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Photogram vortex. When they're clear, they glow...

At the end of a long day, I remember the pretty face I spent time with yesterday, and all the thoughts that bustled behind it.

It's not a shofar, but shana tova, and please forgive me for my wrongdoings over the past year. New Year is my favorite holiday, so I'm happy to have so many versions of it to draw from over the spread of the many cultural calendars of my family's diverse origin story. שנה טובה.

Last days of the exhibition Synthesize: Art + Music at the #MOCA Jacksonville. Now the skeletal drum kit, constructed according to the logic of light but also for a particular body, will be on its way back to LA. Propositions for #performativity in #photography... how to work with each new subject on their own terms and then take it somewhere else. 2015 #stagecraft stuff.

Great #mural by #Tlacolulokos, the #Oaxacan #artcollective, at the #LosAngelesPublicLibrary. Installed below the 1933 murals by #DeanCornwell, which depict a #California history devoid of its relationship to Central America, the paintings by #DarioCanul and #CosijoesaCernas describe a contemporary mixture of cultures and practices. Tonight was a bilingual panel discussion with the two artists who comprise the collective, Dario and Cosi, as well as #LosAngeles #graffiti artist and founder of #Juxtapoz, #ChazBojórquez. Good talk on #streetart and self-validation... Go #pstlala, @pstinla.

Reading amazing essays from the first phase of the cultural revolution in Russia, wherein #Lenin, #ленин's wife, and here A.A.Solts, among many others, were working out the ethics of the new system - whether you should have a lot of sex or use ты or вы with soldiers of lower rank than you, etc. In this passage Solts talks about economic accumulation, and the hilarious thing - the thing that made me want a 😂 emoji - is that he says that writers are the only workers so far that won't work for free. L.O.motherFing.L. Fast forward to late capitalism, in which writers are one of many types of creatives told that working for free is part of their burden and their privilege.

Me lecturing tonight

It's the last day of Expo Chicago and I hope if you are a collector nearby you have enjoyed it. Such things are for you. My nephew's beautiful statuesque form, though - that is for me.

My morning Duolingo #ритуал is getting very sassy.

#AudreyHope at #MuseumAsRetailSpace, or the bodies of viewers among the folds of her work @cowboyulysses

#PabloRasgado at @steveturnerla ... "Paintings" made from the walls of museums turned back into walls to exhibit his and other artists' work... including this penny, now inscribed with the words, "This Too Shall Pass" Another great #PacificStandardTime show.

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