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Farah|فرح  Volleyballer #12

Brother love .. ❤️ #happyeaster


For the love of mirror selfies✨

All our dreams can came true if we have the courage to persue them🎓✨

Cousin love ♥️♥️

Perfectly imperfect.

There is no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness🐼💗

@ammrwardda A person who is there when i need him; someone who picks me up when i fall, a brother who sticks up for me when no one else did. He had stepped up so fast and I’m so proud of him, His hard work has really paid off , Love you endlessly amoor ! 👫❤️ #1stfriend #okhtyelhelwa

Happy birthday to my childhood bestfriend kebrty w ba2eity 17 ya helwa😄🙈 , we have so much “fadayeh” memories together, god bless you to me habibty..Love youuu endlessly ya roxyyyy ❤️❤️❤️#exteammate #dashaklekfelha2i2a😂

Will miss him soo muchh❤️🌸 #Xmasbreak🎄

Happy thoughts🥀

Birthday girll🌚❤️

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