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Aly!  . 🐊 Alygator 🐊 >>>>---🐀πŸ₯🐣Pet hunting🐣πŸ₯🐀------}> Boss pets: 11+ rax base skins Skill pets: 12

After a long search willow finally has appeared πŸ˜ƒ close to 50m xp to find it after take off the xp from the odd non pet chance xp. #halfwayto120 #skillpets #fashionscape #rs3 #runescape #holidayseason

Yay for spoiders πŸ•ΈπŸ•· spoookeh stuffs. decided to look into getting the rax pet skins. Got all 6 now time to hunt down Barry and Mallory πŸ”Ž#rs3 #runescape3 #skyboxfilters #arraxor #petscape #runescape #fashionscape #oldschoolrunescape #osrs #jagex #droplogs

So far my rediculously consistant bad luck has continued over to combat pets. Used up 4500 crimson charms and 600 blue so far. Was gonna save blues for a dxp but guess time to burn em #rnjesus #rs3 #runescape #petscape

Shoutout to the special snowflake who got so salty that he died at beastmaster that he kicked everyone in the group when were 200k from defeating it. Next time maybe sign of life would be a good choice hmm

Sigils pleasee. Nearing 1k dry after getting 2 first instance after the drop logs update. Guess ive used up my all my lucks. #rs3 #runescape #corpbeast #collectionlog

The middle of the night is my favorite time of the day. So peaceful and still. Maybe one day these demons will let sleep. #rockbottom #chasingdragons #demons #bliss

Think i play to much considering i spend half my time afking and still break 60m. Started doing dag kings for slayer tasks and got to 1k kills :) making some progress towards gwd2 titles sorta.. also hit 150 rax kills but seem to be getting worse and worse at it πŸ€•#runescape #rs3 #xpgains #droplog

Login screen after falling asleep the night before πŸ˜… daily occurance

Trimmed comp cape party crashing @broke_danny πŸ™ƒ grats again! #runescape3 #trimtrim

250 followers :D Thanks for all the love. You're all amazing in your own little nooby ways <3 Been fun bumping into a lot of you around the game, hopefully will get a chance to meet all of you someday. #rsfam #runescape

Afking makes me so bored lol. . #castlewarsspotlight flying high with a fly mammoth

Wish i could play with these graphics always but laptops junk lol. I usually just run min settings but have bloom on low and textures on compressed.

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