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China’s wine market was virtually nonexistent 40 years ago. Most people drank "baijiu", a liquor distilled from grains. Today, the domestic wine industry is one of the world’s fastest growing—worth nearly $40 billion—and China consumes more red wine than any other country. Amid surging demand, most of the country’s wineries focus on bulk production at the expense of taste.⠀

But the cabernet gernischt (a local, red-wine varietal) and Burgundy-style chardonnay that @silverheightsvineyard head winemaker Emma Gao produces at her winery, located near Mongolia and the Gobi desert, are increasingly prized in China—and drawing acclaim from critics such as Robert Parker and Jancis Robinson.⠀

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There are more than 2 million homebound people in the U.S. When they get sick, many require expensive ambulance rides and hospital stays, leaving⠀
Medicare or Medicaid to pick up the bill. Thomas Cornwell’s nonprofit, Home Centered Care Institute, is training doctors to visit patients instead—a practice that could save insurers upwards of $1,000 per beneficiary annually, according to a pilot project by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid’s Innovation Center.⠀

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Katie Dill's (@lil_dilly) job is to make sure you find the right local hot spot to try at the right time during an @Airbnb powered trip. ⠀
When asked how new concierge platform Trips differs from Airbnb's regular booking platform, Dill says the service involves far more creation. "People apply [to offer an experience through Airbnb], and we make sure their ideas are up to our standard," she says. "We also help them create their listing, including shooting a lot of videos, which we believe is important. When you take pictures of a home, you get a sense of that space, but you need video to capture what it looks like to sumo wrestle."⠀

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@HBO is on users’ laptops, tablets, and smartphones—all thanks to Bernadette Aulestia. In the digital video industry, where every company that could partner is also a competitor, Aulestia has to forge these relationships diplomatically.⠀

Last December, she made a deal with Amazon for it to sell HBO directly to Prime members. The partnership helps HBO reach customers who want the convenience of watching Game of Thrones via Amazon Video without having to manage another account, app, or bill.⠀

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Members of @survive__________________ may be best known for composing the "Stranger Things" soundtrack, but the four-piece synth band offers so much more than a Netflix chill session. They played at @Moogfest in Durham, NC last night and will be live-scoring "Stranger Things" at the music and technology festival tonight. [Photo: @feralcatcolonist] #strangerthings @strangerthingstv

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Former Goldman Sachs employees @porterbraswell and @ryanswilliams created recruiting site @Jopwell to let companies more easily connect with minorities. “You can’t seek an opportunity if you don’t know it exists,” says Williams of the platform, which is being used by Facebook, Airbnb, and Pfizer, among others. “We found ourselves working on Wall Street largely because there was an established pipeline [from certain universities to financial institutions]. We didn’t realize that we could work at Facebook or Google despite the fact that we are not engineers.” [Photo: @andyryanphoto]


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Meet Toni Reid and Rohit Prasad, who built the platform that powers @Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa. [Photo: @carltoncanary]⠀


Last year, revenue from GE’s (@generalelectric) digital services hit $3.6 billion—up 16% from the year before—thanks in part to the power segment’s rapid growth as more customers, such as U.S. energy giant Exelon and Qatar’s RasGas, sign on to use Predix technology in their facilities. Just as significant: Bell’s software is helping these utilities become more productive. “Thomas Edison developed the grid for a different world,” says Bell. “We have to be more agile. By going digital, we can modernize the grid structure and improve efficiency and reliability.”⠀

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"If you want to f**k with me, bring your A-game," Gwyneth Paltrow said during an interview with Fast Company's Nicole LaPorte yesterday. Speaking at Goop's headquarters during our FC/LA conference, the Oscar winner was more than a little frank when discussing the challenges of running her lifestyle website. "It took me many years to get to the point where I felt confident enough to monetize the business," she said of her company's recent success "I really didn't give myself permission to say what I wanted to do for a really long time until it was kinda clear that I just should just do it." Paltrow also gave some insight into the inner workings of her business methods, including how she utilizes her network of startup mentors. She has "an amazing group" of people she calls "all the time," including @Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, "even though he could like be my son," she jokes. "He has an incredibly sharp mind. His advice is incredibly practical." The Goop CEO also isn't afraid to pick up the phone and call Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger, Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn, or Creative Artists Agency president Richard Lovett and simply ask, "Hi, is there any way I could just talk to you for one hour?" "I'm very lucky that people will take my calls," she says.

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@Cleowade uses poetry to inspire her fans and help brands engage with their audiences.⠀

Last year, she partnered with @Armani to host a digital gathering where women could share success stories and encouragement, and her poems inspired a capsule collection from fashion brand @zeromcornejo in December. By cultivating a community around her poetry, Wade is introducing a lost art form to a new generation—and using it to spur them into action.“Back in the day, you’d just have your show and hopefully get signed to a gallery,” she says of being an artist. “Now you do a partnership with Armani where you align your messaging for both of your audiences. You attract the people in the world who feel or believe the same things with you at the same time, and want to create a space to further that messaging.”⠀

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