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Omega  I blog about beauty, fatshion, and the pursuit of pleasure. Not Fashion Forward.. Fashion Adjacent.

Cosying up to a handsome and delicious Londoner at the Back Bar...

At the gorgeous Astor theatre for the school of life talk #onmotherhood with @amandapalmer and Missy Higgins :)

Don't mess with me, fortune cookie. You have no idea what I'm capable of.

Embracing the purple rain today..

Me too, Starbucks, me too..

Melbourne's doing blue today too...

Best thing about Sydney airport? The Melbourne restaurant :)

Future me will regret this, present me is thoroughly enjoying this delicious cup of alertness.....

I am loving how readily available rose gold stuff is at the moment.. :)

My gorgeous girl caffeine.. Her life has changed a lot in the last while and not for the better, but she always has a cuddle for me when I come home and then settles in to nap nearby to keep me company. She always seems to know when I need support and comfort. She's the best.

Wrapped in a tablecloth, with a rockabilly band playing so loud you have to shout to be heard and she is soundly asleep.. We have trained her well.

I woke up like this.. Ready for a fun weekend vending for @beautybohemia @adoredadornments at #greazefest2016 Whoo :)