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Farm Sanctuary  Rescue, education, & advocacy for farm animals. For more of the #FarmSanctuaryLife, follow @GeneBaur & @SusieCoston. 💚🐄🐖🐐🐑🐓🦃💚

Guess who loves the water: It's Von D piglet! (Soon, she'll graduate to the mud pit and pond at our Southern California Shelter, but she's getting in some good practice first!) 🌊🐖🎉 Read her story at (link in bio) and learn about our intelligent, playful pig friends at!

Is your Monday in need of a baby goat party? 🎉🐐🐐🐐🎉 Brothers Thomas, Duncan, and Tove were in bad shape when we met them, but after getting the treatment and care they urgently needed, they're ready for fun! Read their story and see photos at and learn about the social and emotional lives of goats at #FarmSanctuaryLife

Visiting with Cynthia goat, Mandy sheep, and Jordan goat! ❤️🐐🐑🐐❤️ These pals are true survivors: Cynthia came to us from a horrific backyard butcher operation; Mandy likely escaped slaughter at a New York City live market; and Jordan was found, wounded and sick, wandering in New York City. Read their stories at,, and, and learn about the emotional and social lives of sheep and goats at!

Meet Ogar! He came from difficult beginnings and wasn’t our biggest fan at first, but he soon learned that we were friends and settled right in to #FarmSanctuaryLife. Now, his bright, friendly, comical personality shines through! He loves his friends and family – especially brother Farley and main squeeze Roxy. He’s very talkative, always expressing himself with a grunt or a “huh huh huh” greeting sound – and he’s sure to reply when you call his name. He absolutely *loves* belly rubs. And he’s a master engineer when it comes to making the perfect mud wallow! He’s truly one of a kind – but then, so is every pig (we just don’t get the chance to know them all). ❤️🐷 Meet Ogar at and learn more about our pig friends at! #SomeoneNotSomething

This is Pamela and she *loves* to get her belly rubbed (especially while listening to some soothing music). ❤️🦃 Learn all about our fascinating turkey friends at! #SomeoneNotSomething

Baby goat ballet, starring Tove! ❤️🐐 Meet him and his brothers Duncan and Thomas (visible behind him) at (link in bio) and learn about the emotional lives of goats at

Friendly Kalfin coming over to say hello! ❤️🐑 Learn fascinating facts about sheep at #WoolyWednesday

This week, we’re celebrating birthday girls Ingrid & Marilyn goats, who were born at Farm Sanctuary four years ago, shortly after their parents’ rescue. We love these girls’ spirit, energy, and love of life – evident even when they were babies, as you can see in this adorable video of them during their first time playing in the pasture! 🎉🐐🐐🎉 Read their story and see baby photos at and meet their adopted sister Maxie at #FarmSanctuaryLife

Happy #rescueversary, Frank! A year ago today, this brave boy escaped as he was being unloaded for slaughter and ran for his life through Queens, NY. After he was recaptured, he was able to come to Farm Sanctuary through the efforts of some compassionate and committed friends: Farm Sanctuary Board Member Tracey Stewart (@DoUntoAnimals) and her husband Jon; Mike Stura of @Skylands_Sanctuary; and the Animal Care Centers of NYC (@NYCACC). For the past year, he’s been able to live in peace, surrounded by friends (both human and nonhuman), and treated with love, kindness, and care. In that time, we’ve watched him blossom and settle in to his happy new life. He’s learned that humans can be kind, and discovered that he loves to be scratched. And he's deeply dedicated to his new herdmates – if he thinks that one of them might need help, he comes running. We are so thankful that his life was saved that day a year ago – and that, through his brave escape and inspiring love of life, he is helping people to learn that every farm animal is #SomeoneNotSomething. Happy “rebirthday,” Frank – we love you! ❤️🐮🎉 See his anniversary tribute at and watch his story, as told by his friend and rescuer Jon Stewart, at

Diane spent the first part of her life in the dairy industry before finding sanctuary. In her new life at our New York Shelter, she makes sure to find the fun in every day! She loves to run and play, and her antics always keep us laughing – sometimes she makes us laugh until it hurts! Today, we’re wishing her a very happy “rebirthday” – four fun-filled years at Farm Sanctuary! We love you, Diane! 🐮🎉 Read National Shelter Director @SusieCoston’s birthday tribute at and revisit her rescue story at

Presenting…Thomas, Duncan, and Tove! These amazing baby-goat brothers had a rough start in life, but now they’re at Farm Sanctuary and loving every moment! 🐐❤️🐐❤️🐐 Read their rescue story and see more adorable photos and video at!

Sneak preview of Grace, Edith, Reubie, and Adele's next album cover. 🎶🐑 Psst: Did you know that you can now see what our New York Shelter's sheep residents (including these guys) are up to in real time through live cams at @ExploreOrg? Tune in at! #FlockGoals

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