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Brittany Diedrich  thanks. sorry. you’re welcome 📍logan square, chi.

The hangover: Paris
Things we learned: *3 bottles of wine should not be paired with cheap whiskey shots
*If you lose your LV bag w/passport in it, hope nice French guys find it. -celebrate - but remember 1st pt. *Brittany believes she is fluent in French when drunk *Becky is unimpressed by most things - even in Paris (also HATES stairs)
*Brittany is seriously considering opening a late night taco place in Paris. Even followed Taco Bell for a few scary hours on IG while sleeping off bad decisions. *There is more than one Hotel that has a name like Eugene in it. This was learned via a 45 min $50€ Uber. Thankfully the Arc de Triumph was seen and Brittany saved the day with with backseat French. 👩🏻‍🎨
*Becky’s friends liked her pic 300 times, my Paris pic got 34 (thanks for nothing guys...)
*Becky actually made her return flight home this trip.
And Finally... *We still look great hung in this pic

Paris. City of stairs. Or something like that. .
#cityoflights #iloveparisinthespringtime #imeanwinter

over edited vietnam pics for your viewing pleasure

my best worst decision. my rock. my best boy. to the ups. to the downs. best 12 years of my life. .
happy birthday dolce. 🖤
#nofilterneededwhenyoureperfect #dolcethedestroyer #somanyunwantedcuddlescominghiswayfromthefuture

...really here for the foot rubs...

we’re fine. actually - we’re great.

Glad u pretty NYC bc cancelled flights last two trips isn’t chill. .
#newyorkcity #skyline #ilovehangingoutatLGA #weliveherenow

I’ve been the worst. Someone pls come ride w/ me. .
#someonealsorenewmyplates #andtakethetestsformyILlicense #harleydavidson #fortyeight

Only packing the essentials. 📦 🐶🚚
#dolcethedestroyer #movingsucks #logansquare

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