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Farmacy UK  << Plant-Based Organic Food by Nature >> BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER #Farmacy

Autumn is upon us and we cannot wait to share with you more of what you can expect on your plate this season. Have you tried our sweet potato falafel yet?
Full of fiber, vitamins and minerals, these falafel are a great CONSCIOUS choice to fuel your mind and body the right way. || #Farmacy #FarmacyUK

Enzymes are little, macro-molecular biological catalysts and accelerate chemical reactions - therefore, they help your body growing, thriving and staying healthy by aiding your metabolism and digestion, for example.
Enzyme-rich ingredients are papayas, kiwis, pineapples, figs, and many more! A balanced diet is a healthy diet. || #Enzymes #PlantPowered #IEatPlants
#Farmacy #FarmacyUK #Restaurant

| Organic Month | - SWIPE TO SEE THE BOWL! Our delicious Middle Eastern BOWL - We love it for all its fibre and vitamins! In this dish, we included steamed buckwheat, kale-walnut fatoush, sweet potato falafels, beetroot-apple hummus, smoked baba ganoush, sprouts, za’atar crackers & beet crisps! ALL ORGANIC - good for you AND the environment! || #Organic #Farmacy #FarmacyUK #PlantPowered #IEatPlants #Restaurant #LondonRestaurant #PoweredByPlants #Nutrition #NottingHill #PlantsOverPills #Nourishment #PlantbasedMenu #PlantbasedDiet #ConsciousLiving #Sustainability #Earth #Environment #OrganicFood #EatTheRainbow


Skye and Evie are cooking up a storm using our Banoffee Pie recipe. The healthy and raw pie is based on a classic we serve at our restaurant. Naturally sweet, sugar-free and nut-free - and just made for sharing!

Thanks to: Project Supervisor @fgolfar Creative Director @Monichiwa_u Music @matthismeyer DOP @Ameliahaz Producer @with_willa Makeup @Indiaexcell Post production @creeppost for the making of this great video. || #Farmacy #Cookbook #PlantBased

On Thursday, 27th September, our internationally renowned Wine Director, Heidi Nam Knudsen, will be hosting an exclusive introduction to natural biodynamic wine in our private dining room.
Join us for an evening of delicious plant-based dishes and, of course, the most interesting and sought-after European, biodynamic natural wines. πŸ‡ 🌱
Book your tickets via the link in our bio! || #naturalwine #organic #winetasting #farmacyuk #farmacy #plantbased


We at Farmacy believe that DELICIOUS food and nutrients do NOT have to be mutually exclusive. So on International Chocolate Day, we have our eyes on our warm chocolate chip cookies that come with a cup of homemade almond milk πŸ₯› . The perfect plant-based combination for a beautifully sunny day in London! Who is coming in for a healthy plant-based chocolate fix ?🌍🌱 || #chocolateday #newmenu #autumn #autumnmenu #farmacyuk

New season, NEW MENU! πŸ’š
We are so happy to be able to share with you our new Farmacy menu. Expect all the usual organic & plant-based GOODNESS with an autumn twist!
Of course, our Farmacy favourites are still available, too. We can't wait to welcome you! 🍽🌱
If you would like to have a look, find the link in our bio to the menu. || #newseason #newmenu #autumn #autumnmenu #farmacyuk


Today, we would like to share with you another of our nourishing and activated ingredients: Dulse Seaweed.

Highly nutritious and mineral-rich, seaweed is maybe a lesser known but impactful and exciting ingredient to add to your dishes. We love making broth with seaweed or adding it to salads. πŸ₯—πŸŒŠ It grows on the northern coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and can be eaten off the rocks or sun-dried. || #Seaweed #Sea #DriedSeaweed #PlantPowered

| FARMACY: FOOD MADE GOOD | September marks the START OF Organic Month and, therefore, is a very important month for us, here at FARMACY HQ. 🍎

In light of this, we are THRILLED to celebrate the fact that Farmacy made the Food Made Good Awards shortlist and we are looking forward to 1st October when winners are announced! #FoodMadeGood18 #SRAsupplier @foodmadegood @ozonecoffeeuk
We care about how and with what we are fuelling our bodies with and we care about how you do it, too. So this month, we will be sharing with you some more insight into what we use to prepare our delicious dishes here at Farmacy, as well as what you can look out for on your plate this season if you come and join us.
Today, we are also celebrating our protein omelette - our favourite chickpea pancake filled with roasted butternut squash, avocado, chard & harissa, served with a smoked paprika dressing. GOOD MOOD, GOOD FOOD, CONSCIOUS LIVING. πŸ’š || #farmacyuk #farmacy #plantbased

This week, Hannah and Alba are cooking the book and are trying out our Cauliflower Nuggets. An excellent dish to share and a delicious & nutritious snack! Have you tried cooking from our Farmacy Kitchen Cookbook yet, or got your copy? πŸ“–πŸŒ± Thanks to: Project Supervisor @fgolfar Creative Director @Monichiwa_u Music @matthismeyer DOP @Ameliahaz Producer @with_willa Makeup @Indiaexcell Post production @creeppost for the making of this great video. || #Farmacy #Cookbook #PlantBased

Earth. Environment. Sustainability. Responsibility. 🌎
Ahead of @motherofpearl's launch of their most sustainable collection yet, they asked micro-influencers what their thoughts were on sustainability. ☝🏼
We also feel strongly about building and feeding a sustainable world and community through making conscious decisions and sustainable choices. If you have any tips as to how to make small changes that have a big impact, we want to know! || #PlantPowered #IEatPlants #Farmacy #collaboration #motherofpearl

Back to school! The glorious British Summer is coming to an end but that does not mean we have to compromise on our eating habits as the weather starts to get colder. πŸ‚πŸ
Conscious choices and nutritional value can be part of our everyday routine no matter what month we are in. What are your go-to plant-based recipes as the seasons change? Do you see a shift in your diet?
|| #Farmacy #FarmacyUK #PlantPowered

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