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What a cool company! If you haven’t checked out @beedowntown, you should! “Bee Downtown sponsored hives allow businesses to play a direct role in stabilizing honey bee populations. Our carefully crafted program ensures expert maintenance of hives and tailored corporate social responsibility initiatives throughout the year to create a custom annual environmental impact report for each of our partners”

“Some monster broccoli coming out of the garden!” Check out this big-green nutrient-filled veggie courtesy of @helle_bauer in Germany!

The list of fresh foods to try keeps on growing! Thanks  @onegreenworld for sharing! “Australian Finger Lime is one of the most fascinating discoveries in our fruit world. This unusual variety is sometimes called Citrus Caviar. Contained in the dark purple, 3″ long fruit are a multitude of juicy capsules bursting with intense, sweet-tart, lemon-lime flavor. Found in the wild in Australia, Finger Limes have only recently been introduced to the US.”

Did you expect there to be a beautiful turmeric root underneath all that dirt? Thanks @foxxotron for revealing it to us and sharing your plans for this powerful root.
“Some of these roots will be used fresh in food, juices, and smoothies. Some of these roots are destined to be replanted to make new turmeric colonies, as they are some of the healthiest looking turmeric roots I have ever seen. Finally some of the turmeric harvest will be pulverized and freeze dried and turned into BKK turmeric powder for my kitchen spice rack.”

Check out this great organic pest management tip from @deannacat3 ! Ladybugs will help protect your garden against aphids and other pests.
“We find containers of ladybugs available at our local garden supply stores, but they can also be purchased online. Once obtained, some keys to a successful release, to encourage them to stay in your garden and not fly away (even though some will, no matter what you do!) is to release them: 1) either in the early morning or preferably at sunset/evening, 2) when your garden soil and plants are damp, and 3) in an area where there is plenty of food, such as on aphid infested plants!
So we waited until sundown, sprayed down the target areas we wanted to release them with water, and then put them on plants I knew had a few aphids or mealybug, like this artichoke, a kale tree, our mealybug-infested passion vines, some fava beans, and then sprinkled the rest in the front and back pollinator/flower garden areas. Here's to hoping they stick around! 🤞 We'll probably get another batch or two soon, just to help the odds. 🌿”

2019’s hottest sustainable fashion trend courtesy of! Make sure to get yourself one while they’re in season. What do you think this edible bracelet is made of?

Have you ever seen a fruit like this before? It is very similar to the much more common Jackfruit, but this yellow beauty is called a Cempedak. You can find this fruit growing on trees up to 65 feet tall in Malaysia, Indonesia, Southern Thailand, and Papua New Guinea. The Cempedak is known for its pungent aroma, and sweet honey nectar flavor. Comment below if you’ve gotten a whiff of this fruit! ( via @bibit_tabulampot )

We need bees to keep our crops and planet healthy! Bees perform the important task of pollination - without them many of the foods we love would not exist, like almonds, avocados, cashews, peaches, peppers, and strawberries (just to name a few). Want to help save them? Plant an array of flowers in your yard or neighborhood, pesticide free!

“Check out this monster!” from the folks over at - Carrots are a great late season crop because they can withstand a little frost. Does anyone have a favorite carrot cake recipe that calls for a carrot this size? Share below!

Thanks for the tip, @gardenschoolfoundation
Sprinkling cayenne pepper around your seedlings can help deter nightly visitors from undoing all your hard work. Raccoons tend to leave established plants alone and cayenne pepper will give your plants a chance. got it right! “This can only mean one thing: pie.” At the first Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie made by early colonists is believed to have been a savory soup served in a pumpkin and not a sweet custard in a crust like we enjoy today! Which type of pumpkin pie will you be serving at your Thanksgiving dinner?

Small farmers need our support now more than ever — watch to learn more about the important role they play in our lives.
A major thank you to @zooeydeschanel, @attndotcom, @farmhousedelivery, @aguadulcefarm, and @gardenoflife for this amazing episode!

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