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Aloysius  Your dreams are in there | partially blind in Atlanta ---->short film------>


Im making a second ig @right2die just gonna be more personal non serious photography stuff

Moriah Zalimander and Britnay. Also making another ig for fun stuff @right2die

Kicking rocks w leanna. Also get at me on my new ig @right2die

RIP my friend AdrnQ just feeling nostalgic. Took this 10 seconds into meeting for the first time after being online companions of like 6 months or more?
We were truly connected. Spending all the time we could together for some periods, somehow listening to the exact same random songs at the exact same time, experimenting w the same photo techniques kinda challenging each other, constantly building up the most absurd humor. That's something i really regret as maybe a misunderstanding we mightve had. Youre kinda required to do a lot of mental gymnastics around me and for that I'm sorry. Contrary to most humor i think, its not about what i say or how i say it thats the joke, its just the fact that its being said; the absurdity of the statement is the punchline. I'm sure it was stressful and tiring. Anyway love you always, I'm sure youre super happy and being funny af wherever you are

Balam Acab & Slug Christ collabo. Slug made a really funny tweet abt it being music from the future. Also i would think it goes without saying that we need to be helping Syrian refugees. Aleppo is a fucking mess and people that are actually there are ignoring it even. These people arent terrorists, theyre just human beings trying to escape a shitty situation we put them in! What's tight is you can help by donating directly to eu candidates who arent standing on a far right populist/nationalist anti immigration platform

Danger Inc? During Krystal's video. So Nietzsche doesnt say that time is a flat circle btw. He says If it were, If you had to live this same life over and over again; would you be satisfied? Are you doing the things you want to do with your life? Are you living with no regrets? Dude is one of the most misunderstood great minds. He's not this complete nihilist mf whos like kill yrself end this asap like everyone makes him out to be. He says consciousness might be a mistake, but we're here now, it's the thing that differentiates us from all other life presumedly. Enjoy your life, make the world a better place, give your existence some meaning

In 1986 Ronald Regan and, then General Secretary of the soviet union, Gorbachev met in iceland. Gorbachev proposed the disarmament of all nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles over a relatively short period of time. Most of regans advisors urged him to take the deal. Others feared it would strengthen the soviet economy and also warned him he would no longer have funding for this ridiculous like satellite-laser defensive system in space? Srsly google 'reagan star wars' its crazy.
This is the one and last instance you can look back at as a serious talk to disarm and eliminate all nuclear weapons. Gorbachev even ran outside and pleaded once again w reagan to reconsider. He instead chose to militarize space. A plan we now know ended up being tremendously too expensive and eventually abandoned

The cool thing abt Karl Marx is that he speaks about how people will behave in the system in general. Not how they should behave or what they should strive to want to do (breakout of it/overcome it/change it fundamentally). Having just glided thru cliff notes on Zarathustra, its a breath of fresh air. He talks about consumers fueling this frenzied progressive fatally flawed capitalist system. What's interesting to note however is that nietzsche also came to the similar conclusion that the quest to further individuality thru material means would be our undoing. It keeps us contained in a bubble of an absurdly farcical world. Opposition seems like decoration on the sinking ship. The ceos and politicians lie, we know they lie, they know we know they lie, and nothing changes. Anyhow was in DC a few months ago and it was pretty bittersweet

Finding out Henry Kissinger not only circumvented congress approval for a massive bombing of Cambodia, resulting in the deaths of 600,000 people, but also hid it so well from the american public, that even the pilots didnt know what they were doing..be like


Packed this van out for Streets Alive tmrrw (shouldve taken a before when it was empty 😅). Moonlight ride was last night. Atlanta Cycling Fest starts today all the more reason to out there fam! Also hung w cool ppl. Didnt get a good picture of Albert but it was great running into eachother. Friends painted dicks on the walls of the high museum. Saw Slowdive. Etc

First balam performance since 2012. Possibly at @368ponce possibly at eyedrum definitely this summer

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