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Farm Sanctuary  Rescue, education, & advocacy for farm animals. For more of the #FarmSanctuaryLife, follow @GeneBaur & @SusieCoston. 💚🐄🐖🐐🐑🐓🦃💚

Welcome home, little one! Meet our newest rescued resident LIVE today at 3:00 p.m. ET/noon PT on our Facebook page. She has trouble walking and needs special splints to fix abnormalities in her legs, but with daily care we think she’ll be on her feet in no time. #rescue #rehabilitation #veterinarymedicine #sheepofinstagram #lambs #friendsnotfood #cuteanimals #farmsanctuarylife #sanctuary #rescue

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Photo by Waterkeeper Rick Dove showing factory farms underwater. So far, 1.7 million farm animals have been reported dead, and the number will almost certainly rise. Rather than addressing the suffering and panicked deaths these animals experienced, the industry focuses more on its economic losses. We need to stop supporting this industry with government subsidies, and consumers can also make a difference by voting with our dollars and eating plants instead of #animals. #eatplants #govegan #farmsanctuary #farmsanctuarylife #kindnessmatters #vegan

Got a secret? Scott’s all ears! You can check in with Scott and friends *live* at via , or tour our New York Shelter! #sanctuary #sheep #friendsnotfood

Please keep Falco in your thoughts! We had to bring him in for emergency surgery yesterday. Falco has been very sick since he was a baby; while calves need immunity-boosting colostrum from their mother’s milk to thrive, Falco never got the chance to nurse. As a result, he developed many abscesses, the largest of which could not be treated by antibiotics and continued to grow. It was determined that he required invasive surgery, and he is still recovering for anesthesia. Thanks to support from friends like you, we can be there for Falco when he needs us most. To learn more about Falco’s journey, visit #rescue #animalrescue #cowsofinstagram #veterinarymedicine #getwellsoon 🐄❤️

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Please tune in tomorrow for our live feed-3 o'clock eastern time, where we will discuss what happened at Hurricane Katrina, where 6 million farm animals died and in Iowa during the flooding that killed tens of thousands of pigs. Where those survivors are now, what they went through, what the costs of the rescue where, but most importantly what we saw and what we learned from doing that rescue.
It has been just ten years since we rescued pigs in Iowa after flooding killed tens of thousands of pigs and literally left just 69 survivors. And with their babies we ended up with 80 pigs. This was in Iowa, a state that currently has over 22 million pigs and only just over 3 million human residents. And in NC where yet another hurricane and more floods will hit right now, over 10 million human residents, millions of those in the path of this storm can evacuate and save their lives and their lives of their families. I am not belittling the devastation. It will be great, but like my mother said- it doesn't matter what material things you lose as long as you are safe. But for over 8 million pigs, 32 million turkeys, and 830 million Cornish chickens evacuation will never come. Even though they feel fear, they feel pain, they love their families, they feel empathy- they are seen on these farms as commodities- as property, and when hurricanes hit- as trash to be cleaned up. And if their monitory value is less than corn, or wheat or oats- corn, wheat and oats will be saved. Nothing has changed since a decade ago, when the majority of farms saved their crops and left their pigs to die.
I remember the condition of the pigs that we rescued in Iowa- as as much as they suffered physically what they suffered even before the storms was equally horrible. The psychological trauma, the loss, the horror they went through but not just on the day of the storm. For those who we took out of Iowa- the storm saved them for a life of hell. Hell is on those farms every single day and that system has to change.
So tune in and ask questions and let's discuss it. Because this is not going to be the last hurricane, flood, tornado to hit these farms this yea

Celebrate how this powerful movement is changing the world for animals at #FarmSanctuaryontheHudson 2018 Gala. @bellamyyoung is hosting, @colbiecaillat is performing, and @thelizdee is Gala Chair! Congrats to honorees @carolleifer, @byanygreens, and @drkristifunk . Tickets: @veganladyboss #farmsanctuarylife #farmsanctuarygala #farmsanctuary #thefutureisfemaleandvegan #vegansofig #vegantravel #plantpower #crueltyfree #meatfree #plantbasedlifestyle #plantbasedlife #vegancommunity

Though it may look like it, Nik is not posing for this picture. He is actually watching new members of the herd butting heads and working things out. But Nik is a lover, not a fighter. This time, he’ll simply observe. #Farmsanctuarylife #cattleofinstagram #cowsofinstagram #rescue

It’s hard to believe that this tiny goat, Aretha, gave birth to these two girls. Clearly their size came from Dad. But the most amazing thing about this trio is the love they have for each other and the bond that they will share for life here at Farm Sanctuary. #farmsanctuarylife #goatsofinstagram

This little lamb was used in research, doomed to a scary and often-painful life that likely would have been cut short after the study ended. Thankfully, someone working on the project intervened, and Amber was released to Farm Sanctuary, where she can now live out the life all animals deserve. Amber is truly #SomeoneNotSomething! Learn about sheep at #FarmSanctuaryLife

At just 4 months old, Hope had to fight for her life after a fox attacked her flock, damaging her leg in the process. She’s now recovering from surgery, and as she heals, she’s making the most out of her new #FarmSanctuaryLife.

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