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Loren Profit Smith  letterpress + handmade paper made with love and dyed with botanicals by our team of Americans and refugees in our studio on our 7-acre farm in kcmo

Aisha’s idea for a photo as I was roaming around looking for something interesting in the studio today. Lavender pulp yay!! This color goes in the vat looking reddish brown and then magically turns purple as we mix it in the water (I think maybe because of our iron-y water situation?) still surprises me every time :)
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Getting ready for you @amavistudio!

Just too much pretty from @shotgunningforlove 😃🤯 👈why isn’t there a happy mind blown emoji? Like a combo of the two above would be great and I would use it all the time.
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Seven years today since I married this man. It’s been seven full years, seven sweet years, seven years with more heartaches than we bargained for and more growing up than we knew we needed. Into this new set of seven, my love, I like who we are and who we’ve become together. We’re more humble, more real, more empowered, more wise, more patient and forgiving. You and me together have run into our best selves but also our broken selves over the course of these years, and though I’m proud of our strong times, I’m maybe more proud of our vulnerable times. The lowly places are where Jesus comes to dwell, and I pray that in these next seven years, we have the courage to look our weaknesses in the eye and stay and be loved there, by Him and by one another. Here’s to seven(ty) more!
📷 @wearetheparsons

We ordered in some new natural dyes direct from India (boss lady win! 🙌🏻) and they’re not quite as finely ground as the ones we have been using...for most of the colors I’m going to try filtering out the dyestuff “dust”, but for this one, I’m keeping it! I’m thinking of calling it “salt and pepper”, and I just love the interest the natural speckling brings ✨
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A pretty little invite I made a while ago (and that gorgeous blue dress! 😍)
I spent most of yesterday figuring out what to do about a nasty cut on my toddler’s face, which culminated in three stitches and a tetanus shot at Children’s Mercy Hospital. He was so very brave and only let out one cry the whole way though. I think it was harder on me than it was on him! Now just to figure out how to keep his face clean and dry for a week, which anyone who has boys will know is near impossible. .
Hope you all have a great weekend!
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Isn’t this suite by @cheeruppress for a Hamilton themed shoot just beautiful? I hope I get to see the play someday but for now this photo is reminding me of my love for Felicity (the American girl of course) and how I made my dad wear a colonial wig in my living room production of a Felicity play in third grade. Any one else’s childhood greatly shaped by American girl books and assorted memorabilia? Who’s your favorite? :)

Enjoying some swimming time with my blondies this Memorial Day...hope you had a good one :)

WIN YOUR OWN ART PRINTS RAFFLE ! I’m honored today to be offering art prints and a raffle benefitting the Santiago family. (Please read below for the story.) Grab a print, and/or enter the raffle!
1. Buy the art print above or donate at the link in our profile by Monday
2. Reply to the order confirmation email with “raffle entry”
3. We’ll choose one winner who will receive 25 one-color letterpress art prints of their own design on our handmade paper (over $110 value)
One year ago today, the Santiago’s @itschandlerjo little girl, Allora, stopped breathing without warning. She miraculously survived with CPR and the hospital diagnosis came in a few days later: she had a cancerous tumor in her lung. Within a week and with the prayers of many, the tumor had dissolved and the treatment process continued. Her mom, @itschandlerjo and I had just started to connect on Instagram, and over the last year I have watched their journey unfold with all of its miracles, heartbreaks and victories. Their anthem throughout it all has been “Jesus with us,” that even in the pain and confusion of walking though such an intense trial, they have know Him as the one who draws near and is close in the wrong things, in the unknown. Now, one year later, Allora is thriving and the family has recently relocated abroad to continue her treatment naturally. Their story has been powerful to watch and I’m grateful for how it has strengthened my faith in God’s goodness even in difficulty. #jesuswithus

I love the bold color combos chosen by Shana @irisandmariepress for this gorgeous and unique suite...that moth though! 😍 It’s always fun to work with other letterpress printers because I think our paper is really at its best when it takes the impression of the press.
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Collecting fallen rose petals from bouquets from our garden and drying them...I can’t decide if I want to use them for tea, potpourri, or paper. 🙈 What do you think? Would you like to see these in some paper? :)

We finally got some new styled shoot sets together...yay! I can’t decide which one is my favorite, and they all can definitely pick up a fun summery vibe. I love all the warm tones in this set, they remind me of our zinnia garden last year (yay for low maintenance, abundant flowers! 🙌🏻). We’re eating popsicles and playing in the hose a few times a day around about you? Are you northern hemisphere folks enjoying the long, warm days? :)
#handmadepaper #decklededge #weddingpaper

These gorgeous 16x20” soft white sheets are up in the shop (SOLD OUT), as well as some of those crazy textured sheets that I shared a few days ago (we’re calling it “hay fields”), under the “limited edition” section from our home page, plus a link for the former in our profile. Yay! Lots of paper coming this week! 🎉🎉🎉
(Also, zombie indigo hands 😱)
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