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Farm Families of MS  Educating the general public on the benefits we all share from agriculture.

Catfish aren’t just for a tasty treat! Check out these facts about Catfish!

Many of you remember the tragic plane crash in Leflore County that killed 15 U.S. Marines and one Navy Corpsman. The Marine Corp has set up a command post in Itta Bena to do a thorough search of the crash site and the surrounding fields. There are approximately 100 Marines scouring the fields looking for debris from the crash and will be here for several weeks. Amy Dunn, whose husband is a local cotton farmer, contacted the Marines and asked if there was anything that they needed and the answer was cotton socks. The Marines are trudging through mud and gumbo in the soybean fields and their feet are paying the price for it. Amy was trying find an organization that had a connection with cotton and so she contacted the Farm Families of Mississippi.

So today, Farm Bureau and the Farm Families of Mississippi delivered 500 pairs of socks for the Marines to use to help keep their feet in good shape. Thank you to the brave Marines for all you do for us every day and bless you as you are working in the heat and humidity of the Mississippi Delta! On the far right are Greg Gibson with Farm Bureau/Farm Families of Mississippi and Gunnery Sargent Roger May with the 4th Marine Aircraft Wing.

Every farm tells a story, and we are proud to support the many men and women who continue to share theirs so boldly.

It's always fun to brag on our Mississippi farmers!
Did you know that Mississippi ranks in the top 20 Nationally for the productions of 15 Agricultural commodities? How awesome is that? Thank you farmers for all of your hard work!

How often do we really think about where our meals come from? Or about where the materials to make our clothes is from?

We may never be able to understand how much we rely on our local farmers, so why not show them how much we appreciate all of their hard work? Share this with a farmer and extend an appreciative hand to say thank you to all of our farmers!

Farmers are constantly looking after their fields to ensure everything is going smoothly so that we can have the best quality crops. We sure are thankful for you farmers!

Great shot sent in by Colton White, thank you for sharing it with us!

In Mississippi, there are 150 Farm Raised Catfish operations over 35,000 acres of production! We know our farmers are busy and working hard!

We want to recognize a group of people who, alot of times are so overlooked—women in agriculture. Women fill many roles on the farm. They are the farmers, farm workers, ranchers, agricultural researches, educators, and agri-business people. Then after a long day, they shop for their families, and then prepare the meals.
They do it all. To all the women in agriculture, we’re thankful for you, and we support you!

Farmers are the first link in the chain for food quality and safety. The measures taken to safeguard agricultural products at the farm – the very source – maintains the integrity of the nation’s food supply.

Farmers not only provide us with food, but it’s among the safest in the world!

Farmers are growing Mississippi. We rely on them everyday, and here’s how:

We’re thankful for our farmers who put in such hard work every single day!

To the brave men and women who have fought and continue to fight for our country’s freedom, we thank you! Happy 4th of July!

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