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Farm Families of MS  Educating the general public on the benefits we all share from agriculture.


Today is the first day of Autumn! We sure are looking forward to those cooler temps and the changing of the leaves on farms across Mississippi!

“Our future depends on our ability to take good care of our land and water. It’s a job we take seriously.”

Mississippi farmers rely on the land, so they are exceptional stewards and perform their work in ways that protect the environment. In fact, farmers lead the world in environmental initiatives. We always say we’re thankful for our famers, but we are also proud of our farmers and the good work they do!

On average, Mississippi farms are composed of about 294 acres, and are spread across every region of the state.
From poultry, beef and pork products to cereals, grains, vegetables, and fibers Mississippi farmers provide a variety of products that we enjoy daily! We sure are thankful for agriculture’s place in our lives!

Someone is enjoying his front row seat to the harvest! It's never too early to start teaching them the ways of the farm!

Thank you Thomas Shipp for sharing this photo with us!

Something you might not realize about rice is that it’s not just a delicious addition to any meal, but it has many other uses! Rice and its by-products are used for making straw, rope, wine, crackers, beer, cosmetics, packing material and even toothpaste.

Farmers don’t just grow food, this just proves that a farmer’s presence is with us everyday!

Did you know that 13,929,000 hundredweight of rice was produced in 2016? Now that’s a number to be proud of! Thank you farmers for all of your hard work!

Wherever you look on the farm you can find the evidence of a hard working farmer. Whether it’s in the tractor patterns of a field or the smell of freshly cut hay in the air, a farmer’s presence is everywhere. And for that, we are abundantly thankful!

Today is the day, tickets are on sale for A Mississippi Palate Book Launch Event!
The event is October 24th at 6:30, and tickets are $150. Be sure to purchase yours soon because there are a limited amount available.

For the month of September we will be highlighting rice farming! Rice is one of the top commodities in Mississippi. In 2016, rice had a $139 million value of production. That number is $15 million above 2015. That is amazing!

A huge thank you to the many men and women who work the land to provide rice for our families and yours!

Is there anything better than looking out over a field in anticipation for what's to come? Farmers never cease to amaze us. We are thankful for their continued dedication to their land and livestock, so that they provide our families and yours with safe food!

Thank you for sharing this photo with us Darryl Seawright!

We had a great time at the 6th Annual Farm to Table 100 event last night! Thank you to Table 100 for hosting it and for making a generous donation to the Farm Families of Mississippi. A great crowd was there to celebrate our farmers and their bounties. In fact, some of the farmers provide products that are served on Table 100's menu.

We're already looking forward to next year's event!

Fun fact about cotton! The U.S. Cotton Industry generates about 200,000 jobs AND accounts for more than $25 Billion in products and services annually. With those numbers, it's obvious that our farmers are hard at work for us. We sure are thankful for them!

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