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FATIA NUR  THEK2 Yoona & JiChangWook #partnerincrime πŸ‘«πŸ’• support THEKINGINLOVE All about CEBONG FAMILY if don't like my account just ignore

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met maljum for byuntaesquad 😳😳

@Regrann from @yajcw - β€’ P.S Just an Investigation by shippers yallβœŒπŸ»οΈπŸ’• Part 3(Last) - [After 'THE K2'..]β€’ May - Jun '17 = NO Interviews due to Filming BUT lots of hints through SNS from them and their friends ✌🏻️ [A Few on the Slides]
Jul '17 = During his Arabic Interview,the MC asked him between love and friendship and he chose LOVE...obviously lol and his reason was because now he's thinking more about his romance.As I've said before he wants to be in a really serious relationship with someone who's serious too and have the same goals as well..'a family'.And then,during his Jiscovery Concert Q&A section, he picked a question about what would he do if he loves a girl but have to go to the army soon...his answer was heart fluttering 😍 Basically,he said he really had ALOT OF THOUGHT about that (which means its been more than awhile he've been thinking about it and ALOT of consideration too I'm guessing...*flashback to late 2016 till early 2017 #js lol✌🏻️).He said if he have a girl he trully love,he will confessed no matter what her respond would be and would keep loving her no matter what even if he's going to the army soon.He don't know whether her feeling towards him will change or not,whatever it is he'll always love her.If she's still there when he's back from the army,he would keep loving her but if not then he'll just keep it as good memories.(What I grasp and it's trully an opinion from me,I feel like he's trying to give a final hint to his fans before his enlistment that he's actually 'taken' and is really inlove with that person but because it will be a long distance relationship anything could happen to it but no matter what he'll keep a positive feeling about it and would keep loving her and trying to make the relationship work through military even though there might be a chance it would not work out at the end because of distance but he will keep all those past moments of them as good memories anyway).
(to be continued?We'll see...πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ)β€’
[Btw..If our investigation is close to being right,I'm so happy for both and I hope you guys stay strong and have a happy ending like Rain & KTH 😘]β€’
#jichangwook #yoona #BangBangcouple #thek2

#Repost from @yajcw with @regram.app ... β€’ P.S Just an Investigation by shippers yallβœŒπŸ»οΈπŸ’• Part 2 - [After 'THE K2'...] β€’

Mar '17 = JCW was asked again to described and even to draw his Ideal type during an interview in Taiwan.His description was very detailed too in this Interview..."Cheerful personal,a good heart and always wear a beautiful smile"...In the video,he even said "her smile is very beautiful"..With the way he says it as if he already knows the person and when he was asked to draw his Ideal girl...look who it looks like?Anna's hair(Yoona current hair too)?Thin lips?Big smiles? Maybe hmm...πŸ™ˆ In the same month,he also mentioned that he worries more about being A HUSBAND and FUTURE PARENT than about his career as in being a big actor... πŸ‘€ For someone who says he's single(obviously,who would admit a relationship unless they're caught by the media lol) and who's about to enlist soon,why worry about this matter now though... 😌
Apr '17 = JCW was asked about him turning 30s and it's changes and his answer was that HIS HEART HAS CHANGED ALOT.In his 20s his life was just work but now he would like to balanced out work and PRIVATE.It means he would like to not only focused on work but more on his personal life which includes his love life from now on 😍
(to be continued)β€’
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#Repost from @yolandawilda with @regram.app ... their interview yesterday 24 / 07 / 2017. their body part favorite was their eyes.
btw kmrn mereka interview, trs mereka ditanyain bagian mana dr tubuh mereka yang paling di sukai, eh jawabnya sama MATANYA πŸ˜‚ , sehati ini mah jadi inget oppa suka cewek punya double eyelids #jichangwook #yoona #bangbangcouple

