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Germán Bel / Fasim 

Fragment of the recent interview with Alberto Feas for MtnWorld talking about my intervention in the Urban Skills.
_____________________________________ -Can yo explain how you have developed this idea?

It has a lot of style from the surrealist group fronted by Andre Breton, and some inspiration from the group of Paul-Émile Borduas ‘Les automatiques‘ and the avant-garde Dada; the automatic drawing. It was about provoking the accident, about playing with the images until they altered its meaning, suggesting unexpected connotations. I wanted to take part of this game and turn it into a mural dimension.
I have recently begun to study Greek ceramics more profusely, its artists and their different styles and periods. This past August I was in Paris and I could see some of the pieces that they treasure in the Department of Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities of the Louvre Museum. I spent many hours inside and left the museum with many ideas. I wanted to make a series with this fascinating art and I started working on it as soon as I had the chance, although without reinterpreting the old art, playing with it.
I have always had a great passion for ancient art; Greece, Crete, Egypt…
Pic: Jordi Arques

A portrait ( Detail ) done by Juani Ruz graphic journalist of the 'Diario Información' working on the great mural for the @urbanskills1 Festival 2018 in Alcoy.

Thanks for the capture ✌


Little white head 
33 X 26 cm
Acrylic paint on magazine paper



Wall for the Urban Skills Festival in Alcoy, Alicante.

This is the first wall on which I have represented a complete standing figure, the effect is colossal, it has an almost supernatural presence.

It's the effect I wanted, as a return to the old gods and their enormous influence. A return to the Totem.

Thanks to all the organizers of the festival for helping us to carry out our work in full view of everyone, also thanks for the hospitality, from the heart.

Photo by: Jordi Arques @jes_orquadi



The best of the 'Urban Skills' were the meetings at dinner time at the Savoy hotel, where all the artists slept, we saw each other after the work day uploaded to the cranes and it was a fun time! 😆


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Working on the great mural at the Urban Skills Festival in Alcoy. There is little left to finish, today is the strongest day of the festival! + info; @urbanskills1 🐝

Video by @citaforkids 💦

Souvenirs of the Urban Skills Fest in Alcoy. Sketches of Dems, Fase, Smithe, Loko13, Hec and St23. Great reunion of urban artists in Alcoy, we hope that the festival will continue for many years and that it will be able to accommodate great artists.

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Great capture working on the mural of the photographer Jordi Orquadi official of the Urban Skills festival.


After the first initial setbacks of the realization of the different murals in Alcoy, it is developing very positively.


Today we begin to paint the large format murals at the Urban Skills Fest, in the city of Alcoy in Alicante. We will be painting all week in different areas of the city.


Day 1 / There we go!


Great retrospective of Henry Chalfant at the CEART in Madrid, we are painting at the Urban Skills festival in Alcoy but from here all our support!! ___________________________________________

Curator: Suso33 @suso33
Pics: JEOSM @jeosmphoto
Rooms A and B
From September 27 to November 18, 2018

Inauguration September 27 at 8:00 p.m.

Art Is Not a Crime 1977-1987 is the first major retrospective devoted to the work of photographer and documentary maker Henry Chalfant (United States, 1940), the greatest ambassador of the graffiti culture. The exhibition was born as a tribute, with the intention of valuing his figure and his work, true visual anthropology of an artistic movement, that of graffiti, which has transformed the urban landscape and the contemporary culture of the last decades.

The project celebrates the 35th anniversary of the premiere of its legendary documentary Style Wars and the edition of the book Subway Art, thanks to which the whole world knew the existence of graffiti on subway cars and hip-hop culture, which changed forever the way of understanding, experiencing and relating to art in the city.

The exhibition has been curated by SUSO33, one of the most important graffiti writers in our country, who has been experimenting with action painting, muralism, performance, installation and video art for three decades. For years, he has maintained a close relationship with Henry Chalfant, whom he considers a mentor, and in this show he has wanted to pay tribute to him. "The impulse that has led me to organize this show is the debt that so many graffiti writers feel towards Henry Chalfant, who universalized a culture that many young people adopt as ours." (SUSO33)

Cropped figures V

65 x 65 x 3,5 cm

Acrylic and spray acrylic on canvas



Last two weeks to visit the exhibition 'Rue Barcelona', the exhibition of urban art from the city of Barcelona at the Deux6 gallery in Paris.


Studio, 2018.


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