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Fern  Hopefully out of the service area

When you run into your friends at the park..

Alex and Jake went on a treasure hunt. Aren't they beautiful? #GuelphmeetsTBay #fernmeetsdeb #amythyst

Today I'll be a flower ~ I'll let the bees come to me 🐝🌻 Our hive is looking strong heading into this summer! Yay!

That one time we took photos in front of #thatpinkdoor in Palm Springs. Miss you @masonprout

The best kind of friend. The kind who rubs mud on your face for you to keep the black flies away. The kind who always knows which essential oil you need. I love you Paige Parker! I love you Ben's camp! Cheers to this seasons trees and many more to come. 🌲

Spent the weekend off from my full time job to plant trees with the bush babes, and boy did it feel nice! Scrubbing the dirt from under my nails to avoid glares at my meetings tomorrow.. #alternatereality

It's simple when life revolves around trees, soup, and being bush warriors.

Scale down. Slow down. You take what you're given and be grateful for it. Wishing those at @rootstoharvest a wonderful growing season and major success with the quail! Can you see the little crack in the shell?

That's Ben! It's summer! We're cruising to Thunder Bay! Infinite love ahead!!!!!

Thanks for a wicked fun 3rd year Guelph pups. I have so much gratitude for what I've learned from the good, the bad and the gnarly. On space: sometimes you need it sometimes you don't. Be honest and honour your capabilities. On people: sometimes we hurt each other and sometimes we do amazing things for each other. We're all trying our best. On Guelph: always a good time.

Earth gave me Paige as a friend, a sister, work partner, someone to learn from and with. This day, we found a beautiful grey squirrel with perfect fur, dead on the side of the road. We talked about how we've always wanted to learn to tan hide and this squirrel gave us the chance! We were so excited. We lit candles and incense, played music and set intentions before skinning it. It was tricky but we did it well. We were both very honoured to have this squirrels fur, each other, this experience, this new skill. As paige made fire to start the smoking process, we found that the pelt was gone and somewhere back in the earth. Full circle. Forever on the lookout for roadkill, forever connected to my sister Paige. The light in me honours the light in you (and the squirrel)! #paigesbirthdayeveryday

That soul connection~ Laughing about everything, anything and nothing with these animals.

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