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FastCap LLC Innovative woodworking products. #fixwhatbugsyou Subscribe: Joist Clip:

The Joist Clip allows you to keep your joist hangers in place during installation while keeping your fingers away from the business end of your hammer. Simply clip the Joist Clip over the joist hanger for easy, one-handed installation. (product link in FastCap profile) #stopthestruggle #fixwhatbugsyou #leanconstruction #joistinstallation

Izzy's Track Guide makes all your shop cuts straight and perfect every time. Designed by wood worker and FastCap friend, Izzy Swan, this guide is designed to be used in tandem with the FastCap SafeCut Ruler to produce a line straighter than freehand cutting or using a fence alone, and it's easy! (product link in FastCap profile) #stopthestruggle #leanwoodworking #wantstraightcuts #Izzyswan #woodworking #DIY

The P.I.Y.N. Lean Labels stop the struggle of plugging accessory cables in the side of your laptop. Apply each label to the corresponding port on your laptop, and never look from side to side or crane your neck to find the right port for your cable again. P.I.Y.N. labels are another great idea from the shop floor! (product link in FastCap profile) #PIYNStickers #computerstickers #computerlabels

Stop straining your back trying to lift heavy stuff. Suck it up with our Handle on Demand (HOD). Comes in single or double. Just fasten the suction pads to any nonporous surface and move it, lift it, place it, & transport it with ease. (product link in FastCap profile) #stopthestuggle #fixwhatbugsyou #movingstuff #movingheavystuff

The BeauClip is an easy fastener system for panels. The system is a secure, reusable, durable and effective way to prevent panels from slipping, falling and constantly being repaired. Stop struggling with inaccurate measurements, hook and loop, and complicated specialty tools. This product is also good for RVs, architectural woodwork, applied wall panels, seat cushions, and much more! (product link in FastCap profile) #stopthestruggle #leanconstruction #fixwhatbugsyou #preventpanelslipping #nomoreslips

Our Peel & Stick Kanbans are a great organizational system for any workspace. The strong adhesive backing allows our Kanbans to stick to any product. Its simple and easy-to-follow design allows you to track historical information to help find patterns, collect data, and improve inventory levels. (product link in FastCap profile) #fixwhatbugsyou #stopthestruggle #kanban #lean #inventorytracking

Fastcap's Kaizen Knife is the little brother to the TriBlade Utility Knife. Its unique design works great for cutting Kaizen Foam, and it includes a box cutter for tape and plastic. Now you will never be without a sharp knife. (product link in FastCap profile) #stopthestruggle #cutaroundthecorner #boxcutter

The Ballistic Apron has been designed specifically with the woodworking professional in mind. It made out of rugged ballistic nylon with self-healing hook & loop pockets. (product link in FastCap profile) #fixwhatbugsyou #stopthestruggle #leancarpentry #leanwoodworking #ballisticnylon #stockingstuffer

Tired of tool bags that don't fit your tools? Wrong size pockets? Too small...too big? The FLEX Tool Bag solves all these problems with our innovative, flexible design. (product link in FastCap profile) #fixwhatbugsyou #stopthestruggle #toolbag

Our Flex Backpacks are the ultimate packs for traveling, hiking, photography, work or anything else you can think of! The Flex Backpack is the perfect overnight bag, it is loaded with built-in pockets for perfect organization, and a large compartment for clothes. The Flex Backpack 2 has built-in pockets and opens to reveal a fully customizable Kaizen Foam interior to hold anything perfectly. (product link in FastCap profile) #FlexBackpack #fixwhatbugsyou #stopthestruggle #customizeyourbackpack #travelbag #travelbackpack #backpack

The Wood Washer is designed with a 1”, 18mm, or 9/16" head diameter, with a 1/4" inside diameter, and a recess that allows your screw to sit flush in the washer when extra holding power is needed. (product link in FastCap profile) #stopthestruggle #fixwhatbugsyou #leanwoodworking #recessedwasher #washer

The FLEX Bit Bag features clear pockets that fasten with hook & loop, allowing you to protect, separate, and organize your bits easily. Stores wrenches too! Includes 6 small pockets, 2 large pockets and wrench pocket. (product link in FastCap profile) #stopthestruggle #fixwhatbugsyou #leanbits #leantools #organizeyourtools #organizeyourbits

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