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  My fitness journey

Haven’t really been posting cause I forget ahah but diets going okay I do tend to like go on benders and just eat shit lol but I’ve lost 1 kg so yay

Well Krispy Kreme just opened their very first store in my country so you know ya girl had to try it and uh yeah that’s my kcal limit out the window for the day 😂

Green smoothie! Only 321 kcal and breakfast was like 412 kcal which is a bit more that usual but I had 2 eggs and I had different bread

So I didn’t really log yesterday’s food or the day before because I was drinking a lot and alcohol has a lot of calories and when I’m drunk I eat shit food so you could say it was a cheat day or two .. lol but I’m back to normal today, poached eggs and coffee of breakfast again

Today’s smoothie! and the best tasting one yet! Only 334 kcal
How does a smoothie have more calories then my breakfast? It’s the banana and super seed blend that get it up there

Poached eggs and coffee for breakfast again. Still none of my avos are ripe :( Only 245 kcal
Also an introduction if you will, my name is caitlin I’m 18 and I’m just tryna eat healthier and lose some weight I don’t care about followers or likes I’m basically just using this page as a journal to track my progress :) I used to suffer from anorexia and It still “flares up” sometimes and things do still trigger me and I do suffer from anxiety and depression but other than that I’m doing well :) if you want to talk to me I don’t bite :) just dm me

Had pork sausages and vegetable gratin for dinner which was only 224 kcal but I didnt even eat it all because I got too full
I still have 140 kcal left sooo midnight snacks maybe? 😂

A not so healthy snack of toast with onion relish and cheese, only 148 kcal though

Green smoothie for lunch today 370 kcal!

Day 2! Egg and coffee again only one egg today though so that’s 246 kcal
For dinner last night I had carbonara and that was 326 kcal

Smoothie for lunch! 258 kcal

Day 1 first day of my diet and first time poaching eggs
Poached eggs on toast and coffee w soy milk for breakfast! I was going to have avocado but none of my avocados are ripe yet :(
That’s 424 calories altogether which is way more than expected but it’s the bread and the soy milk that gets it up there

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