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Farm Sanctuary  Rescue, education, & advocacy for farm animals. For more of the #FarmSanctuaryLife, follow @GeneBaur & @SusieCoston. 💚🐄🐖🐐🐑🐓🦃💚


Last week, a federal appeals court reinstated California’s 2004 ban on the sale of foie gras. The law was overturned in 2015 after foie gras producers spotted a loophole, and a district judge ruled that the state ban illegally interfered with federal law. But this past Friday, a panel of three judges ruled unanimously that the 2015 decision was wrong. This is an enormous victory for ducks and geese, who suffer extreme cruelty in this abusive industry. In the production of foie gras, these sensitive birds are force-fed vast quantities of nutritionally incomplete gruel almost to the point of death, resulting in their livers becoming grossly enlarged. Monet and Matisse ducks are inseparable best friends who were rescued together from foie gras production. When they came to us in 2012, they were absolutely terrified of humans, and for good reason. Gradually, though, they moved beyond their traumatic pasts and learned to simply love life and enjoy their surroundings. At Farm Sanctuary, they eat nutritious food and have room to explore, a pond to swim in, flockmates to bond with, a cozy barn where they’re safely tucked in every night, and human friends who love them and treat them with care and compassion. They show us what every duck and goose in the foie gras industry could experience if only given the chance, and they give us hope for a future where humankind is kinder to all beings. Last week’s important ruling will not be the end of the fight against foie gras, but it is an important victory, and one that all farm animal advocates should savor! #FriendsNotFood

Happy #TongueOutTuesday from Faith cow – bet you can guess why she’s affectionately known as “The Exfoliator”! ❤️🐮 Faith survived the dairy industry and was able to come to Farm Sanctuary through the efforts of a few compassionate young people; read her story at bit.ly/FaithCow (link in bio) and learn how you can visit our incredible residents at bit.ly/VisitFarmSanctuary.

You are safe now! ❤️🐮 This sweetheart is such a recent arrival that she doesn't even have a name yet. (She'll have one soon, we promise!) She's been through a lot, and she has a long recovery ahead of her — but her happy new life has just begun. Welcome, new friend! #SomeoneNotSomething

Happy birthday, Ben David! 🐷🎉 We’ve loved every moment of watching this sweet piglet grow up in the safety of sanctuary (and there are many more wonderful moments to come!). Here are photos of just a few of those happy memories over the past year. At Farm Sanctuary, Ben David has found an amazing family in adoptive brother Cameron and mom Honey, who has happily taken both boys under her wing. Mom and sons can often be found snuggling together in their barn! Read Ben David’s story at bit.ly/BenDavidPiglet, meet the whole family at bit.ly/HoneysFamily, and watch them in real time on our @ExploreOrg pig cam at bit.ly/PigPastureCam! #FriendsNotFood

We can hardly believe it, but little Jerome has now been with us for a full year! We recently celebrated his “rebirthday” – the anniversary of his first day of safety at our New York Shelter – and we couldn't resist taking a photographic trip down memory lane to commemorate his first year at sanctuary. If you’ve been following his story, you know that his life has changed in big and wonderful ways since his rescue from the dairy industry. At Farm Sanctuary, he was adopted by mom Liz and brother Cashew, and he’s also formed wonderful friendships along the way. We’re so happy to be able to give this sweet boy a loving forever home! ❤️🐮 Revisit his story at bit.ly/JeromeCalf and see video of his early moments with Liz and Cashew at bit.ly/JeromesFamily (link in bio)! #SomeoneNotSomething

On #FlashbackFriday, we're remembering Cameron's first time exploring in the pasture — he had so much fun! It's difficult to believe, but this little guy with a big personality has now been with us for a year! His life has changed so much in that time, first getting to know his new caregivers, then getting a new brother in Ben David piglet, and next being adopted by the boys' honorary mom, Honey pig! Read Cameron's story and see more photos at bit.ly/CameronPiglet, learn about his family at bit.ly/HoneysFamily, and check in on this amazing family through the magic of @exploreorg's live pig pasture cam at bit.ly/PigPastureCam!

Little Erin has been having a blast in the pasture this summer! His world has really expanded since joining our main sheep flock (along with his doting mom Julie, of course) not too long ago. It’s amazing to see him loving life with his family and friends! ❤️🐑 Learn more about him at bit.ly/ErinAndJulie and check in on our New York Shelter sheep flock anytime you’d like at explore.org/farmsanctuary! #Instalamb

On #RespectForParentsDay, we're saluting the incredible farm animal parents and parental figures who call Farm Sanctuary home! While most farm animals aren't given the chance to remain with their families, at sanctuary we have the wonderfully special opportunity to see families stay together for life! Learn more at bit.ly/FarmAnimalParents (link in bio).

The many faces of Earl! This sweet boy was rescued from a cruelty case last year, and he was so traumatized when he arrived at Farm Sanctuary that he was afraid to even leave the barn. Today, he’s thriving and loving every minute of #FarmSanctuaryLife! ❤️🐐 Read his story at bit.ly/CattaraugusGoats and learn more about the deep social and emotional lives of goats at bit.ly/AboutGoats (link in bio)!

The beautiful and very brave escape artist Frank enjoying a very green summer at our New York Shelter! As you may remember, Frank escaped slaughter and ran for his life last year - and we're so thrilled that he's now safe, sound, and very happy at Farm Sanctuary! ❤️🐮 Watch his story in a video narrated by his friend and rescuer Jon Stewart at bit.ly/FrankFindsHome! #SomeoneNotSomething

Our amazing caregivers treating Valentino steer, one of our special-needs residents (who seems unfazed). Valentino is such an amazing boy and he absolutely loves his friends on our shelter staff team! ❤️🐮 Read his story at bit.ly/ValentinoSteer and learn more about our sensitive, intelligent bovine friends at bit.ly/CattleFacts.

We're wishing a very happy “rebirthday” to Liz & Cashew, an amazing mother and son who came to Farm Sanctuary a year ago today! 🐮🎉 Unlike their counterparts in the dairy industry, this special little family will be able to stay together for life. Better still, they’ve expanded their family since coming to Farm Sanctuary with the addition of Jerome, a calf who came to us without his mother and was adopted by Liz & Cashew. We’re so happy to be able to watch these incredible animals thriving together at sanctuary! Read Liz & Cashew’s story at bit.ly/LizAndCashew and meet Jerome (whose own “rebirthday” is coming up soon!) at bit.ly/JeromeCalf. ❤️🐮🐮🐮 P.S. Our friends at @TreelineCheese (who make delicious dairy-free, cow-friendly cheeses) are currently matching sponsorships of Cashew and Jerome, up to $10,000! If you're interested in sponsoring this adorable brother duo, you can learn more about how you can have your gift matched at bit.ly/JeromeFS!

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