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Thank you so much for sharing all your tips and advice recently around how to care for yourself during pregnancy and after giving birth. You guys are a-mah-zing! I’ve put some of my favourites over on my blog. Click the link in my profile to check them out. {sponsored}

I'm sorry... but I've never watched Game Of Thrones or The Hunger Games. Never drunk a cup of coffee. Never broken a bone. Never tried fairy bread. Never been to New Zealand {although it's at the top of my bucket list} or Europe. Never got to the bottom of my laundry basket and stayed there for more than 24 hours 😫. Never been inked. Never met The Queen or Oprah. Never slept in til midday. You're turn. 👇 Tell me something you've never done.

These two! The best of friends one minute, and then fighting the next {usually over something very small!}. Over on my blog I’m talking sisters, plus I’ve got a giveaway of this beautiful Princess Twilight Sparkle. Pop over and check it out via the link in my profile… plus I’ve got a giveaway of this beautiful My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle. {sponsored}

With all the crappy things going on in the world, we all need something good. This is that something good. The 2017 gift exchange is now open, but entries are only open for a limited time. Send a gift to a stranger and get one from another person from around the world. Spread joy. Feel awesome. Details on my blog. 👍🏻 #fmsgiftexchange #fmsgiftexchange2017

Heck yes for the people in my life who have been denied the right to get hitched for too long. Heck yes for more weddings and parties {who doesn’t love a good wedding!}. Heck yes for my family and friends to be given the same rights as the rest of us married folk. Heck yes to my kids not having to still be fighting this unnecessary battle in 10 or 20 years, and putting their energy into other awesome things. Heck yes for more love in the world. Heck yes to looking back at all this and wondering, “Why on earth wasn’t this done earlier?” Voting yes today, and hoping this is a landslide into the right direction. 🌈💕🤛

Isn’t it frustrating that dinnertime rolls around every single night? It happens without fail. Over on my blog I’m sharing this kid-friendly take on a traditional family favourite meal, plus I’ve got a hamper including a $150 Woolworths voucher up for grabs thanks to the lovely people at MAGGI. Pop over to check it out via the link in my profile. {sponsored}

Be soft. 💕 Saw this card on our stopover in Singapore and it spoke to me. Well, not literally... but you know what I mean.

Last night Hubby did night shift, and I felt remotely smug that I had both girls fed, bathed and asleep at a reasonable time. You see, my kids sense my weaknesses... they have a radar for them, and they use them against me. I am weak, friends. .
So I watched that insane episode of Survivor and went to bed myself. Then, at midnight, Lacey screamed "Lulu is vomiting!" I woke, screamed "Shane!" In an attempt to get him up to help me, except he wasn't there. So I got up quickly, of course creating an intense cramp in my calf so I sprint/hobbled down the hallway to her room... and vomit EVERYWHERE. In bed, wedged in her Thai hair braids, under her bed, on her toys, over the floor, on everything.
Life lesson: don't be smug.
So, this mornings hair appointment was a welcome solo break from reality. Poor, tired Hubby is at home dealing with the aftermath. Lulu was fine this morning, of course.
PHOTO A DAY | solo | #fmspad #fms_solo

Farewell weekend. Trivia night ✔️ Last netball thing for the year ✔️ Kids asleep ✔️ Survivor on ✔️

I’ve experienced the struggles of sleep deprivation. You know the one where you put the keys in the cutlery drawer and can’t find them for hours, and when you’re so tired that everywhere looks like a pretty great place to lie down and take a little nap. I’ve also done the sleep school thing where you’re supposed to never, ever {under any circumstances!} EVER let you child sneak back into your bed in the middle of the night.
BUT is there anything better than sweet baby/toddler/kid snuggles at night? Yep, I’m a sucker. Always, especially when they’re under the weather. What’s your favourite imperfect parenting moment?
#imperfectparenting #childrenspanadol #SP


Ah Phuket, you little bundle of surprises, you! I knew this trip would be beautiful, but I didn’t realise just how beautiful it would be. The people are gorgeous {we love the people!}, the food is mouth-watering, the island is bustling and always entertaining, and then there are these little hidden gems that took my breath away. We’ve snorkelled in the Phi Phi islands, tried Durian {and I’ve got the video to prove it!}, we’ve cycled to waterfalls, done a beautiful authentic cooking class, made flower garlands and visited a Temple… and swum in the pool eleventy billion times too. We really don’t want to leave. Thank you for all the memories. .
If you’re looking for ideas on how to travel with your kids, check out the Little Big Travellers website: bit.ly/LittleBigTravellersFMS #LittleBigTravellers #HolidayInn #JoyofTravel #Spon

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