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Fariba Sylvander  Entrepreneur, personal trainer. You will never know your full potential until you give it your all. You deserve all that life has to offer.

While being kind, compassionate and giving to others is what I truly believe in!!! There does comes a time when you need to reevaluate and see if the recipient is worthy of all of your amazingness!! Stop pouring love into someone who is absolutely unavailable!! No room for toxic people!!! Live, love and learn!! Living above the line!! #letgo #peoplecomeandgo #truefriendsstay #itsok #hurtbutnotdefeated

Fit Friday!! I recently started training CJ and I have to tell you it has been amazingly rewarding for me. He's always on time and extremely coachable. His eagerness to learn is palpable!! So proud of you CJ!! When you stop your excuses, skies the limit!! #proud #lovetraining #beopen #beeagertochange #learningisliving

Happy hump day!! There's nothing like laughter to release stress and anxiety!! #laughasoftenasyoucan #hapoy #giggle #healthbenefits

Good morning! It's global cleanse day!! Who's with me?? You're not ready today!! How about next Wednesday!! #16weekchallenge #heretogiideyou #feelamazing #fit@48 #youdeservehealth

It's not just an eclipse!! It's a chance to renew!! It's a new beginning!! Time to shed the old skin and realize that you are a miracle!! There's only one you, one life and the sequences of events in your life are happening for a reason. You are right where you're supposed to be. Stop blaming others for where you are today. Use today as a vehicle for growth, positivity and light!! Try changing your mindset for 24 hours. No complaining, no excuses and no regrets!! New path to a new you!! PLUNGE IN HEAD FIRST!! #Reset!
#Balance! #chooselife

Are you where you want to be? Are you making the best decisions to reach your health goals? If the answer is no, then make the decision to change. Take advantage of the free membership which ends tomorrow!! I'll guide you every step of the way!!
#freeenrollment #16weekchallenge #me4free #getit #youareincharge

You can eat clean....
You can eat vegan.....
You can eat Paleo.....
You can eat organic ......
But the fact remains you will still be full of toxins and impurities. Yes, your body is naturally supposed to do this already, however we live in a world that outpaces the toxins our body was built to handle. These toxins make our bodies hold on to stubborn fat, have brain fog, poor sleep and just feel exhausted instead of being fit and lean and feeling energized, vibrant and focused!!
That's why I love our nutritional cleansing program! Lose the toxicity and get healthy!!
FREE ENROLLMENT ($29 off) til Sunday August 20!
Here to tell you all about it and coach you through the entire 16 weeks and more!!
#16weekchallenge #thehealthyway #accountability #nutritionalcleansing #whynotyou #wouldlovetoshare

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