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one of greatest gift i ever got is i call them parents ✨ haaaaappy holiday both of ya

telat ga kl gue br upload skrg?🙃🤪

The city where you will never get bored, Osaka! sorrysorry yg belakang gengges bgt🥴

when dangdut going to the next level...


thank you so much for making me smile, laugh, cry and pushing me to go after my dreams and not letting me fail. thank you for always catching when i fall, for being there through the thick and thin. thank you so much for being you, for accepting me in every way. this is my appreciation for everything you've done to me in my life. thanks for loving me despite my flaws :) .
i love you my ups and downs since 2012

#EnergyOfAkad // buat yg tautau aja😝 // btw inspired dressnya dr the one and only thiaaa! trims🎀 ini jd super gemes @thiatic

bb since 2009🎀

Mandatory post, especially for my bestfriend since 2009. Dear Elita, i know it's almost your big day!!!!! Marriage is a journey, please enjoy the ride and know that any bumps in the road will pass. We will be here for you every step of the way. We're ready to serve you as your bridesmaids! lots of love today and beyond💙

love at the first sight! thanku ❤️ outer by @hai.dwiqa

ms chief with her butterbeer🍺

favorite human since '94

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