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If you have: 👇🏽
✅hella dry, wrinkly lips
✅lips that get chapped easily
✅dry flakey nose/nostrils
✅dry under eye
✅or just dry skin areas in general (hands, feet, nipples…)
then: 🎱YOU NEED NIPPLE BUTTER. Its not JUST FOR YOUR NIPPLES..but for so many other areas too! I personally like the earth mama one because its lanolin and petroleum free.. and is totally safe to eat (dont eat it tho..but as with anything you put on your lips.. it can get in your mouth) and works AMAZING! (ps. i feel like i have to say this because i dont want any confusion..this is not sponsored. none of my videos are...i buy this with my own money and i just like to share what i like and use in real life)
🦁to all the Ppl with BEARDS out there … try this in your beard. I know it gets dry under there. thank me later.
🌵No matter how hydrated i stay, and no matter how much i mind my own business, my lips still get super dry... and this is what works BEST for them over night! I also like to apply this on the outer corners of my eyes (they get so dry and itchy sometimes) and around my nostrils… you do end up looking like a sweaty mess when you apply this, so its best to do it right before you go to bed and youll wake up lookin juicy again! 🥀🌹
This NIPPLE BUTTER has the BEST ingredients EVER for immediately hydrating your skin! You can totally make this at home if u have all of the following ingredients,
Olive Oil - anti-aging, full of anti-oxidants + super hydrating
Beeswax - anti-inflammatory + anti-bacterial so if your prone to cold sores and chapped lips.. you will loveee
Cocoa Butter - extremely hydrating
Shea Butter - immediately softens your skin
Mango Seed Butter - full of essential fatty acids that your skin will love
Calendula Flower - soothes dryness and immediately hydrates
Make it yourself of buy it! Your choice!
👍🏾gimme a LIKE if you enjoy simple diy tips and 👇🏽tag a friend who could use some nipple butter on their lips
🎵@twohandsandtenfingers - fly

👌🏾FIRSSST of all...with only 5 mins.. makeup > hair so… dont be fooled with this pony.. i put oil in my hair and tied it up so i can hair mask while i pretend I put effort into my hair style but really im out here lookin for a f i can give
💃🏽The whole point of this 5 min makeup is to look like YOU with a LITTLE sauce … some flaws will show and im coo with that cuz flaws = unique and unique = beautiful to me :)
💁🏾FACE -
🥔I have been SO SLEEPY and im almost certain i was meant to be born a sloth and dont even get me started on my eye bags SO… im sippin on some coffee and applying some on my under eye as well to wake me uppppppps
🦄 @farsalicare UNICORN ESSENCE to prime, hydrate and glow up my skin
👧🏾@coola SUN SILK SPF drops
😎@maybelline AGE REWIND concealer in GOLDEN - im only applying this on troubled areas..undereye, on some pimps and acne scars
❄️@ctilburymakeup AIRBRUSH FLAWLESS powder in MEDIUM to set oily areas
🌞@thebodyshop DROPS OF SUN -1 of my favs! Its a GEL bronzer that looks like a NATURAL tan
⭐️#farsalicare JELLY BEAM GLAZED to highlight my nose, inner corner, brow bone and my bawdy ..im not highlighting my cheeks cuz im tryna go for a youthful “i have no stress and get lots of sleep” look and highlighting the JUST center of your face gives you that
🤗I used my bronzer as shadow and extended it onto my temple as well so you dont know where shadow or bronzer start/end #seamless
👋🏽@nyxcosmetics @nyxcosmetics_canada WORTH THE HYPE mascara #REALLASHES
I went a little overboard on my brows.. dis is real life it happens #idontsurfthewebibrows
🎵Song: @lolozouai - Desert Rose
👍🏾 For more natural everyday looks

🤤DIS is what I DO EVERYDAY TO KEEP MY SKIN JUICY HYDRATED cuz nobody likes a thirsty bih!! 😎No crazy before/after on this DIY.. just #FACTS and simplicity.
❤️i LOVE sheet masks! BUT Even if the cheapest sheet mask to buy is $3 a day, that = $90 per month = a cell phone bill + netflix + chill = OH NO BABY! SOoooOoo I found a way to sheet mask myself + save some coin.
💦Enter my 30 CENT LIFE SAVER
☕️TEA - doesnt matter what kind.. i use ginger green, blueberry, moroccan mint, pomegranate, chamomile, black tea etc.. WHATEVER YOU LIKE! 💀DRY SHEET MASK - you can get 100 dry sheet masks for $10 on amazon - search for “DRY SHEET MASK”
💧Steep tea + dip your mask into tea.. leave tea bag + mask in cup OVERNIGHT in fridge
this will give you the HIGHEST concentration of tea into the mask.. you can do multiple masks in one cup to be efficient.. i do this all the time and make different “flavors”
🌥Next morning… wrap the masks in plastic wrap
I make my masks 1 month in advance and i leave them in the fridge.
🔑The fridge will preserve the freshness and make the mask COLD so when you apply it, it WAKES your skin up
👌🏾Apply to your face when you wake up, before makeup, before bed, before/after skincare.. you decide! I put it on and do my eye make up while my skin is drinking up the goodness
🤓Depending on the tea you use, this has different benefits
For Example
Ginger Green Tea: boost your skin with anti-oxidants, sooth acne, improve elasticity, and make you GLOW!
Black tea: reduce puffiness, its full of anti-oxidants, helps acne, protects your skin from UV rays, etc
🎵Song: @alwaysneverhere - Morgan Freeman