#Repost from @yajcw with @regram.app ... β€’P.S Just an Investigation by shippers yallβœŒπŸ»οΈπŸ’•
Part 1 - [After 'THE K2']β€’
Nov '16 = JCW said he wouldn't want to date or see someone right now because he will be joining the army soon.He also mentioned that his 20s went by without anyone special AND he thinks that his romance in the 30s will be different.These clarifies that his relationship before was never long-lasting AND he's basically saying that his relationship in his 30s which is starting from now will be a serious one.
Dec '16 = AND again JCW mentioned about not wanting to date right now.However,he start explaining and mentioning about 'meet a girl with a good feeling but because of work it turns out into nothing'.Then,he start describing his Ideal type,he always mentions that appearances are not important but without realizing it or not he actually describe his preference or even that 'someone' already in this interview..."It's not difficult to find someone who has DOUBLE EYELIDS,TALL and BEAUTIFUL but to find a girl who I can GET ALONG with is not easy".
A Month Later..
Jan '17 = However,during his Japan interview and he was asked what kind of year would he want...his answer was "I want to travel and also want to go out to musical,I want to be a year that makes me happy everyday and...I WANT TO MAKE LOVE SOON"..make love soon in here means would like to date soon.Did something happen?😏Didn't he say a month before he doesn't want to date at all because of enlistment...hm
Feb '17 = And then during Sketchbook,he suddenly mentioned about wanting to sing all of the songs of the album(Lee Juck's,Love) to THE PERSON HE LOVE (btw i heard that Lee Juck's also somebody fav ballad singer..πŸ™ˆ).In another interview in the same month,he was asked again about his Ideal type and he was very detailed about it and more like describing someone..."allow me to be innocent LIKE A CHILD"..."like A MUSE who can inspire me"...hmm isn't it too obvious now lol He even said he's abit picky...why would he say that suddenly?As we all know he was never picky about his Ideal type.. just someone who basically he can get along with right? 😌 (to be continued)β€’
#jichangwook #yoona #thek2

lol siwan udah 2 kali ya ngebetnya. wajarlah cwo yg ngebet nah kalo cwe?? dunnow?wkwkwkwkwkwk,don't worry pasti dijenguk kok. eaaaa eaaaa πŸ’•

kata pepatah nih ya "menyelam sambil minum air" 😳😳 #yoona #siwan #hongjonghyun #thekingloves

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Beautiful Crush ost goblin

It's a Beautiful life
I'll be your side
It's a beautiful life
I'll stand behind you
Beautiful Love
If you are in the sky
It's good to breathe
It's Beautiful life
Beautiful day
I would live in your memory
Beautiful life
Beautiful day
stay with me
Beautiful my love
Beautiful your heart
It's a beautiful life
It's a beautiful life
It's a beautiful life
I will always protect you
It's a beautiful life
You can lean on me
Beautiful Love
Your tears Your smile too
So that you can be together
It's a beautiful life
Beautiful day
The day I loved you so crazy
Beautiful life is beautiful day
I do not want lose you
Beautiful my love
Beautiful your heart
My world is like you
Im left with me again
Memory of you memory of you
It's a sorrowful life
Sorrowful day
I can not overcome sorrow
Sorrowful life Sorrowful day
Do not leave me by my side
I do not want to live in memory
It's a beutifull day ..............πŸ’•................. #jichangwook #yoona #partnerincrime #BangBangcouple #thek2

#Repost from @yajcw with @regram.app ... β€’ 170703 - Siwan:"I'm not afraid of the army.YOONA is going to come visit me.She'll be the FIRST TO VISIT"
Yoona:"I'll definitely visit...." ~ 170723 - MC:"Which fellow actress would come to VISIT YOU FIRST?" JCW:"Of course Nam Ji Hyun said she will,but I told her not to come..." β€’ I find these all such a coincidence and honestly so cute and hilarious πŸ˜‚...During 'TKL' PressCon on 3rd July,Siwan mentioned that Yoona will be the first one to visit him and Yoona agreed to it and then In JCW's Interview with MBC today,he was asked which actress will come to visit him first and he mentioned NJH said she would (it's well known to the public through the SP bts that NJH said she would visit him).Don't you guys find it such a coincidence though or...hmm was someone trying to you know...re..rev...reve-what? lol πŸ™ˆ Anyway,And I love how at the end they're trying to like 'clarify' themselves...Yoona said she'll visit him... WITH the casts and then JCW said he told NJH NOT TO COME but obviously will appreciate it if she does come... πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Œβ€’ [P.S Wookie will meet Siwan in the army...Be friends yall!I'm sure NJH have met Yoong already so go together and visit your co-stars...But Yoong,give more attention to your #PartnerInCrime when you visit okay? πŸ˜ŽπŸ’• ] β€’ #BangBangCouple #DeerCouple #VisualCouple #Jehanna #THEK2 #JiChangWook #JCW #ChangWook #KimJeha #Jeha #ImYoona #Yoona #Anna #GoAnna #SNSD #GirlsGeneration #KPOP #KDRAMA #ImSiwan #TheKingLoves #TheKingInlove #NamJiHyun #LoveInTrouble #SuspiciousPartner

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