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Becky Strahle  Artist🎨 #thisfarmgirlpaints Cuff maker🔨 #farmgirlpaintsetsy OPEN THIS FRI Joy seeker🌷 #countingmyjoylist Living quiet with my peeps on #hesedhill TN

She was singing in her room and I made her come out;) Thought you might like to hear too. #johnlegend #allofme #musicmovesme @bigchick7

Remember those bullet casings I found in the yard a while back? I made something sweet with them. There will be a handful listed in the shop tomorrow🙆 #farmgirlpaintsetsy #rescued #bulletnecklace *9am-9pm cst*

Hi friends... Just a reminder the cuff shop opens tomorrow from 9 am to 9 pm CST. I've had a lot of questions, so here's a little break down for any newcomers. The shop link will be in my profile.
You'll pick a cuff style, and there will be two dropdown menus. One will ask for Blank finish preference (I'll pick your blank). And the other will say Words. You'll choose the length of words there and then in the notes at checkout you'll give me those words:)) Any order without words by the end of the day is subject to cancellation😉 If you think your wrist is tiny or large please leave a TIGHT wrist measurement as well. I add in wiggle room.
These will ship out in time for Mother's day, but there is also a rush shipping option as well. This will be the LAST mini open until Fall. 🙌 #farmgirlpaintsetsy #customcuffs #mothersdaygift #graduationgift

I shared on my story, but in case you missed it. I got the sweetest broken heart pendant from someone today. It's a ministry this husband and wife do to help others go through loss. It came with the most thoughtful letter and Facebook support group. Thank you sweet Amanda for nominating me, and for Brad and Lara Starr for making me one. I will wear it and think of my daddy!! Here's the link for more info... @starrs_metalworks. #happymail #kindnessfromastranger #countingmyjoylist

I talked about this in my story, but I want it in my feed too. I got this painting in the mail today. She wrapped it in tissue paper and I read it and started crying before I even saw what it was... The words my momma sang over my daddy as he passed😭 Gracious! I'm so blessed by the kindness of strangers. When you use your gifts, words, talent, time etc to encourage another that's holy work. Thank you @jennifermeredith!! #happymail #tissosweettotrustinJesus #countingmyjoylist

Two years ago we visited @bigchick7's new high school during the summer. We met with the art teacher and begged her to let Maggie take Art 2 even though she'd never had art classes before.
Her focus had always been band, but she wanted to change direction:) Here we are two years later and she won "best of show" and several other awards tonight🙌 It's so rewarding to see her hard work get recognition. It's confirmation through and through that she made the right decision to pursue her love. So proud of this girl, and beyond grateful for @ckpdouglas. She not only fostered Maggie's love of art, she's been the friend/mentor she needed to make it through... #Godknew #countingmyjoylist #proudmomma #cantbelieveshesasenior #artmovesme

Hi friends start thinking about your words... I'm having one last mini open before Mother's day. This is a 12 hour open. Mark your calendars and set your alarms, so you don't miss it😊 I'll open shop at 9 am CST on THIS Friday and close 12 HOURS later at 9 pm CST. *Newsletter orders ship tomorrow. :) #farmgirlpaintsetsy #mothersdaygift #graduationgifts

I know this may be hard to believe, but I don't share every little thing we walk through here. It's not always my story to share, and some things you just hold close. But this year, actually the last few years, have been really hard and we've needed break through in some areas.
Brian the other day said I just need a sign that He hears me. Something to hold onto... And I was like well He used a donkey in the Bible. We just need a donkey;)
Fast forward to this morning. B comes in and said, with red rimmed eyes, you're not gonna believe what the propane man just said to me. I got nervous, because he looked shocked🙊 The (complete stranger) propane man said, "The Lord is telling me to tell you...your answer is coming! You've been faithful, strong and obedient and your answer is coming!" WHAT!!!! God used a random stranger propane man! 🙆🙌 #icantmakethisup #Godisgood #word #countingmyjoylist #youransweriscoming

I was changing my phone wallpaper this morning and came across this image of my @bigchick7 in Positano from last year. Can you believe places like this even exist? This is someone's grocery store view😍
In just a few weeks my girl and I are setting off for another adventure. This time to Paris and then to a little town in the middle of nowhere in South France. I'm believing for some soul revelations. Creative inspiration. And a whole lot of memory making to happen. When we open ourselves up to new things, the possibilities are endless. Speak Lord. Help me find my way;) Move us onto big things for Your glory... #positano #unlocking #countingmyjoylist

Some days are absolutely exhausting. Good. Bittersweet. Lonnng. Surreal. Beautiful. All.the.things rolled into one. Today was that day. I'm on parent duty. My honey is napping on me while I try to hold my eyes open and wait for our girl on prom night. How is it that the roles are reversed. This was us a blink ago. Just feeling all the feels... #prom2018 #mygirl #somuchchange

I had a low confidence day. Went to the gym in my ratty workout clothes. Felt invisible like I normally do there. Does anybody else just want a workout room all to themselves...preferably in the dark?🙈 Maybe that's the introvert in me, or the almost 45 year old, not quite where I wanna be talking. Anyway went on a date with my honey tonight and saw "I feel pretty", and it was good medicine. Confidence is a beautiful thing. I could go on, but I think tomorrow I'll just stand up a little straighter. Smile a little bigger and get out of my head a whole lot more. #ifeelpretty #confidence

Miles came HOME!!! I feel so stinkin' emotional about it😭 We love Miles. I call him Papa because He's like the big daddy. He cuddles with the babies. His fur is so thick and soft. I really thought he was gone for good. Thank you Lord for bringing him back. *fyi he was neutered at four months... He just likes an adventure I guess. #Godisinthedetails #miles #hesedhill #countingmyjoylist #twoweeks

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