Disclaimer: Test patch 1st

👅On my face I'm wearing my PLUMP MASK - you guys always ask me what i do to my skin before filming to make it look “plump” and “juicy”… And trick I do COSTS ONLY 30 CENTS and ill be sharing ALL the JUICY DEETS on my next diy post!
👹CHUBBY: @lancomeofficial mini chubby in MILKY PINK
🤤SHADOW: @hudabeauty SMOKEY OBSESSIONS + ELECTRIC OBSESSIONS palettes - i used the nude/peach from the smokey in crease, and then i mixed the pink + red from the electric + applied it heavily all over my lid, then im blending out the edges with the first color i applied with a big fluffy brush to help diffuse it (i did this exact process on my lower lashline as well)
i used the metallic pink on my inner corner and dark brown as liner - both from the smokey
Also im convinced im not meant to have even liner cuz i always have to sneeze whenever im in my winged liner zone
😍WATERLINE: @maccosmetics #maccosmeticscanada COSTA RICHE liner
😎MASCARA: @MarcBeauty VELVET NOIR Major Volume #reallashes
☘️LASHES: @eyerisbeauty NILE for some thiccness 🤡FACE:
🦄PRIMER/SERUM: @farsalicare ROSE GOLD ELIXIR mixed with UNICORN ESSENCE - apply your skincare IMMEDIATELY after. Slapping your face gently while applying skincare = the best ever. slap yoself. thank me later.
👻FOUNDATION: @stellarbeautyofficial LIMITLESS foundation in S14
😺CONCEALER: @tartecosmetics SHAPE TAPE in medium blended out with @maccosmeticscanada Coconut Fix+
👽CONTOUR: @fentybeauty MATCHSTIX in Truffle
✨HIGHLIGHT: #farsali #JELLYBEAM on my brow bone, bridge of my nose, cupids bow, and on the apples of my cheek - by doing this first and then applying bronzer on top makes you look like youre glowing from withinnnn its been life changing for me, and i had to paint myself in it too cuz gotta trick ppl into thinking im healthy af and eat a lot of veggies but really the only carrot i had was in the carrot cake i just ate 🍰 🌞BRONZER: @guerlain TERRACOTTA light #5
👄LIPS: @toofaced NATURAL NUDES in Skinny Dippin’ 🎵SONG: @cobimusic - Goddess
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😱diy glitter dry shampoo cuz aint nobody got time to wash their hair all the time.. great for festivals, school, first time meeting the parents, hot yoga, giving birth or if you're lazy and sleep > doing your hair 😴
🙊you can skip the glitter if you want and just use the recipe as a regular dry shampoo (this is what i use to touch up my hair cuz i only wash my hair once every 1.5 weeks. yup..once every 1.5 weeks. my hair is so long it touches my 🍑 .. aint nobody got time to wash and style Chewbacca. Will talk more about how i get away with this later )🐒 🙅🏽dry shampoo is life shaving when youre in a bind, but heres the thing ..a lot of dry shampoos actually have alcohol and a bunch of other yuck in them… so the more you use them = not so good for the health of your hair. I like to make my own cuz its more cost effective and alcohol free and overall better for my hair
✅All you need to make your own dry shampoo:
💃🏽1 empty spice shaker
☃️1 cup Kaolin (white) clay (i did a recipe using this a while back in my feed.. this stuff is amaaaazing, and you can use it for different things so you dont have to get it JUST for this)
I'll post that recipe on my insta story
❄️1 Tbsp Arrow Root powder (or cornstarch)
🌹Essential oil of your choice - I like Rose cuz its my fav scent, but the options are endless .. you can do lavender, sweet orange, vanilla, lemon, rosemary, anything you like!
(the essential oil helps you trick ppl into thinkin your hair had a fresh wash and style but nope)
✨Glitter … the more the merrier
🕺🏼Mix everything together in ur shaker
🙆🏽Apply to your oily scalp
💆🏽Massage onto your scalp with your fingers
🔴*if you have an issue with it being white, add some charcoal or cacao powder if ur hair is dark.. obvi my hair is super dark and i don't ever have an issue so ur all goody without but just letting you know. Also ps. a little goes a LONG way, start with a little, massage in, then add more IF you need it 🎵Song: diamonds - @anders.nst
👚Jacket: @21_hm
Tag a friend who'd look 🔥🔥with glitter hair! 👇🏽and like this vid and help ya girl out fam 👍🏾👍🏾lysm 4ever

