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Farm Sanctuary  Rescue, education, & advocacy for farm animals. For more of the #FarmSanctuaryLife, follow @GeneBaur & @SusieCoston. 💚🐄🐖🐐🐑🐓🦃💚

We're wishing a very happy “rebirthday” to Liz & Cashew, an amazing mother and son who came to Farm Sanctuary a year ago today! 🐮🎉 Unlike their counterparts in the dairy industry, this special little family will be able to stay together for life. Better still, they’ve expanded their family since coming to Farm Sanctuary with the addition of Jerome, a calf who came to us without his mother and was adopted by Liz & Cashew. We’re so happy to be able to watch these incredible animals thriving together at sanctuary! Read Liz & Cashew’s story at and meet Jerome (whose own “rebirthday” is coming up soon!) at ❤️🐮🐮🐮 P.S. Our friends at @TreelineCheese (who make delicious dairy-free, cow-friendly cheeses) are currently matching sponsorships of Cashew and Jerome, up to $10,000! If you're interested in sponsoring this adorable brother duo, you can learn more about how you can have your gift matched at (link in bio)!

Mason is so happy to be free and our beloved new member of the cattle herd. Here he lets our senior manager Tara Hess know just how happy he is! ❤️🐮 Learn about the rich emotional and social lives of our bovine friends at #FarmSanctuaryLife

Meet Aria! She started life in the egg industry, and when she was considered “spent,” she was sent to be killed. But somehow, this amazing girl survived being gassed. A supervisor at a rendering plant heard clucking coming from a pile of dead chickens, and there was Aria, alive – something he said he’d never seen in his more than 20 years working at the plant. Amazed by this incredible survivor, the man took her home, where she stayed temporarily before finding a forever home at our Southern California Shelter. Today, she’s loving every moment of #FarmSanctuaryLife! While she’s understandably quite wary of humans, she’s become a friend to all in her flock of rescued birds and has discovered a deep love of dust-bathing! Read her story at and learn about the egg industry at (link in bio).

Little Erin lamb recently became big enough to join the main sheep flock at our New York Shelter (along with his devoted mom Julie, of course)! He’s loving making new friends and exploring the expansive sheep pasture. Most of our residents (including Julie, who was rescued while pregnant) have had difficult pasts, so it’s amazing to see youngsters like Erin grow up knowing nothing but love, care, and kindness. ❤️🐑 You can check in on his progress thanks to our @ExploreOrg sanctuary live cams, which include views of the sheep barn and pasture! Tune in at and learn more about Erin and Julie at (link in bio). #FarmSanctuaryLife #Instalamb

Gary stopping by to say hello! Born into the dairy industry, he was considered useless by the farmer who “owned” him – but at Farm Sanctuary, he’s a much-loved member of our happy family! ❤️🐮 Read his story and see baby photos at, and learn about the dairy industry at #SomeoneNotSomething

#TBT to our earliest days with Scribbles goat! This adorable kid has since grown into a majestic adult (scroll through these photos to see the fancy set of horns and flowing beard he’s now sporting), and he’s still enjoying #FarmSanctuaryLife every bit as much as he did when he was a baby! ❤️🐐 Read his story and see video at

Whitaker came to Farm Sanctuary as a tiny calf, so he’s grown up knowing the kindness that all animals deserve and surrounded by the love of his bovine and human friends (including caregiver Sierra, pictured). And boy has he grown! He’s now one of the largest members of his herd – a gentle giant known for his sweet, affectionate nature and his love of a good back scratch! (If you stop scratching before his liking, he’s likely to cut you off when you start to walk away, making sure to let you know that you haven’t finished the job yet!) ❤️🐮 Read Whitaker’s story at and learn more about our bovine friends at #FriendsNotFood

Best friends Marcia (left) and Maurice are such a special pair! They've been inseparable since they met nearly two years ago, and their sweet relationship charms and inspires all they meet. Marcia was born blind, and when she met Maurice, he gladly took on the role of “seeing-eye goat”! They love to play, and when it’s time for a rest, they can often be found sleeping side by side. We love these amazing goats and it’s such a joy to see them enjoying #FarmSanctuaryLife together! 🐐❤️🐐 Read their story and see video at

Happy #CameraDay from brothers Bob Barker and Jack! #TBT to this sweet moment from when the boys were young lambs – we recently celebrated their 1st birthdays! They were born safe at sanctuary after their then-pregnant mom Daniella was rescued from terrible conditions at a so-called “farm-to-table” operation last spring. Bob Barker and Jack are growing up knowing nothing but love, kindness, and care, and it’s inspiring to see them thriving and happy – the way it should be for all animals! ❤️🐑 🐑 Read their story at and learn fascinating facts about our sheep friends at #Instalamb #NationalCameraDay

Many people who haven't had the opportunity to spend time with turkeys don't realize how incredible these birds are. We don't call Alexandra turkey "the world's #1 snuggler" for nothing! This thoughtful girl seems to just know when one of her human friends needs a hug and is always happy to oblige! She also loves sitting in laps and is a huge fan of belly rubs — she'll often run over to us, then plop down expectantly, waiting to get some much-deserved attention! ❤️🦃 Learn about her journey from factory farm to sanctuary at and read fascinating facts about these unique, wonderful birds at #SomeoneNotSomething

Actress, author, and animal advocate @AliciaSilverstone and her son Bear on why they make every meal a #CompassionateMeal!
See the full video at In it, Alicia and Bear talk about the reasons they love eating a plant-based diet ("you don't have to eat yucky meat," says Bear); appreciating farm animals the same way we do dogs and cats; cooking vegan for kids; and more over a delicious meal from landmark L.A. vegan restaurant @CrossroadsKitchen. Want to follow Alicia’s lead and help spread the word about animal-friendly eating? Just invite a friend or family member to share a plant-based meal and share your video or photo using #CompassionateMeals! See more and find plant-based eating inspiration at

Does your Monday need a pick-me-up? Sweet Benedict goat is great at that! ❤️🐐 Benedict came to us from a backyard butcher operation where he was kept in terrible conditions and not given the care he needed. He lives with ongoing neurological issues, but this resilient boy never lets that get in the way of his fun, and with the help of his wheeled cart, he can often be seen running and playing like a champ with his best friend Chucky! At our New York Shelter, we are lucky enough to get to see this in person, but you don’t have to visit us in Watkin Glen to witness this happy sight! Through the magic of @exploreorg's live cams, you can watch Benedict and Chucky and their turkey and chicken friends at! Learn more about Benedict at #SomeoneNotSomething

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