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Inspire Me Home Decor  Founder of my brand @inspire_me_home_decor Always Looking For Ways To Inspire Designer|Entrepreneur|QVC @shopinspiremehomedecor Shop My Collection👇🏼

Introducing to you the Inspire Me! Home Decor mirror ( the front mirror ) that I designed as part of my Christmas In July Collection launching on @qvc August 1! 😭

I got the DYSON cordless vacuum to review for you and compare to what I have been using myself for years, the cordless Black & Decker. I want to make clear that this is not sponsored. I chose to review both bc they are the top two options I’ve shared with you and have been shared with me. Although I have a big vacuum cleaner, I love my cordless vacuum which I use around 10-15 times a day to clean spills, dust, crumbs, off my floors. Best invention ever! I have had to replace mine twice in the 3 years I have used this brand because the biggest issue I had is the brush spinner completely stop spinning over time which is frustrating. With the suction still working but without the brush spinning, my floors were not getting cleaned. Other then that I love it. I like that it lasts about 25 min before it needs recharge! It’s light weight and built in a more functional way for users, stands on its own when I have to let go while I tend to other things & when you press the on button, it stays on until I turn it off. Now the DYSON. I was actually excited to try it out and well, I was left a bit underwhelmed with a mix of impressed and a pinch of aggravated 😂. First it’s not that light in comparison. the most frustrating part about it is that it does not stand on its own. You have to have it lean on a wall or furniture or else it will fall. And guess what happened? It fell about 6 times in a two day period. Having the filter on the top of the handle, every single drop meant all the dust, dirt my vacuum had picked up ended up all over my floors. Second frustrating feature is that you have to keep the ON button held down the whole time while vacuuming or else it turns off. Since the whole vacuum system (fan,filter etc.) are all at the top of the handle, the fan blows in your face while you vacuum. If I have charged it all night, the battery will last about 8 min before a recharge is needed. But one amazing thing about this vacuum is the suction!! Wow! I’m so impressed with the suction! It comes down to what you’re looking for In a cordless Vacuum and what you can see yourself overlooking. Look at pros and cons and you’ll have to decide which brand is best for your needs.

I designed this rug as part of my Christmas In July Collection for @qvc 😭😱 yes that’s shiny lurex you see in there meant to give you a glamorous and elegant look and it comes in a runner, smaller size rug and a round rug! This video doesn’t do it justice. Also comes in beige and and in light grey. Snowflakes print that is perfect for not only Christmas but also for winter! Launching August 1st on QVC ❤️

Gooooooodmorning!!! Give me a comfy set over dressy clothes any day!

Sharing with you a sneak peak of my Christmas In July collection 😭😭😭 can’t wait to share with you every single piece launching on @qvc in less than 3 weeks! (Don’t mind my videographer in the pic 🤣 )

Priorities. My answer during a Q&A session.

Comment when you see the tag 🤦🏻‍♀️ oh well, c’est la vie 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 Today I’m planning on spending time in my closet and reorganizing that bad boy! I’ll be documenting in my stories so if you want a scare of your life, check out the state of my closet at the moment😬. Happy Sunday!

Summer colors 💛💛

Guys!!! I’m so excited!!! I’m in the process of changing out the tile on my fireplace and I narrowed it down to these two tiles. The top one is marble with mirror mosaic and the bottom is ALL mirror!! Which one of these two @porcelanosa_grupo tile do you think would work best in my family room? A or B?

Me: “never ever make slime on any furniture in the house!”
My daughter: “ never?!?!”
Me: “ yes! Never!!”
My daughter: “ not even when I move out and have my own place???” Me: 😑 #isitbedtimeyet?

I’m so excited to share that I’m working on a new set of curtains to add to my Home Decor Line for you and I need your feedback on colors! I’m looking to focus on Silver, Champagne and White as the colors and I’d love for you to share with me what Colors YOU would like to see in this new collection in order of preference with the first one being the most important one for you! I’m thinking: Champagne, silver, White. Thoughts??

My basement! Excuse the parked car 😝

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