🌞I thought I'd do a bronze makeup look to make it feel like summer even tho it's still snowing outside because #Canada❄️
🦄Primer: @farsalicare Unicorn Essence
I used a white foundation under my actual foundation to brighten some areas up, so i dont have to use concealer later
👩Foundation: @hudabeauty Faux Filter in Baklava mixed with #hudabeauty Barbados from the Bronze Sands Palette, and a few drops of #farsali Rose Gold Elixir to get the dewiest glowingest skin of life
🌨️Powder: @beccacosmetics Blurring Powder in Golden Hour
☀️Bronzer: @lauramercier Matte Radiance in Bronze 04 - apply this on your cheeks and on the bridge of your nose to make it look like ive been sunkissed
✨Highlight: #farsalicare Jelly Beam - ive been adding highlight more in the center of my face lately because i like how it looks and makes me look healthy and naturally glowing which i luh
and i didnt apply anything on my forehead cuz…bangs.
💋Liner: @lorealmakeup Colour Riche Matte in Matte-ing call
💄Lipstick: #hudabeautyliquidmatte in Crush 👀EYES:
😺Liner: @maccosmetics Costa Riche on my waterline .. this is my favourite liner of ALL time.. no matter what your eye colour is, please try this liner. Its. the. best.
👸Eyeshadow: @anastasiabeverlyhills @norvina Soft Glam palette - i used burnt orange in the crease, cyprus umber on the outer and inner third of my lid, and all over my lower lashline, and then blended out the edges with burnt orange. Glistening on the center of my lid, and on the center of the center of my lid i used fairy for some more pop
👁️Lashes: @lancomeofficial Monsieur Big mascara #REALLASHES
🙊I also painted myself with #JellyBeam cuz glow is life
🍪also NGL I was eating cookies while filming this and I'm almost certain I blended some crumbs into my makeup 😂so if u see anything on my chin/cheek (no idea how it got on my cheek fam..) it's just from me eating cookies with no shame like the Cookie Monster
🎵Song: @naomithewild - Howlin’

💁🏾How I CLEAR MY ACNE in 4 days
🤡I dont have perfect skin. My skin gets BAD when i dont take care of it.. (or if i eat a box of cookies in one day..oops) +when I get a flare up.. its EVERYWHERE! Ill get whiteheads all over my entire face, the texture of my skin feels like leather! I get really self conscious about it and go into hiding.. but this time i thought id use my flare up to show you guys what I DO to get rid of it ridiculously fast!
🙅🏽#1 DO NOT... pop the whiteheads! as tempting as it is.. leave them alone! were gonna murder them without squeezing them
have your clay ready BEFORE u steam ur face so heres the recipe:
🌲10 DROPS of TEA TREE OIL - use less if ur skin is sensitive
🌝1 TBSP RHASSOUL CLAY - i get mine on amazon. Make sure its 100% rhassoul - I have some more recipes coming to show u how to use it in so many ways!
🌹2 TBSP ROSE WATER (you can also use regular water) - the brand of rosewater doesnt matter, as long as its 100% rose water
🌪MIX -dont use metal utensils .. i like to use a silicone brush for all my masks. Search "silicone make up brush” on amazon. you get 2 for $5..
🤓Start with a clean face .. steam your face for 3 mins. If you dont have a steamer, boil some water in a pot, then in a safe place (NOT OVER THE STOVE) cover ur head with a towel create a fort with it over the pot and steam ur face
👺Apply mask while your face is being steamed
Steam your face for 7 mins with the mask on
Stop the steam and let the mask FULLY DRY
👹Your face will become super tight and youll look like a zombie .. the tea tree does tingle
🍅Ur face will be red and ull also notice the whiteheads are now deceased.
Do this at night! Only once a week!
Keep your skin HYDRATED!!
😵By day 4 the pimps will be dead and gone!
Tea Tree- reduces redness, slays acne bacteria
Rhassoul Clay- literally sucks the bacteria from pimples out and kills them, improves skin texture, makes skin smoother and removes excess oil
Rose Water- soothes irritated skin and softens it
👇🏽Tag a friend that wants to kill some pimples and like this vid to help ya girl out fam! 👍🏾
🎵Song: @prekairo x @olsem - MOOD

