #letlovebegenuine #community #biblejournaling #biblejournalingcommunity #icolorinmybible

Day 9 of #if_freetoflourish was on being free to forgive. Forgiving is something I struggle with. I have been hurt in the past. And I've held on to that hurt for fear that letting go and forgiving my offender would render me powerless in the face of that hurt. Then one day as I was praying the Lord's prayer I had an eye opening experience - "forgive us our sins as WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO SIN AGAINST US". I am not to hold on to my hurt. I am to forgive! And, boy, is there healing in forgiveness.
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Day 8 in #if_freetoflourish was about being free to trust. I am free to trust because I know God is for me. #freetotrust
#proverbs3v5_6 #biblejournaling #biblejournalingcommunity #icolorinmybible

Early Chapel Christian Church Annual Chicken Noodle Dinner.
If you leave hungry, it isn't our fault!

Day 7 in #if_freetoflourish was on #freefromcriticism and it was an eye-opener! So many times I was the first to cast a stone, but not because I was sinless - but because I was sin-filled. And yet I've been on the receiving end of the stones aimed right at my heart & know just how painful those words of stone are...
Christ has changed me & is still working on me. No more stone throwing & criticising. It is time to speak life.
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