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Why on earth would a farmer throw a sow and her piglets into the trash? First of all, farmers have nothing to gain from cruelty. It’s been scientifically proven that well-cared-for animals produce more meat than animals that suffered chronic stress. That means it literally PAYS to be nice to animals. In this photo, the farmer could have profited off of each one of the piglets, either by raising them to slaughter weight or by using them to reproduce for future litters.
If you can’t believe that farmers work with animals because livestock is their passion and they deeply value doing right by the stock in their care, then be assured that the farmer can maximize his profits by making sure animals are always happy and comfortable.
I know, vegans. ”But the footage of undercover factory farm workers!” A) That footage has been altered, B) you’re misunderstanding the footage, C) it’s outdated, or D) it’s uncovering legitimate abuse, and, instead of trying to stop it via the legal system, you’re using that poor animal’s pain to push your agenda. ----------------------------------------------------⠀⠀⠀
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A message from Christy Draper, a beef cattle raiser, on Facebook: ”I believe in people being informed. This is an actual picture of our cows on the left and an actual picture of Denver on the right. If you believe that cattle are to blame for environmental issues, I encourage you to come spend an hour with a rancher. Ranchers and farmers are some of the best conservationists of land and wildlife in the country. If their land isn’t healthy.....deer, elk, antelope won’t survive let alone their cattle. Most people today have no idea where their food comes from, so please reach out and ask questions and come spend some time with the ones actually committed to land stewardship. We love our land and we love our responsibility❤️” #Cowspiracy #GreenNewDeal #Environmentalist #GoGreen #VeganForThePlanet

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1 of every 3 bites of food can be attributed to pollinators, especially honey bees! Unless you’re allergic and feel in immediate danger, just leave them be! 😃
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Happy Valentine’s Day!

(and of course) EAT MOR CHIKIN!
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Because, instead of learning about where my food comes from the internet, I’ve actually visited the farms and processing plants first-hand to see this with my own eyes. ----------------------------------------------------⠀⠀⠀
#VeganForTheAnimals #CrueltyFree #AnimalsAreFriendsNotFood #VeganForThem #SomeoneNotSomething #AnimalLivesMatter #EndSpeciesism #AnimalActivism

Hehe! Haters = motivators! Go get ‘em, piggie!
Photo from Twisted HillBilly Magazine

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