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Fatima Delane  🏋Powerlifter • ISYMFS • 👑Coaches • Paul Rucci & Adam Yeates • 2017 GPC PUSH PULL 3 DEC @ptcperth • PromoCode: N10FatimaD receive 10% off ! 👇👇


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Something so valuable we learnt from @benbergeron - Chasing Excellence. "Most people go through life having no idea what they can actually control. They are concerned about a lot of things, but that doesn't mean they CONTROL those things.
Many people struggle to recognise the difference between the two.
Imagine a box of matches. A typical box may have 20 matches, and together they represent all your energy for the day. Energy is a finite resource; once it is gone, you can't get it back. If you burn through your matchsticks on things that are outside your control, you have less energy for the things you can control - things that can actually move the needle for your performance. "

The five things in the image above are what we have control over - start focusing and improving these parts of your life (control the things you can control) and ignore everything else. 👊🏽

Guided Yoga Meditation this morning! Loved it❤️ @beaconyogacentre 🙏🌈 #meditation #guided #yoga #breathe #soulfood #ashram #peace #mindfulness

BOOM!! Love these captures by @bwardphoto at the 2017 'Pasta Cup' Perth Cup.

1. That face says it all!! ⚪️⚪️⚪️Squat 85kg 10kg PR #100kgiscoming

2. Honored to lift with all these amazing women 💪

3. The face, the intensity!!⚪️⚪️⚪️Deadlift 125kg
Thank you to everyone involved with making this event happen! What a blast!

Thank you to my amazing coaches ❤️💪
@ptcperth @ptc_paul_rucci @adamjyeates
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Strong 😏💪🏻 #DespicableMe3 #Minions #minionstory

Just goes to show how AGE is just a number!

One badass woman! Welcome back to Powerlifting Harriet Hall #69yearsyoung ❤️💪 #Repost @usapowerlifting (@get_repost)
With over 70 #IPF World Records to her name, Harriet Hall is rumored to be coming out of retirement next year. She will be turning 69 this December. She casually walks into the gym and picks up 170kg/375lbs without training for years. Age is just a number.

Harriet was also inducted into the USA Powerlifting Women's Hall of Fame in 2010. She squatted over 600lbs in her late 50s.

Swipe to see photos of her records and 600lb squat.

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LISTEN UP! If you listen to NOTHING else I say...listen to this:
Success is far less about how productive you are when you "feel like it" and far more about how well you can execute when you don't.
Learning how to close that gap is the ultimate productivity habit.
A common assumption among people that struggle is that "successful people" either have it easier or possess super human powers that keep them "in the zone" and running at high levels every single day.
And while it is 100% TRUE that successful people run at high levels every single day.
Its not because they are special or gifted or have it easier.
They have bad days.
They struggle just like you.
The difference is they have developed a habit & a discipline for themselves that pushes them through the days on which they struggle and keeps them producing at high levels even when they do not feel like it.
They have created a thought pivot that triggers productive action.
For example: "Im too tired to respond to those five emails...Id rather watch The Walking Dead"
That thought triggers them to immediately jump up, respond to the 5 emails and send out 5 more on top of it.
This can apply to all areas of life.
Think how much progress you would make if every single time the pussy inside you started talking you out of what you should do...you immediately went and executed on that action and added a little bit on top of it.
Powerful shit? You bet your ass it is!
Learn how to close the gap of execution by developing this discipline...and you literally CANNOT LOSE.


@c.t.ali.fletcher @therock
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Intense workouts are part of my daily process. I need the intensity to anchor my day, so the last thing I want is to be interrupted... but, for THIS MAN, I will gladly stop my workout, remove my headphones and respectfully remove my hat so I can shake hands and hug @c.t.ali.fletcher.

I started tracking CT years ago. Quietly following him in the shadows and admiring the impact he's had on so many people's lives. About a year ago I watched one of the greatest documentaries I've ever seen, about his life called #MyMagnificentObession. In the doc, I was specifically moved by the relationship he had with his dad. When I shared this with CT, he then proceeds to tell me how much my dad (Rocky Johnson) influenced him growing up. Crazy how the universe works that way.
CT exemplifies what it means to overcome the odds and work so intensely hard at something, it becomes an obsession. But CT's real power, will always be the gratitude and humility he has in his heart.
Life is crazy and busy for all of us, but when we can fuel it with a lil' gratitude and humility - life becomes that much better.
Pleasure to meet you brother, thank you for the inspiration and as always.. ISYMFS. 💪🏾 (keep kickin' ass Samson and carrying on that family tradition)



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