Disclaimer:Test patch 1st

👅5 min EVERYDAY makeup with:
🙅🏽NO foundation
🙅🏽‍♂️NO concealer
🤷🏽‍♀️NO contour
👀My 5cent EYE mask: cut a cotton round in half, dip it in the ice cold chamomile tea + apply
💦Moisturizing your skin is KEY to this look!! I juiced mine up with @farsalicare ROSE GOLD ELIXIR + UNICORN ESSENCE.. my one shoulder was also exposed so I moisturized it too!
😂Lol does anyone else only moisturize areas youre gonna see..cuz u lazy af?
😍The whole point of this look is to look like you.. with a lil sauce!
I’m not tryna look perfect! Flaws are beautiful.. they make us unique and we should embrace them more!! i have some acne scarring that i wanna cover, but not mask ,so im applying a powder that has *slight* coverage
I'm using @maybelline FIT ME LOOSE POWDER in MEDIUM and pushing it into my skin using a damp @beautyblender
✨Cant LIVE without GLOW! Im using #farsali JELLY BEAM
I'm NOT highlighting where i normally do.. its going on the APPLES of my cheeks to make me look healthy and like I eat salad but IRL I actually just ate a box of chocolate chip shortbread cookies
💄Using lipstick as a blush AND as my lipstick! I'm using @tartecosmetics TARTIEST LIP PAINT in HOMESLICE
and topping it off with some #ROSEGOLDELIXIR to make it less full coverage + more natural 😊Apply the blush a little farther back away from the apple of your cheek so you don't take away the glow
🔪No shadow for this look.. going straight to liner! Im using @toofaced SKETCH MARKER in ESPRESSO
im only winging out the outer part of my eye and then smudging it on the outer part of my lower lash line. I CUDVE been a little neater with my lower lashline but im a mess in real life, and dis is real life fam🙈
🙇🏽‍♀️My fav part! Im using @yslbeauty SUPER SHOCK and only applying it to my top lashes #REALLASHES
🌝Finally adding some #JELLYBEAM glow to my one shoulder, again, to make it look like I LOVE to drink a lot of water and eat salad and go on hikes,but really, i only love my bed and my mama (🙊don't worry @lifeofsal -you come as a package deal with my bed. 2 fo 1)
🎵Song: @vancouversleepclinic X @trapbobbybrown - Closure
👍🏾for more natural tutorials!

NOW vs THEN (swipe left)
How you think ur makeup looks when u do it in bad lighting vs how it looks outside
👑👑👑 #startedfromunblendedblushnowimhere #glowup

🤣When bae says “I think we should see different ppl”
💁🏾Me: COO no prob ^^^who you wanna see today baebae
💫Toner: @pixibeauty Glow Tonic to Go to clean up my skin
🌈Glow drops: @farsalicare Rose Gold Elixir + Unicorn Essence to prime
🍮Foundation: @hudabeauty Faux Filter in Baklava applied with a silicone brush then blended with @beautyblender
🍦Concealer: @urbandecaycosmetics All nighter in Medium-Light Neutral massaged into my under eye using my blue balls (more info two videos back!) .. this really helps with puffyness and making my under eye look plump and smooth all day
🍩Contour: @tomford Shade and Illuminate Intesity #2 - listen fam.. if youre only going to invest in 1 cream contour for the rest of your life.. make it this one. Ive been using it for 5 years and it. is. the. best. thing. ever. I know its expensive but totally worth it!
🍰Powder: @lamer The Powder - i dont like to bake .. i like to push it into my skin to lock my concealer into place..and i picked up too much and inhaled it lollllll
🔥Highlighter: #farsalicare Jelly Beam - applied with a silicone brush and then blended with my finger
🌞Blush/Bronzer: #hudabeauty Bronze Sands - bora bora as a blush + aruba as a bronzer.. ^^^^this highlight/blush routine = my FAV! I love skin that looks glistening and wet
👁@modelsownofficial Barely There eyeshadow palette - i like creating a rounder shape with my eyes lately using darker colours around the eye and then have the lid very neutral and almost skintone ☕️@maybelline Lasting Drama Gel liner pencil in Glazed Toffee
🍯#JELLYBEAM to highlight my brow bone
@eyerisbeauty Oshun lashes
💄@ctilburymakeup Pillow Talk lip liner
👄@iluvsarahii X @colourpopcosmetics Curvii lip gloss 🎵SONG: @emiliaali - Bored
👩🏾HAIR: @thevirginhairfantasy

