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When you live well, you ride well. Racing only helps to express what we bring to it. If you bring anger and fear to a race I promise you only find more of it. If you bring joy and passion, the race will be a stage for you. I’ve been so lucky to meet and learn from so many gifted athletes and humans in my time in sports. Our new team, @butcherboxcycling - filled with vitality and positive energy and talent - is a gift I am so appreciative for. You can’t fake it at life and expect to be for real on the bike. 📷 @kellyburger 2015

The race crew for this Saturday: Rasputista. @rasputitsagravel — A 40-mile off road oddesy (Burke, Vermont), that's as much about willing yourself forward, as it is about racing. The first crown jewel of the New England off road-season attracts roadies, MTB'rs, and CX hitters along with a dose of those with a love of adventure and challenge. Married duo Kevin + Thea are the @butcherboxcycling off-road captians—founders of the famous WNSP CX series, work in the bike industry, and give tirelessly to developing new riders. Best of luck for these hearty kids. We love the spirit in this emerging style of racing. My heart is heavy that I'm too sick to join you. 📸 @fisherjacktc

Snake Alley. Burlington Iowa. The signature event of the 4-day Quad Cities Omnium—one of America's oldest stage races and a hard man's must do. A crit so difficult even the pro's only do 45min, no premes, and over 50% of the field is pulled. The limestone "alley" was built in 1894 as a fire-crew access road. Cut at a 21% grade lasting a mere 85m with over 1100-degrees of switchbacks (five total), the real bite of the snake comes in the tail: a nasty 300m false flat into a break neck off camber bomb-chute decent back into town. A leg draining 400meter rise leads into the base of the hill which is often clogged with riders in the opening laps....Racers unclip to catch their balance and can only wait and watch the front of the race crest the top without them ensuring the Snake squeezes their hearts as well as their legs. | 📷 @bethaeverhart

In bikes and life, keep it simple.

C’mon sunshine! Finally getting to the kind of weather where this is all the kit we need on for racing....good luck to all the squads we have out there today!

Never count on luck. But never count it out either.

Pit wheels in hand, trophy under arm, long drive home. | 2018 📷 @fisherjacktc

The team (@butcherboxcycling) is starting to show signs of life posting multiple podiums up and down the east coast. Underdogs showing some fight...”Go-go” Chris Gougen is part of a New England cycling dynasty. Big plans for this kid.....

The Tour of America’s Dairyland is affectionately known as TOAD. It’s the longest criterium omnium in the world lasting 12-13 days of criterium racing in a row (occasionally featuring circuit races). Originally founded by corner store owner Otto Wentz with a vision of creating an American-style Tour de France, “Dairylands” set the example of multi-day racing in the U.S. giving birth to many similar events...but there’s only one TOAD. | 📷 @bokanev 2015

We’re excited to offer preme prizes for many of our races through our team @butcherboxcycling | Its our standing mission to promote creativity, clean competition, and American style racing through our team. A significant portion of our budget (generously provided through partners) goes to community support and rider development. If you’d like to help out causes, charities, programs, and team, just contact to get involved. We love you! Race fast!!!! | 📽 @fisherjacktc

The loudest racing in America are the three days of Tulsa Tough, in Oklahoma. Day 1 Bluedome, Day 2 Brady Arts, Day 3 River Parks with its epic “Cry Baby Hill” (a hill so insane it has its own Facebook group and and annual party coordinator). | 📷@Bokanev 2015

Team shirts are happening. Crosby...kinda feeling it.

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