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Fat Phuck  Being fat and eating dope shit 🍔🍕🍣 Follow to join the Fat Phucklet Family 🐽 All pics taken by Fat Phuck 📷📸📷📸 Get at yer boy with #fatphuck 👈🏾👈🏾👈🏾


A quick update from the porcelain throne // This Burmese curry game sent yer boy straight to the can, y’all. I ain’t even mad cause the flavahs comin out this mug so tight. What are mah Fat Phucklets grubbin up on this weekend?

Ain’t nuthin yer boy likes more than postin up with mah doods on a chill ass Sunday in downtown LA sippin on micheladas. This spot gets bonus points for servin it up with grilled camarones, y’all.

Ahhh shit y’all. Yer boy’s been in straight up Thanksgiving food coma since Thursday. I been smashin on cuisines from cultures far and wide. Mah favorite shit this year was this homemade lumpia by mah Filipino homies. What’d y’all eat this year? Hope all mah Fat Phucklets had a great holiday with friends and family.

Yer boy loves eatin octopuss, y’all. This spot in San Francisco servin up tentacle french fries and cold brews. Any of mah Nor Cal Fat Phucklets ever try this joint?

Yer boy ain’t never smashed on sliders with no meat, but let me tell you sumpthin playboy. Them potato curry patties and baller ass Indian spices so dank I’d take these sumbetches over meat any day.

This spot knows that one type of food ain’t enough for a dood like yer boy. They servin up tender ass brisket, juicy wontons, and dank noodles all on one plate. I’m one happy sumbetch right now.

I eat a lotta shit, but that don’t mean yer boy don’t get excited to try a new type of cuisine for the first time. This Burmese traditional noodle is straight up magic. Mad respect to mah Burmese homies.

When it come to ordering sushi, the last thing yer boy gonna do is half ass that shit. Where mah sushi lovin’ Fat Phucklets at? Bonus points if y’all guess all the types of fish on yer boy’s plate.

The Japanese meatball game up in here is on fire for real. Yer boy’s straight up meatballin’ right now, y’all.

I feel like a sophisticated muhfucka right now, y’all. Yer boy, just postin up in San Francisco smashin foie gras stuffed olives and sipping on a cold beer.

Last night yer boy got treated to some delicacies from Southern India // Most of y’all familiar with that Northern Indian game by now, but I’m reppin the South side so holla at yer boy! This mug you lookin at right here called Uttapam. It’s a mushroom pancake fried in truffle oil with 3 baller ass dipping sauces. Respect to the chef at this joint.

Look at that crispy ass sweet n sour pork, y’all. Just glistening under the lights, calling out for yer boy to smash.

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