WHATS YOUR STAR SIGN? Comment below! 👇🏽👇🏽Im a SAGITTARIUS! ♐️

🌊This is my GO-TO WET n WAVY style.. cuzzz my hair is so damn long and aint nobody got time (or patience) to blow dry, flat iron, DEF NOT CURL etc ps. i need a cut.. im thinking about going shorrtttt.. should I?!?!? comment below👇🏽👇🏽
😍Wanna know why i love it so much?! cuz..
😴#1 its a lazy girls best friend and takes less than a few mins -perf for all hair lengths and types .. also great for that shine and hold for twist out styles like this!
🤤#2 it LASTS for DAYS! - the lavender helps controls your hair from gettin oily quickly and smells yums
💪🏾#3 it nourishes your hair, and helps it GROW LONG AND STRONG.. while lookin cute! Flax is high in essential fatty acids which help promote healthy and stronggg hair + growth
💎#4 makes your hair look HELLA shiny -the gel isn't crunch at all! It's so soft and touchable with hold!
🌱#5 there are NO chemicals and only good stuff for your hair
🍟#6 its cheap and easy to make so.. yes to saving coinssssss for food instead
🌝🌚You can do this overnight and be good to go for the morning.. OR you can wait for it to dry as you do your makeup, OR if ur impatient like me, you can speed up the process and give it a quick flat iron over top. Your hair = your choices. All you need to do is make yourself some flaxseed gel, which i showed u how to make 4 vids back (in my feed)... a lot of you were asking if you can use the mixture in your hair and YES OF COURSE YOU CAN! I just modify it a little by adding some LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL (same recipe for nail growth!)..but you dont have to! I just love the scent and how it controls oil!
🔥Im all about efficiency.. i want my diys and products i use to do more than just one thing.. so i use the gel to style my hair as well. This is ONE of the styles i do.. if u wanna see some more tutorials on how i use this gel to style my hair.. LIKE this video!👍🏾👍🏾
P.s. In my mind I thought I looked happy filming this but on the outside RBF lol .. I promise I was thrilled but tbh I came out of the womb looking unimpressed 😂
🎵Song: @jamierosemusic x @iamthedmnd - FTD


☄️#1 - it increases blood circulation so it makes my skin look FRESH AND GLOWY ALL DAY
💀#2 - it chisels your face and makes it look naturally contoured
🧀#3 - it minimizes pores … YAY SMOOTHER looking skin!
🍕#4 - it soothes pimples and helps clear your skin! My skin been rough dis week from travelling 😭
👽#5 - it tightens your skin and legit makes it look like youve had botox. I get asked EVERYDAY if i get filler and NOPE! 🐼#6 - it gets rid of DARK CIRCLES and PUFFY TIRED EYES!!! how fam?? the caffeine in my matcha mixture helps with swelling and the cold massage drains excess fluids (puffiness)
🙅🏽First of all,i DONT WASH MY FACE. STOP cleansing your face in the morning if you were good and washed/cleansed all ur makeup off the night before! I just rinse with water! Doing this has STOPPED my skin from getting oily + causing breakouts!
🔴Second.. get some globes/bulbs/frozen balls! *i got mine off amazon -search "ice globes"
❄️You can use ice for this but IMHO globes are easier, reusable, more sanitary, give you a MASSAGE (this is important) and you can use them for your DARK CIRCLES/EYE BAGS without dripping water everywhere!
⛄️i sanitize my globes with some alcohol and pop them in a ziploc bag and keep them in the freezer so i can reuse them every morning :) Massaging your skin with Ice cold globes helps your skincare absorb better and penetrate deeper into your skin!
🔥You can use ANY OIL/SERUM/MOISTURIZER YOU WANT for this.. but lately ive been using my mix of matcha, rosewater + apricot oil! (1tsp matcha, 3 tbsp rosewater, 1 tbsp apricot oil)no need to rinse! It absorbs quick ❤️
☕️matcha is SO good for your skin! I like to apply it and drink it (it kinda tastes like soil to me but whtv lol)
🍪its great for acne, it heals damaged skin, + lightens dark spots. the caffeine wakes ur skin up and gives it a boost!
🌹 👇🏽❤️TAG A FRIEND WHO CUD USE SOME FROZEN RED BALLS ON THEIR FACE! 👍🏾LIKE dis video for ya girllll + COMMENT WHAT YOUD LIKE TO SEE DIY’D NEXT ☺️ 🎵song: @jutesmusic - everything

Disclaimer: test patch 1st!

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