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  I'm back! Spam acc for @fattyfriesorskinnythighs

I went && got my nails done

I went to mad mex for lunch & got a burrito and a drink, fuck knows how many kcal that was but that's all I've eaten today besides this lollipop

155 Kcals. Decided I'm starting at 1000 a day and going down depending on how things go :) I want to try to do things healthily

I look thin it ew my fat arms! But it's just angle &a stuff my collar bones and hip bones and always been quite prominent but it's my tummy and my thighs and ass that are getting fat :( my hip bones are starting to hide away under the fat and I don't fit any of my pants anymore :( they're all so tight they cut me and I have to keep the buttons undone. I may look thin to others but it's easy to hide my growing stomach fat when I always wear baggy clothes.

First #2 photos are me currently #3rd photo is how thin I used to be and the last 2 photos are some healthier foods I've been trying to eat, if you compare my photos of me now to how I used to be it's really bad :( I've gained so much weight because all I eat is fast food. So recently I've been doing home cooking for me and my bf so we can try eat better foods and not get diabetes by just eating fast food 😭

Hey y'all my name is Caitlin. This account is a back up /spam acc for @fattyfriesorskinnythighs basically I'm going to post pictures of my body and updates on what I eat and how many kcal I burn etc and also kind of rant on here and stuff, on my other acc it's more like thinspo and stuff. If you want my full introduction then check out my other acc.

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