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I’ve been silent since the shootings happened on Friday because of a few reasons. Firstly, I didn’t know where to begin to process my feelings—one that felt wildly close to home. As an Australian, I know acutely the layers of experience for this particular shooting. But, truthfully, I didn’t know how to begin to deal with the pain. So I’ve avoided it. I’ve read zero news reports, watched no videos, and I’m sure I haven’t written back to a lot of people’s messages. The feeling is too heavy when I go to locate it, and every single time I’ve stopped before I spiral.
A lot of that is also because the main feeling—beyond this sadness—is rage. Just overwhelming fucking rage. For the times I’ve seen people be Islamophobic—people I trust, people I like. For years I’ve written about how common it is for people to sling Islamophobic comments around without even thinking of the implications. And how tiring it is to defend your faith. How exhausting it is to feel scared to say you’re Muslim when people remark they thought you were “smarter” than that..... as if that’s a compliment. How frustrating it is to be up against people’s questions or assumptions. All the time. In the interim, this is what happens: people get slaughtered in a place of worship. Decade long wars are surmised to make sure you’re bombed back to the dark ages. Resulting in mass genocide, famine and rape. Countries and regions are split resulting is mass devastation. Muslims are subjugated while non Muslims have the gall to tell us that our faith subjugates us.
Islamophobia is everywhere. It’s in India. It’s in the U.S.A. It’s in New Zealand. Hate is hate everywhere.

I’m also fucking rageful that white men still walk into synagogues and gurdwaras and mosques and churches and take this from us. Take this purity, this devotion. I’ve been a Waleed Aly stan for years now and it felt appropriate to share his statement on how harrowing this ordeal has been. Islamophobia exists. And many of you should consider how you perpetuate it.

Even still, I’ll be at Jummah prayer this Friday. Thanks to @padmalakshmi for this 🖤 Watch the whole video on her page, it’s worth it.

last few days with my ma were terrible but I felt some kind of resolution. each year I get stronger in my intuition and deeper in my understanding of how universal patterns work. how unlearning ancestral trauma works. healing those wounds is my purpose in this lifetime. and there is some kind of closure in accepting something I’ve been avoiding for a very long time. this book impacted a lot of my acceptance.

Kamala Das

this image of three students at Dhaka University 1955 feels so iconic. Post partition, pre Liberation War. My baba went to Dhaka University, one of the first in his family to get a university education. Looking at this makes me feel emotional. rg from @manujawaldia 🍭

a metaphor for my life rn

my resting thinking face

my current happy place // after a pretty bad bout of social anxiety and imposter syndrome last week i was asked by a friend what was currently inspiring me. It felt so simple and so accessible to all... that when you’re feeling low... or incapable of seeing beyond the myopia of your mind’s brutality towards its-self... what are things can jolt you out of that narrative? it can be anything—a song, a TV show, a poem. That’s why I read. When I was young and being abused films and books became my only safe haven. Now when my mind turns against me I can return to a sense of the world being better through art. So I’ve been writing a list of things that jolt me out of depression and anxiety, asking friends what inspires them as well. These are my current reads. I hope you feel inspired today ✨

trying 2 survive

”A Picture of the Côte d’Azur” for L’uomo Vogue 👀

excited for this panel I’m doing in collaboration with @augustinc_ // if you’re in Sydney March 7, come see me talk on a panel with these other powerhouses about looking beyond performative allyship 💚 (this is ticketed, the details are on the flyer!)

wearing my new @sandyliang jacket in the full summer sweaty Australian heat because it’s so beautiful and because I’m trying to be inspired after a trash week 😭😭😭

“For many of us, being South Asian is akin to being in a no-man’s land where the language for ourselves has been lost, shoved into the deep recesses of our minds, or discarded. This is how, consciously or unconsciously, erasure happens.” My latest for @_thejuggernaut explores the erasure of Freddie Mercury’s browness, and South Asian shame. Link in bio 🌹