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FastCap LLC Innovative woodworking products. #fixwhatbugsyou Subscribe: ChopShop Saw Hood:

The Pocket Pull Saw from FastCap has a 18 TPI saw blade. It is a Super flexible thin blade (.015"). Compact and safe to store in your pocket when closed. Locked and ready to use when fully open. (product link in FastCap profile) #PocketToolKit #stopthestruggle #fixwhatbugsyou #leanconstruction #leancarpentry #saw #pullsaw

The ChopShop Saw Hood saves you valuable time, by helping you keep your work area clean. This innovative product is easy to set up and eliminates billowing dust throughout your customer's home. The Saw Hood Pro is identical in function to the Saw Hood but is made out of a spring steel so it can fit into a compact bag. If space is an issue, this is the tool for you. (product link in FastCap profile) #sawhood #leanconstruction #jobsitedustcontrol #dustcontrol #fixwhatbugsyou #stopthestruggle

Nail Hole Tape features holes every two inches, allowing you to quickly mask nail holes before you fill them. Simply place a piece of tape over the nail hole, fill, peel, and sand. No more residue or discoloration! (product link in FastCap profile) #stopthestruggle #fixwhatbugsyou #quicklymastnailholes #leancarpentry #carpentry #fillingnailholes

When you can't find a stud, use a RocLoc! Designed to work with 1/2" or 5/8" drywall, the RocLoc resists shear & does not allow the load to slide. Easy to install and NO fumbling with toggles or multiple steps. (product link in FastCap profile) #stopthestruggle #fixwhatbugsyou #leanconstruction #wallhanging #whenyoucantfindastud #150lbs

Thanksgiving comes early for the FastCap Crew! We have much to be thankful for! #happythanksgiving #grateful

Need something to stay put? FastCap's TracPad 1x1 can be applied to anything and not damage furniture or delicate surfaces. The rubber is flexible with tiny treads on the surface for superior grip on the smoothest materials. (product link in FastCap profile) #needsomestayingpower #stopthestruggle #fixwhatbugsyou

The Retro Fit Kit for the 3rd Hand LaserMount allows anyone with our LaserMount system to upgrade to the new Micro Adjust system. Our LaserMount utilizes a powerful neodymium magnet and a thumb lock to securely attach your laser to our 3rd Hand. The laser line becomes the actual line you work from, eliminating the need for chalk lines. Position any laser exactly where you want it. (product link in FastCap profile) #magnetictools #lasermount #fixwhatbugsyou #stopthestruggle

The Layout Tape System is designed for the 32mm European style adjustable shelving. This system includes a 60' roll of Layout Tape and a 5mm Layout Drill bit which allows you to drill precise, chip free, 5mm holes at the correct depth every time. (product link in FastCap profile) #stopthestruggle #fixwhatbugsyou #hangingshelves #eurocabinets

The Self Centering Pocket Hole Screw is a simple new product that makes pocket hole joinery even easier. The soft washer helps to consistently center the screw tip, eliminating the hassle and worry of missing the pilot hole. Drill your pocket hole, insert your Self Centering Pocket Hole Screw, push it into place, and drive to secure your joint. The washer will automatically guide the screw tip into the pilot hole. (product link in FastCap profile) #stopthestruggle #leanconstruction #leanwoodworking #fixwhatbugsyou

Keep your tape close at hand with the TaperClip. It easily clips over your pants or belt or screws to a workbench, ensuring you have your masking tape, duct tape, or Layout Tape with you right when you need it. (product link in FastCap profile) #leanwoodworking #stopthestruggle #fixwhatbugsyou #tapedispenser

The Euro Finishing Clip will cut your cabinet door finishing time in half! Simply squeeze the EFC to fit it into your hinge cups and hang vertically. Now you can finish both sides at the same time! Holds up to 40 pounds per clip. (product link in FastCap profile) #stopthestruggle #fixwhatbugsyou #eurocabinets #leanwoodworking

The Little Lipper is great for getting that flush edge to any cabinet, countertop, or any woodworking project. The movable Delrin guide, with a flat edge, gets that perfect flush edge every time. It mounts easily to any router and now includes added protection with a hand guard! (product link in FastCap profile) #routerguide, #flushcutrouter #leanconstruction #leanwoodworking #stopthestruggle #fixwhatbugsyou

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