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the incredibly talented @jazzoolazz drew this portrait of a photo @june_canedo took last year 💘💘💘

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I’ve been working on the launch of a new publication for South Asians called @_thejuggernaut where we aim to talk critically and thoughtfully write about the larger South Asian diaspora. So whether it’s discussing the erasure of Freddie Mercury’s brownness, real life ghost busters in Indian jails or this piece, about the encapsulation and deconstruction of anti blackness in SA culture (as well as the sacred love between two people of color!) in Mira Nair’s iconic film Mississippi Masala, we are attempting to further the discourse surrounding what it means to be South Asian. What must we unlearn, what must we change, what must we celebrate? To read the stories you have to subscribe, but we are all brown women (shout out to our CEO @snigdhasur and our head of biz ops @meghnarao_) on this team trying to create an effective, fair media publication that pays its writers well (and we do!) We just launched, so it’d be amazing if you took a minute to subscribe (the first week is free, but I think it’ll be worth it!) and if you have pitches, you can send them to hi@thejuggernaut.com // please consider supporting. link in bio ✨

this month’s acupuncture column for @gardenacu is all about falling off the healing journey and returning back to yourself, link in bio.

this is from my sweet beloved @jennydeluxe but something that I want to remember throughout the year. there are so many forces in the universe, so many distractions, so many people to love—but I keep being reminded by the universe to care for myself, first. and it’s the hardest! love myself??? what a never ending journey.

this book of essays by Natalia Ginzburg is so damn good

this still from @prernanainwal 💘

here’s the cover of my @shirin__neshat story, link in bio.

it’s ur fave mom

As a young Muslim growing up I had very little in pop culture to aspire to or see myself in. @shirin__neshat’s work was formative to me because it felt as if it not only mirrored my own journey of being split—of being both culturally distinct and disconnected at the same time... But also of being rooted firmly in my Islam, which is something Shirin navigates and embodies so eloquently. I was lucky to have recently seen it all first hand, and I’m grateful for this opportunity to write this cover story (second one in a month!) on her for @cultured_mag, link in bio

my dad would quote a Socrates quote throughout my whole youth: “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” When I was young I was like that’s ridiculous dad but wow getting older proves this to be... yeah... true. Thinking of the Hadith where the Prophet speaks to the importance of Muslims always being an empty vessel, of wanting to constantly learn—and being open to learning from anybody, or anyone. Thinking of how the first word of the Quran is “Read.” May I be open to learning, always. To expanding. To remembering I know very little, or really nothing at all. May I always be humbled by that. ✌🏾 via @subliming.jpg (quote from Pema Chodron)

Australia, mate!!!!! with @bornhoffengold

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