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  🔭 if it is convenient, then I don’t want it. Sporadic postings.

“Don’t look back, girl. You’re not going that way.”

Sundays in Paris.

When Ellie looks at me this way.

Sometimes people need to be told that old ways won’t open new doors.

Documenting my Fresh Vitamin Nectar Moisture Glow face cream journey with these 4 photos.

Day 1: If you zoom into the photo, you’ll see tiny pimples on my cheek and a really dull complexion.
Day 4: I woke up and my skin was literally glowing. The small pimples were gone and I seriously think the cream helped to heal my skin faster than usual as there was no scarring from my pimples at all!
Day 6: Happy face because my skin is maintaining the glow.
Day 7: I am down to my last bit of the moisturiser but my skin looks better than it’s been in a long long while.

I need more of this cream, seriously.

My humble Urban Decay stash needs a serious update.


Looking at old photos thinking that it might help me sleep was a bad idea. #丟回


I guess sometimes I forget how beautiful winter is.

No coffee, no prana.

Waiting for rain.

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