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faraway  My book ‘Sad Birds Still Sing’ is on sale now via the link below!! 🕊

Kindness is beautiful to me
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I’m sick of talking to strangers, learning their hopes and dreams on first dates, just to feel the need to forget all about them as soon as I’m leaving the coffee shop. I am so damn sick of coffee, too (you always loved coffee). Every time I drink it, I’m taken away from where I am and placed right back on your back porch at 6am watching the sunrise together, coffee mug in one hand and your hand in the other. I don’t want these strangers; they fall short every time: they touch me, and I feel nothing. Perhaps, our timeline is just different - we’ll coalesce into a happily-ever-after sometime later in life. I hold dearly to that hope. So if you love me, keep me close, in the back of your mind - sitting on your back porch at 6am watching the sunrise together, coffee mug in one hand and my hand in the other. @farawaypoetry

Both the title of my first/only book and something I’ve been living by for a while now. I think all of our pain has a purpose, and to “sing” (not give up on happiness, love, or hope) while your heart or soul hurts is something quite beautiful to me. Anyhow, hope you find at least one reason to smile today. That always helps me a lot when I’m down. It’s also just a good thing to do even if you aren’t sad lol love to you all @farawaypoetry

I deserve better than that, better than someone trying to change me - mold me into exactly what they want. So if you don’t have my best intentions at heart, stay away from my soul. Good energy only. @farawaypoetry

I promise, the heartache and wait is all worth it. And it’s okay to feel like nothing makes sense right now, but it all will someday. Here’s the beauty of it: someday, you’ll get everything you’ve ever wanted in the most unexpected way. Focus on becoming the person your soulmate is waiting for. @farawaypoetry

It always leads back to you.
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Keep your head up out there
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It’s a long story.
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If you aren’t already (hint: you probably already are, even if you don’t know it).
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God, so much love.
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ps sorry for being mopey today. My soul is so tired. But it’s okay. Let’s all just try to stay inspired in spite of it:)

How do you do that? You take the sadness right out of me without even trying.

Your soul is so pretty.

You paint colored skylines when all I see is gray.

You saturate my black and white point of views: I used to believe that true happiness wasn’t really a thing before you.

And the bad days, they were awful, but you came along and changed everything.

And now, only you can make me smile at my lowest.

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I also have a book out, ‘Sad Birds Still Sing’ that you can get on the Amazon of your country. The link for North America is in my bio. Love and light!!

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